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What’s the point of buying chainlink when it keeps getting outperformed by eth?

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What’s the point of making this thread if you don’t care about link?

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OP never said he didn't care about link, mongoloid. Might want to learn to read before commenting again.

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Your average link holder

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Because when I fully commit to buying ETH, then LINK will pump

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link was just a 2017-2020 play, nothing more

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ETH doesn’t make people seethe as much which indicates it’s not as important.

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$5k into link or eth right now until smartcon, which is the better play anons

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Who is still holding? Confess.

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>outperformed by eth?

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Only people seething at link are link holders such as myself. Stop being delusional.

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I don't enjoy the theme, but the meme is well done.
Kudos anon.

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Link is outperforming eth though, it has for years, comfortably. There is no reason to think that would ever change. Not that you care, kys retard

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It’s common knowledge that 90% of LINK OG’s came from /pol/, and are thus unironic Nazis and extremely racist. This is evident when you look at the chats whenever Chainlink presents at conferences such as consensus or smartcon. It’s always N word this, N word that.

I personally don’t want to put my money into a project like that and keep that sort of company. Moreover, I question the intelligence of people who shill LINK given their backwards and racist political views.

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great thread 10/10 would read again

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