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>Political instability, trade disruptions, an energy crisis and skyrocketing inflation are rendering the U.K. an “emerging market country,” according to Saxo Bank.
This could be applied to literally any country right now lmao

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should have stayed in the Union.
Now reap what you sow

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Bong here. We hear this or something of it all the time. No one gives a shit lol. Want me to tell you what it's about?
Liz truss is going to be PM. She's going to have a trade war with EU. EU trying to destabilise the country to undermine public support for her by a drip feed of lies. Last month it was city analysts saying the pound faced "existential crisis". They got btfo so have to create something else instead. All noise we don't care about seething Europoors go get fucked were not helping you anymore.

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Lmao this confirms that "emerging" is PCspeak for "failing"

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this, the recent influx of posts on boz is also almost certainly some external actor, why the fuck have there been daily posts saying how fucked the UK is?
I've been in europe and in UK these past months and things in europe seem way worse
more beggars, higher prices for shittier quality, etc

Also didn't they literally implement selective QE now for the southpoors at the expense of the north? kek

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why are there daily threads on this board about the UK who cares

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The pound is a fucking joke, the Mexican peso is performing better.

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Bravo bongs you’re finally graduating from 4th world cesspool to a 3rd world shithole KEK

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This is what the British wanted.
Stability is good for the economy. But they wanted to chimp out

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Imagine being a brexiter right now

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Brexiteer's are thick as fuck and too stupid to realise they're in a mess, as long as they get to bang their pots and pans on their doorstep "4 britun and are boris" then they're alright jack.

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Was going to say theyve been on here yeah with demoralisation attempts.
For the reasons I noted in my post.
It is yeah but its not in existential free fall against the euro as these commentators were suggesting.

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imagine thinking muh brexit matters

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Yep, pretty much feels like a 3rd world shithole rn

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The UK's been on life support for a while. Literally only chuds are happy with the absolute state of this shithole.

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Without the Euro most of Europe would be worse than Argentina. They have been on life support from the ECB.

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The EU is in the same state as the UK.

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I look forward to hearing tales from the "planned blackouts" this winter

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v. stupid post bruh

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Seething g*rmans in this thread

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there have always been a lot of bongs on /biz/
the uk is fucked it isn't just demoralisation face facts: the CoL here is astronomical, the gbp has fallen to ~$1.20, wages have gone nowhere in twenty years, and the ftse is lower in real terms than it was in 2000
europe is doing shit too and regardless of whether it's more shit on the continent or here both are very shit
this is unironically the truth
the only people who celebrate the state of the uk are detached from reality coping about nonsense
the current trajectory for the uk is awful and we are starting from a poor position too

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What the fuck is an emerging country?

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It's the term that they use nowadays instead of "3rd world" because it doesn't make pajeets feel bad.

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>who cares
I care. We all care. You definitely care.
It's why you typed in this thread.

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aren't there three tiers?
>the kongo

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what the fuck is this shit?

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Market of what?

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Of course they are, they imported every Sandeep and Raj out there

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Meds now schizo. EU is literally doing nothing.

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Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Mexico
They have electricity grids and factories, but not a complex financial economy, witch stymies growth, see Mexico being severely under-banked making credit hard to come by even for those that are financially stable, except in bongland we have put all our eggs in the finance basket, the world is becoming more multipolar and tradfi is being undermined by emerging tech, all of these decisions prop up the Greater London Metro Area, witch takes half the national budget of England and Wales, but only produces a 3rd of the wealth, we now are totally reliant on the Yankees for natural resources as we didn't keep a pseudo empire like the Frogs did and the economy is backed by an astronomical housing market that again is totally unsustainable, anyone who makes it here either moves to Edinburgh, City Of London or the US.
The continentals are also in a shit heap but France has west Africa and germany has agriculture and industry, witch are our two main rivals

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Or Bradford

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>germany has agriculture and industry
Not this winter

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The lignite will see them through, and the shitty Greek coal too

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how would that have made a positive difference?

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Ooooh noooo, the jews say my paki filled anarchotyranny shit hole of a country is doing bad

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we didn't even get brexit, boris made a gay deal.
we needed a clean break and wto rules and a big fuck you to those trannies in europe. we should have given them the letter and just completely ignored them. but we all saw boris and gove and that other one's reaction the morning after. they looked miserable because they didn't expect to win. they fucked up their cushy retirement job and pension later in brussels. the only happy guy was are nige
and we should start sinking migrant dingys with our patrol boats. but we can't do that because of gay rules we adopted from europe
we still can't fish in OUR WATERS, we still IMPORT FISH FROM EUROPE LOL

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the fact that they still have a monarchy which gets paid in the millions to prance around in their fruity little outfits tells you all you need to know this island state. vive la revolution

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Time to reduce your gas usage europoor. Tik tok

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Developed developing Japan Argentina

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Then Germany is a third world country already.

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More like a submerging market country.
Brittania goes under the waves.
True for the whole of europe btw.

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Yeah, we’re emerging downwards.

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>should have stayed in the Union.
Have you had a look at italian bonds recently?

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Midwit take

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We have it even worse retard

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>but we all saw boris and gove and that other one's reaction the morning after. they looked miserable because they didn't expect to win. they fucked up their cushy retirement job and pension later in brussels. the only happy guy was are nige
true. i always remember being so elated on the day after the vote when we voted to leave and seeing boris there on the podium for his press conference looking so obviously downcast and dejected.

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>why are there daily threads on this board about the UK who cares
Our historic success tends to cause jealousy

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>and we should start sinking migrant dingys with our patrol boats. but we can't do that because of gay rules we adopted from europe
>we still can't fish in OUR WATERS, we still IMPORT FISH FROM EUROPE LOL
our government is just a total fucking shitshow absolutely rotten to the core with zero integrity.

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british navy rules the waves
could just take over india again lol

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Indians don't fight. Anyone who walks in can take it

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The UK is fucked, but the EU is even more fucked. Lots of charcoal black kettles in Europe.

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At least we left the EU

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what country is this?

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Nice, sounds bullish.

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The boomer generation should be mass executed

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They're just salty that brexit presents a speedbump for total talmudic hegemony

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Are we really gonna keep referring to third world shitholes as "emerging markets" when they're created by degrading formerly first world countries into third world shithole levels?

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Wait til you hear about the House of Lords kek

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Look the light!!!
there's a little bill gates clone !!!

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The EU is 80% emerging markets, pulled up by some germans and a pissy french man.

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Probably France.

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Boomers were children of the generation who went to war against their German brothers for the Khazars

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this hurts me

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Would that we could but we agreed with Zion Don to lend command of the QEII in exchange for becoming a yank vassal post brexit

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>emerging market country
You would think they're taking the piss but then I realise that 5 of our top 10 companies in the FTSE100 index are mining, oil and tobacco companies.

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South africa

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how is "emerging" if it was once developed and is regressing?

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Despite the name, it's describing the overall tier of the development, and not the direction of said development.

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>Another Prime Minster that doesn't give a fuck about will just funnel money to their own cronies/mates
>They're just focusing on bullshit that doesn't help the economy with going after people's freedoms to protest or strike or whatever the fuck else
>They're going to follow the example of the last PM they kicked out, because as long as they don't make any controversial moves, they don't have to turn up to any economic meetings to sort anything out
>They're still arguing over whether Brexit was the Brexit we wanted
>Half the majority party is split down the middle
>The other half is headed by an absolutely tosser who could be replaced by almost anyone and you'd see a 3 point increase for support probably
>Everyone else is retarded and won't have any ideas to fix the economy
>Literally NO ONE has ANY ideas how to fix the economy right now
It's fucking over.

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jews are right about goyim.

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why not zoomers and gen x? Boomers at least were middle class. gen x and zoom zooms are fuggin losers and mulattos.