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>only 30b doggy bois

feels bad man

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>spams /biz/ endlessly
>bans anyone from /biz/ that joins
>so many potential investors gone forever
>devs and mods too dumb to just add word filters

This had potential to be a chill /biz/ group but you dumbasses had to ruin it. Now it’s just the same 15 people in the telegram talking to eachother lmfao.

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That’s right, bury the thread, scammer

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Derbeaugh is pure sex, my dude

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Should be a new report option that goes:
d0b0nigger posting outside of their telegram

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>muh devs
Opinion instantly and irrefutably discarded.

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Eat my doodoo, faggot

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pump my bags justin

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300 B stack, that alone will go into 6 figs.

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ill pump your bags mang

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if even half the total wallets buy back in then we will go to ATH
if we go viral again then we are talking 1B marketcap, possibly much much more considering how absolutely starved people are for meaningful dog season action