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The online SmartCon stream is not simulcast. It will be played after SmartCon has finished.
There are only two reasons to want to put this sort of space between the event and "the community".
One, is that it's such a nothingburger that they don't want the community to be furiously derailing while it's on.
The other, is that it contains such monumental announcements they want the major players in attendance to be able to take positions before the community finds out what they have just learned.
Which will it be, bros? We are teetering on a knife's edge between eternal glory and the ignominy of more waiting.

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they are probably just to incompetent to organize a nice and functioning live stream event
also every other event was “livestreamed” and they were all nothingburgers
the chat always derails into shizzo ramblings and non political correctness things

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"just to incompetent"
what language do you speak at home?

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well sergey running around naked is a big problem on live streams

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das crazy

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so they can edit out the parts of sirgay gorging himself on big macs and air juuls' stuttering pot head answers.

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Are you serious or did you make it up? How cringe it may be, but the last online smartcons actually felt like a hustling and bustling convention, so fun with multiple stages and chatrooms you could be in, it was low-key what the metaverse is trying to be now that i think of it....