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Why is this chud defending Drumpf?

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You should sell

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ok now I believe he is a glownigger
>muh right/left riling up the masses

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Fuck rich 51 year old boomers. Anyone that votes Republican is a domestic terrorist and should be treated accordingly.

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Americans should be genocided regardless of their political affiliations

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Good to see normies up in arms flying trump flags over the raid because they clearly know more than the warrant that was issued which went through a process that included submissions from lawyers to an independent judge who would have known that something like this would be hugely political and subsequently would have made his/her best judgement as to whether to issue the warrant or not.

But no the Walmart brigade who need assistance from one another wiping their own asses know it's all a pysop.


I hope the grifter and his shitstain offspring get thrown in prison and rope.

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/biz/ is a democrat board

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That last part about github he was way ahead.
The moment it got acquired by microshaft I knew it was over.

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A whole group of very experienced bureaucrats had to sign off on this, if there was foul play it would have been noticed.
Trust the experts.

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How so?

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Are you seriously this fucking retarded?

NPC's are real.

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>t. overrun glowniggers

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Just ignore that imbecile, lol.

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Yeah I'm holding judgement until I see the evidence. But I'm also not a fat retarded American.

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yeah just like how they exercised great restraint and fair judgement in ~2016, right?

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>Police publicly slices throats of everybody who has littered
>>Why are you arguing against change-climate activists?

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>muh Heckin npcss
Obviously you low iq subhumans are barely sentient so you don’t realize it, but blindly following other low iq subhumans and then pretending to be enlightened means YOU are the npc.

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>I hope the grifter and his shitstain offspring get thrown in prison and rope.

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>muh democrats
>muh republicans
fuck you none of its real, it's all fake

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>no u
lmao that's the best your "intellect" can come up with?

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because chud is an actor, and right now the narrative is we're all supposed to be getting mad at the current thing.

hey, what happens if we all just look the other way and stop feeding these demons are energy and attention?

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>what happens if we all just look the other way
>if I ignore problems, they will go away
the absolute state of cuckservatives

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Stop posting, or better yet KYS before you embarrass yourself even more.

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Stop posting, or better yet KYS before you embarrass yourself even more.

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>t. glowniggers

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lol no, crypto is mostly libertarian

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Incredibly based, fuck retardicans.
>noooo it's all fake you are an npc if you believe our lord and savior Trump is guilty of any crime
>here's the proof he's being framed *dumps wall of text schizo ramblings with barely any coherence nor legitimacy* it aligns with what I want to believe therefore it's true
Actually retarded NPCs being used as pawns and defending a criminal billionaire for free, if not outright giving them money.
How can I profit from sub 50 iq retards?

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tranny spotted

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meds. now.

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>Actually retarded NPCs being used as pawns
Why does the NPC meme hurt leftists so much?

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Only sane person in this thread

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It’s all le fake! See how cool and above it all I am? Ok back to collecting my munkopox now

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The reason he's a chud is because his wife is asian. He has yellow fever and his son is not benefiting from affirmative action because he's half asian and half white.

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Kill yourself faggot

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Kys commie faggot

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Ya it is. Ultra racist, ultra elitist, always losing money. Sounds like a democratic watering hole.

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Trannys should be thrown out of helicopters

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Yeah, I'm sure this time deep state action against Trump was totally reasonable and appropriate. By the books. Impartial. Just like the last 5-7 years

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Nice digits

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>misidentifies what a boomer is
>thinks voting matters
>uses word "terrorist" as a negative label
Please go back young retarded child.

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Yeah Burry is of course a huge contrarian Chud like all bobos, he posts race and crime statistics lmao

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Because he's right, as usual.
It's not really about Trump. It's about the contrast versus a complete lack of action against the many democrat leadership crimes, many of which are public record at this point.

If anything Trump out of the picture would be good news for republicans as it means they can push someone new that's not 80+ years old. I think the American public is tired of watching these elderly representatives repeatedly embarrass themselves.

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Because this isn't politics. It's a direct attack on democracy and the future of America, sadly.

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You need help.

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oof, the jidf are thick in here.

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>statistics are contrarian


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This is why the left have won so far and will continue to win. They riot, burn shit down, chase the police out of their cities and make politicians fear the consequences of not pandering to them. The right, with all their guns, for all their talk about being the strong side, do nothing and call any attempt to do something as "muh playing into the CIAs hands" so they justify to themselves that doing nothing is the correct move while the left take more and more power with no resistance. When Biden stole the election the left said come and do something about it and the right cucked out and bent the knee, that was the point of no return for trump and his supporters. There should have been a civil war right then and there, the right backed down, the right got dominated and was the losing side without even a single real battle. BTW if history tells us anything it is that the losing side normally gets culled. Prepare for concentration camps in some form or another when the left deem you getting in the way of them enacting their will, the right cucking out in 2020 saved their necks as you were deemed to be of little threat, if you start to get in the way you will get decimated.

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The simple difference between soft and hard tactics. Left uses the threat of soft tactics, right uses the threat of hard tactics. Observe how all nations interact with each other, they all use soft tactics. They all simply deny doing the thing they are doing and move their chess pieces and get to the next stage. It's how everything happens. The use of hard tactics is always extinguished. It is tiresome, but the only way things end up being effective.

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sorry boboburry but i am team Law and Order!

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contrarian to clown world realities

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the judge who issued the search warrant was epstein's lawyer. but you already knew that, didn't you schlomo?

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Just think about how much you could have made if you just listened to this bobro

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>Anything other than leftists larping as conservative
>Anything other than a blowhard neocon who went back on every one of his campaign promises while tricking white boomers into thinking he fulfilled them

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>there are people on /biz/ right now that believe voting is real

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You lolspergs are getting purged

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>Why is this chud defending Drumpf?

Because anyone who isnt a part of the Democrat-cult of suicidal leftoidism, and not a filthy partisan can appreciate how absolutely deranged, and insane the situation is in the USA.

European here. And Ive watched you guys for quite a while now, honestly, your country is crumbling infront of your eyes.

Burry just aknowledges that. You do not live in a democracy. The 2020 election was absolutely stolen. The "vaccines" are not vaccines, and your financial system is about to implode.

-also the rest of the world will go down with you

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Yeah I'm really looking forward to playing Bayonetta 2 this weekend. I mean her ass is just so plump, it's really a marvel. Sure I'll see you this weekend at the pub mate

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>old privileged white man rumbles his bigoted opinion on the internet
uhm, sweetie, you're a dying breed please step aside

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BASED, imagine complaining about some rich pig, capable of manipulating the markets, being removed from the markets.

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>independent judge
lmao. there are activist judges throughout the whole country who lean both directions politically and will set law aside for ideology

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Fuck niggers

Fuck kikes

Fuck commies

Fuck trannies

And fuck glowniggers(you)

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he was a visionary even mid schizophrenia

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>1 post by this ID

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And here I thought the republicans were retarded pushing the R vs W thing into midterms but it turns out the beltway Dems are actually even more retarded than them.

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He's another based billionaire with autism

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Every fucking day

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Anyone that votes, period, is supporting domestic terrorism. That’s why the Government has men with guns and jails, to terrorize you into doing what they tell you too.

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you're right, please don't vote.

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Christ, what a nutbar.

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You are misplacing the cause and effect, retard.
The left doesn't cause places of power to bend to their will, the places of power cause the left to bend to their will.

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The only tranny in this thread is your hero Cassandra.

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>blowhard neocon
>t. midwit who doesn't understand what a neocon is

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Look at all the replies you got you god damned retard

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The left cannot meme

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Conservatives got really rekt bros. On /v/ they act like traps are conservative and trannies are liberal, even though traps and trannies are the exact same thing.

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> Anyone that votes Republican is a domestic terrorist
Wait til you get a load of me

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fake news, you have pillows too bigot

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>black man
>fixing something

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sometimes i think meatspin groomed a lot of kids

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You all really responded to this, huh?
You literally cannot refuse 1pbtid posts. They aren't interested. They're trolling you fat, ugly retard who is reading this post. Fuck you. Sage every single post you make until you want to bump like a human.

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he's an ally

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