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>Crypto in 2022
>Government is freezing peoples funds, in their wallets, because they used a smart contract
>Few people even care, some are even happy about it

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/biz/ has become an absolute shithole the last year or two.

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The RAI/FLX schizo was right

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Nobody cares what the jewnited states of America does. Enjoy paying taxes, faggots

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>interact with ETH smart contract
>didn't read the smart contract code and maybe didn't even understand what a smart contract really is
>waaaaaaahhhhh waahhhhhhhh crypto in 2022 I'm gay

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da fuq u mean frozen?

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>Coping eurocuck sounds
Go back no one cares

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it's unironically maddening the number of bootlickers around now
you can tell they're not trolls. they actually believe that stuff
normalfag brains have been completely fried from the massive cognitive dissonance they endured those last 2 years
>taking 5 goy shots for an easily avoidable disease which increase your risk of death if you're under 30 and healthy
>sending billions of dollars and glorifying a jewish actor president who was in the papers for tax evasion and corruption just 6 months before
>inflation relief bill prints money to hire people to tax you
we are so close to the breaking point. by 2025 normies will be either mindbroken and pure cattle slave, or chips will start to fall

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they are literal chatbots, anon.

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"they" as in "you"? because i'm literally talking about people like you, from your other post >>50813187
keep slurping that govt cum, goybot

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>not realasing that ETH is a security

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>Government is freezing peoples funds
The ethereum transaction I just made is more powerful than every drop of blood spilled by every soldier that has ever existed. The state is a false god, cowering in the face of true power.

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Zoomers are naturally inclined to bootlick. It's fucking nauseating.

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>use a centralized token that is KNOWN for blacklisting user funds
>be surprised when your funds are blacklisted.
If you are going to use defi then fucking use defi. No half measures.

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>Not expecting frozen funds when using centralized stables like USDC/USDT and pseudo-decentralized stables like DAI

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Because unless you are the absolute newest of the newfags, you already know this is business as usual for USDC. Now go back.

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tornado crash was ran by the CIA, everybody knew it

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U.S. Treasury Sanctions Ethereum Mixing Tool Tornado Cash

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>Government is freezing CRIMINAL's funds, in their wallets, because they used a smart contract

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Wow are you telling me that the powers that be are using public ledger technology as a means to track and control the goyims finances? Truly I am shocked, who could have seen this coming? Oh yeah pretty much fucking everyone.

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Crypto transactions cannot be "frozen". God /biz/ is so retarded.

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I enjoyed reading your post.
Ty anon.

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based anon. fuck the vaccine comapnies.

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very well said

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goes to show that nobody gives a fuck about the tech, only profiting off of the Ponzi market

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Shit-tier bait, you can literally freeze specific ERC20 tokens retard

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Very based

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Tornado cash was only used by criminals in order to rug us you faggot. You're probably one of them. I'm all about rooting out these people from the space. Kick and scream all you want but you can't escape the law. Your little anarchy experiment is coming to an end, time to get right with God and stop trying to emulate Jewish behavior.

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ok fed

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blame all the newfag plebbit tourists who have shat this board up

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>"""""""""bitcoiner"""""""" maximalists are cheering for regulation, taxes, and government to put a finger on the scale and punish other cryptocurrencies

it's literally over, the bitcoiners have become the very thing they hated

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silly little goy, go back

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Go suck a baby's dick, filthy semite

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Looks like signing that contract wasn't so...smart...after all.


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>kklyer id
okay liar

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Lmao so if you send to tornado cash from some random wallet, then send to a well known wallet of someone of importantance, that someone can get in trouble? Lmfao Sounds like the government just created a new way people can 'swat' other people using decentralized currency.

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desu getting used to the government overreach. they past an inflation bill that prints more money, they're using that same bill to launder money to the "green energy" "people," they're hiring an army of auditors to crush the climbing middle class, they're sanctioning privacy tools, they're using the FBI to attack an ex-president to send a message to their political opponents, I mean, they're going full gestapo.

How am I supposed to get worked up anymore? They've declared themselves an enemy of the people, multiple times, all but officially declaring us all enemy combatants. Call me a coward all you like, but I'm not sticking my neck out for any of this shit. Let it burn, it's already over.

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swat someone who voted for this fucked up bill we have now

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Its all so tiresome

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You are literally me twin

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>A transaction on Etherscan indicates that CENTRE called a "blacklist(address investor)" function on an address, essentially freezing all coins on it. It was not immediately clear who owned the address.


stop investing in scams
stop investing in defi "smartcontract" proof of stake scams

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this. Crypto is not a solution to the central bank problem idk why idiots keep saying it is

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>govern me harder
kys faggot

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>it was use by criminals who want to rig me!!
then don’t use it retard
>i want them out of my safe space!
>you can’t escape the law!! Back the blue rothschild 4lyfe!! I love the IRS!!
faggot x2
>Anrqxhy time is over i want reggie latioooons!!
faggot x3
>get right with god and stop emulating jewish behavior
that’s you retard

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The lot of you are so deluded you thought they didn't have the ability to catch what you do. They always did, it was always obscurity that saved you, once the government smelled money they were going to get you one way or the other.

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>muh stables
>muh fiat onramps
>muh integrations
>muh DEXes
It was meant to become cucked kneejerk anyway.
The point of Ethereum was always about normie appeal, it was made by infantile autists with no actual opinion on any political or societal stuff (and barely any technical knowledge either). Vitalik became rich in a young age and never grew up, and other key people in effereum foundation are either same manchildren or kikes. It's disgusting when you have a crypto project and it all devolves either into eceleb drama or into kneejerk.
Good thing i still can atomic swap my monero

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tells that to shadowsocks in china you stupid fucking nigger
it was a number one possible scenario with tornado cash and other mixers and it was known that would happen eventually.

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good, burn usa as a sacrifice to bring europe back to its glory. if that fails i’ll just find an asian girl and make a hapa, i’d rather have the chinese lord over us than jews. After that the grand asian + white mixed breed hapa mentally ill master race will usher in the intergalactic era.

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>>Coping eurocuck
Americans are the biggest coping cucks ever.
Don't you have a nigger to kneel to?

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Really retarded how you people didn't know about this. Every corporate stable has a blacklist function you fucking idiots.

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It is though.

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what are you talking about schizo?

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>Zoomers are naturally inclined to bootlick
Okay, boomer.
Still not paying taxes, boomer.
Americans are all faggots, boomer.

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>using ERC20 tokens
Oh, I didn't realize you were mentally retarded

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Shut the hail if you know nothing about DeFi and smart contract
Not all SC are scam, they are some that are as real as your fucking self.
You can get some privacy SC and be safe from attack

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>government can blacklist your wallet for interacting with a privacy smart contract
It's not really much of a privacy smart contract if glowies are able to this in the first place. Nothing of value was lost.

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What then do you think is the solution anon?
Crypto is here to send the banks packing, and DeFi is the future of finance

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Best to just use crypto payments to make transactions. Many Utrust merchants out there that are willing to accept crypto for irl goods.

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usdc is scam use dai instead

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Torn should make another token and airdrop it to every wallet with any amount of link. Maybe then we get to see $12 again

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Why did they come here when they already have a safe space?

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Stables can save you from all rug troubles but we can't overrule working products. People are greedy and never do research. They'll keep getting rekt.

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And checked!

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Not all privacy contract will get blacklisted anon, some privacy contracts are auditable by nature, these will never get blacklisted, because you determine who access your wallet.

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Based. Payment solutions are taking over. Binance already has cards and cryptoxpress is building that gateway. The future is near.

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That's why the popular mantra; 'DYOR' is there to guide you always, if you disobey it, you are a fucking looser.

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funny how they leave out Israel. The master manipulators. She should be telling Biden to buy bitcoin now and get the U.S. out of debt by January.

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Bridging the gab between crypto & finance is a swift way to accelerate crypto adoption, hope to see this fly, but anonymity will be needed for privacy

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Plebs don't care and they always cry blood. All the information you need is at your fingertips. This isn't time to be lazy.

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Only a matter of time anon. More will follow in the footsteps. People want products that work after all.

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>He thought human nature changed because of btc
I got blackpilled about crypto really fast in 2017. People are just retards and crypto is just the evolution of tradfi, not a competitor. Eventually bnb like coins are the most likely to survive with binance as a gigabank. Just waiting on govUSD to make the system fully controlled, with pairs pegged to govUSD instead of usdt

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Your wish is my command!

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>normalfag brains have been completely fried from the massive cognitive dissonance they endured those last 2 years
covid was a global mkultra beta rollout

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>get right with God
>by being a government bootlicker
what did he mean by this

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>mETH in 2022
Bitcoin is still mixing no problem

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enjoy your fully traceable NFTs, aka BTC

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Crypto can’t be a solution to central banks when central banks hold the monopoly on being banks. The moment someone can open a bank that exchanges money for crypto central banks can fuck themselves but since all countries are now controlled directly or indirectly by kikes then good luck finding one that says fuck you to the kike cartel.

Unironically a space pirate colony on some asteroid would do the charm.

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What differentiate one from another pajeet?
All the privacy projects are not auditable, reasons the government are blacklisting them one after the other

>> No.50818501

Im not happy about it, but at this point it doesn't surprise me.

People are generally very stupid and oblivious to the consequences of these events.

There's a reason why Jews refer to every one as livestock.

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Bitcoin fixes this.

>> No.50818535

*BTC was supposed to fix this

BTC promises a lot, but this year has revealed to not even hold up against inflation nor a recession.

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Run my own node, mix my own coins, control my own destiny.

infura metamas AWS cucks wouldn't understand

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Utrust already has many merchants accepting crypto payments through it and that's adoption

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>Wah the shekel conversion is down so it failed

Get fucked kike the project is still chugging away the consensus is still sound.

>> No.50818598

Why should I settle for a traceable chain when I have options for a non-traceable blockchain that keeps my transactions anonymous?

>> No.50818606

Until they slap down more crypto regulations this year because Brandon to appease his NWO masters.

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I don't care because I'm the Monero extremist who was warning you about shit like this happening for years now. Will continue exchanging monero in a dark alleyway. You retards can keep doing half-ass shit and then being surprised it falls apart.

In my case they literally are saving me though. Linux, Tor, Monero.

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The country is polarized and bitcoin is the only tech that can actually resist this.

While I don't want it to heat up, it wouldn't be that bad for bitcoiners.

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No anon
The difference is clear
You can't compare Monereo to Secret, Secret is auditable and data is shared base on permission, while others are not.
That's what makes the difference.

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teach me about monerofundamentalism im willing to learn

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Why Rose (private smart contracts)
XMR (always private cryptocurrency)
And other private centric crypto is important

>> No.50818888

Which of them exactly?
We have a good deal of fucking privacy chain out there

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Imagine thinking even for a single instant about using the most kike exchange, from a fat kike rat organizing conferences with Tony Blair and Bill Clinton and bribing left and right wing of the Agricultural committed to silently propose bills on financial derivatives
Like, how? Why the fuck did he even attempt doing that?
FTX? Get wrecked
SOL? Get wrecked

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Tornado cash is still up. You can use it freely. The problem is if you interact with the fiat / centralized world and want to cash out. The solution? Don't. This is the "then they fight you phase." We have to actually have to balls to fight back and take our crypto out of the exchanges, stop using fucking stable coins, and build an economy using free money. If people are too scared and gov cucked to do this then CBDCs with zero privacy is the future.

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I still wonder why so many investors do not give relevance to privacy projects. I have never for once give a damn about what the government and regulations mean to my bags of shd and silk that'S I'm targeting to use in the near future

>> No.50819052

It also got its trademark registered in the US last week. Targeting American merchants after having many European merchants on board

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>Crypto in 2022
>Hundreds of different chains
>Too complex for many people to use
>Big need for decentralised identities

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This is the message. The message is right here. Privacy coins will only get more valuable if there's a world of its own. Secret has an extensive ecosystem which clearly shows privacy by default projects will survive

>> No.50819095

Makes little sense, you know?

>> No.50819100

You willingly let them in your borders and pay them money, at least we enslaved ours first

>> No.50819106

Zcash, Oasis, Secret and a few others, though only few are trusted with more auditable features that can bypass government blacklisting

>> No.50819136

The bridge to mass adoption should probably be the most prioritised at this point.

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>glorifying a jewish actor president
Your mind on /pol/

>> No.50819276

I'm happy with it.
Crypto can cause a huge distortion in the world's markets if left unchecked.

I've been supporting the ban of crypto for a long time. Anyone caught in possession of them should be sent to jail

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Central bank is not a problem at all

Is it really a board for investments or its one of these reddit colonies where people want to change the world?

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fake fud. the frozen assets never were assets to begin with.
it's already the case that using tornado could get your exchange balance frozen.
Nothing new.
It's just more mutt government dilating because crypto is going to end the fed, no matter how much dilation happen and how long it takes. It's just the march of evolution and no kike is powerful enough to stop it.

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>Central bank is not a problem at all

>> No.50819367

/Pol/ is right there.

Is it even possible to talk about finances here?

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>b-but famous celebrity XYZ said cumdogrocketinu will give me big gains!
I think most investors just buy whatever is shilled at face value.

>> No.50819440

>Geee you cannot disclose who is being the money counterfeiting cartel

>> No.50819465

You're a idiot.
No fucking wonder /biz/ is the sea of garbage it is.
Even if jews indeed own you, it's still a finances board. For conspiracy theories you already have /pol/.

Investments are not supposed to be political activism.

>> No.50819490

Ya glownigger operations are in full swing and misinformation bots. Liberals are a disease

>> No.50819514

>investment board
do you know biz is born from /g/ as BTC containment board right?
do you know FED is * kinda * important when it comes to finance?
Your chopped foreskin is giving you brain fog

>> No.50819536


hhahah jew

>> No.50819702

I believe in RAI, what was the schizo saying?

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How can you talk finance and not mention jews?
Why does this make you so upset?

>> No.50819860

>conspiracy theories
post nose mosche

>> No.50819933

>Investments are not supposed to be political activism.
actually sweaty, voting with your wallet is a real thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dollar_voting

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You don't necessarily need to be a merchant to use Utrust. You can still stake it

>> No.50820248

What people actually wants are easy ways to use crypto products which is one of the reasons why ORE network is considered to be the bridge to mass adoption.

>> No.50820370

The amount of 1PBTID pajeets in this thread is abysmal.

>> No.50821199

Tyler, if you don't go back to shilling Monero I'm going to have to contact your supervisor. Also, this is full on tyranny now
>All U.S. persons and entities are prohibited from interacting with the virtual currency mixer's USDC and Ethereum smart contract addresses on the SDN list. Penalties for willful noncompliance can range from fines of $50,000 to $10,000,000 and 10 to 30 years imprisonment. An estimated $437 million worth of assets, consisting of stablecoins, Ethereum, and wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), are currently held in Tornado Cash's smart contract addresses. As a result, issuers are expected to take steps to prevent the transaction or redemption of such assets.


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You may be too young to remember but the financial terrorism of the elites is why crypto was created in the first place.

>> No.50821337


Checked and well-argued

>> No.50821462

>the financial terrorism of the elites is why crypto was created in the first place.
yeah they took over and can manipulate the price mechanism
crypto is their tool now

>> No.50821463


Call me a doomer but if you genuinely thought true privacy exists in the face of government agencies and glowies or that they would allow it to continue unchecked forever then you were naïve to begin with.


People like this will come to learn just how mistaken their idealism was in the passage of time. We are heading to CBDC dystopia whether we like it or not and all the grand ideals of decentralized currency and privacy that crypto was created around will be washed by the wayside when they come for you.

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There's several staking options like onchain staking, metastaking and metabonding which I'm currently participating in and it has been a good experience so far.

>> No.50821537

"they" are outnumbered 10,000 to 1. Their only plan is to abuse the populace into compliance. I wish them luck on their naked power grab.

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you already lost

>> No.50821712

>shows a pic of some EU cucked shithole.
No, you lost when you gave up your sovereignty.

>> No.50821731

>he is sitting on his ass in front of a screen
you lost
accept it

>> No.50821828

Mass adoption will definitely come, but if they are no anonymity, institutions and folks with fat account may be putting their safety at risk of cyberattack
Do you see why you need privacy?

>> No.50821902

your kids dont need privacy
they need tiktok

>> No.50821929
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For you, sir.

>> No.50822098

Fuck off faggot, not everyone likes having their shit monitored 24/7

>> No.50822113

What did you expect? Kikestream winning the blocksize war also killed any ideological reasons to advocate for crypto, its just a means to get rich quick ever since

>> No.50822135

yet you are using a monitored internet

>> No.50822193


>> No.50823261

To hell with tiktok
Privacy is mandatory to everyone, it gives security to your funds, so they need it to be financially secured.

>> No.50823356

your boomer kind will die off
zoomers dont care about privacy
and thats a good thing

>> No.50823562
File: 111 KB, 246x391, a6da22554d20dd7c5884347b01727a14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the feds will never figure out crypto because they are all archaic stupid fucking fossils that can't even control even a tiny bit of the internet properly the amount of loli/shota porn pages on facebook i've found just by being a part of a few meme pages is incredible
besides everyone knows the true prospect for crypto in the future (if things go well and btc is back to 50k before 2030) is shitcoins being even more prominent so buy more shiba inu, buy more ultimate champions, buy more dogecoin etc

>> No.50823565

What an ugly fucking bird.

>> No.50823566
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Should have used Monero.

>> No.50823598

>zoomers dont care
Zoomers don't even have enough members for their votes to matter, nor do they control any part of government.

The only generation with a proven track record of hardcore Statism is boomers.

>> No.50823736

>implying any single generation can outvote the dead.

>> No.50824796

>black rock bought coinbase
Yeah that happened too
>you WILL eat the bugs is coming closer.

>> No.50826392
File: 481 KB, 720x733, IMG_2380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50826681

>Bad because it is illegal, illegal because it is bad
Spoken like a true boot deepthroater

>> No.50826873

Don’t worry. DPRK will start using Monero. Or someone will claim they did.

>> No.50826906

People have always used technology to do their work for them. Having technology do our politics for us seems like a natural extension of that. We are already working on the next step, having technology do our human interaction for us too.

>> No.50826920

>Is it really a board for investments
Its a board to keep crypto threads off /g/
Always was and always will be.

>> No.50826937

Trump did nothing for white people.

>> No.50827048

Until it done on you that your wallet was hacked, because of the public accessibility, you will know that privacy is not to be taken for granted

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get on the shart bus

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Based. Users would keep on making transactions with their funds and if the heat gets turned up chads would just switch to privacy systems.

>> No.50829421

two more weeks trust the plan all assets deployed

>> No.50829479

wait, what's the apr on Monero again? fucking do this board a favor and kys.

>> No.50829899

I am pretty sure everyone saw this coming, I have never been a fan of mixers and a solid privacy protocol uses relayers.

>> No.50829986

Which is why you use XMR and not Tornado the CIA honeypot like we told you about before.

>> No.50829996

Just to mention a few.

>> No.50830280

What people need is ability to control their assets seamlessly with solid security.

>> No.50830330

Mass adoption will never happen if asset management and security is not in place. Projects such as Ore protocol offering products offering security and asset management ought to be talked about more often.

>> No.50830444

Yes this is happening to every famous doxxed wallet now.

>> No.50830645

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero unaffected. Weird.

>> No.50830788
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The dream is really dead isn't it?

>> No.50830822

Death check

>> No.50830924

>10-30 years
Jesus. I've never used Tcash. How does it even work?

>> No.50831242

who the fuck are you even talking to retard?

>> No.50831251

Buy spot BTC and keep it in a hardware wallet. You literally can't lose.

Shitcoiners are being punished for their greed.

>> No.50831588

People wanted centralization for "legitimacy" in the hopes it would attract more normies to the space well they got it.

>> No.50831683
File: 908 KB, 1170x1052, 8D655594-9C3C-429B-9CB4-2E696E574508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you think it is you’re a moron with a child’s IQ
Exactly, it’s just tech regards thinking they can out run the bank that makes the laws and it’s retarded for them to think such.

>> No.50831730
File: 1.47 MB, 1170x2080, 30BD92CE-1051-43BB-91AE-FBD2828E162D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can keep running from the solution all you want but the problem WILL keep finding you. Whatever currency you flee toward WILL attract these psychopaths, they will use the power they have now (which is practically all the power in the world) to take over that space and then fuck you in the ass like they did in the last space. These bankers are not problems you can run always from and hope they don’t find you. You don’t even bother to try keeping them out or even nullifying their ability to consolidate your crypto, in fact you invite it, you can buy it in USD which they have an infinite amount of. The idea that crypto will save you from the banks is grade A retarded.

>> No.50831758

go suck your mommas dick JUDEN

>> No.50831853

To put it simply crypto bros are retarded for one simple reason. Their entire philosophy is running away from bad guys and hoping they don’t follow you and try to push your shit in again, instead of physically making sure they don’t try it again or you’ll kill them (or jail them or whatever). For example Soros, sought out a way to manipulate the economy of england, not because it was beneficial for anyone but because it was good for himself despite being bad for everyone else. Now a moral person, even if he could do it, wouldn't, because he cares about his fellow man. But Soros and his ilk, they don’t care. And why would they? There’s no punishment for doing it. He was rewarded with billions and hailed as a legend. There’s no reason for his ilk to NOT seek out ways to fuck you over. Nor is there by switching to bitcoin. And so they will come, and find a way to fuck you, and they’ll find a way and take everything you have in one way or another using their already vast amount of power. Because there’s no one even trying to stop them from doing it. Again, why wouldn’t they if moral virtue is no issue for them? They have no reason not to, and BTC doesn’t change that. They will come, pass laws to manipulate it, seize it, consolidate it, etc etc. And they will fuck you with no lube until you’re broke, again. Until you start hanging people that are purposefully seeking out ways to undermine their fellow men, at the expense of their fellow men, this will never stop, crypto or no crypto. You cannot create a perfect system, that’s what you idiots are thinking BTC is. A perfect system that can’t be abused, but it can be and it will be. Unless you put the fear of god into those willing to try.

>> No.50831939
File: 3.81 MB, 2968x2018, slv2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silver chads win again!

>> No.50832910

They’re suppressing gold and silver right now. As >>50831853
pointed out, there is no where you can flee that they will not dominate you

>> No.50833137

they may be suppressing but it can only go on for so long

>> No.50833232
File: 169 KB, 347x338, 1643650016999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hmmm who warned us about that?

>> No.50833249

>They’re suppressing gold and silver right now.
so i can buy cheap you say? thank you NWO

>> No.50833426

I think they are pretty based.
I always exchange my fiat dollars for silver and pay my local farmer in silver coins now.
Get more goods off that plus he hasn't to report taxes as it is a non currency exchange kek.

>> No.50833447

Never been hacked lol

>> No.50833470

It’s not funny though, not even ironically.

>> No.50833522

Lol only western cattle glorify Z*lensky, most Ukrainians hate this jewish trash.

>> No.50833739

Well, Users would have to find non custodial wallets to store their funds and stay away from anything centralised. I recently came across a DEX which enables private swaps and trades. I see it as good innovation in the crypto space and a way to have financial freedom.

>> No.50833764

Just like mass surveillance was 'only for terrorists' you absolute goyim brain-dead faggot

>> No.50834398

2 years and there are still people betting their money on things like vinu or any seasonal dogcoin

>> No.50834409


>> No.50834654

Not an argument

>> No.50834730

This lol. Western civilizations total collapse will be best day of my life.

>> No.50834745
File: 1.54 MB, 498x268, 465651231.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>by 2025 normies will be either mindbroken and pure cattle slave
>by 2025

>> No.50834806

Unironically this. Certain groups need to be made into ghosts if the rest of us ever want to have lasting freedom and not have it rugged from under is via subversion.

>> No.50834834

you're still hung up on ethics and morality and you have the audacity to tell others they have a childs mentality? Wow.

>> No.50834863
File: 1 KB, 125x97, 1659424099185973s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed. Defi is the future and its good to know that we have privacy protocols that integrate with smart contracts and and Defi to give users full privacy and anonymity.

>> No.50834874

jewish through and through
that's why most people who know you hate you
no matter how powerful your lot is you are in the minority and should be afraid of the mob should they ever get pushed too hard by your retarded ideologies

>> No.50834895

Holy fuck somebody finally gets it, thank you for posting. Russia takes one tiny problem that gets some ppls jimmies russled and magnifies it to the incels.

>> No.50835182

>institutions and folks with fat account may be putting their safety at risk of cyberattack
how to solve this problem?

>> No.50836487

DPRK already uses Monero kek.

>> No.50836575

Go back nigger lover

>> No.50837188
File: 332 KB, 2276x1280, 1657370387475_HowToBuyMonero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not my problem.

>> No.50838836
File: 89 KB, 1280x720, 156045543112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Institutions can get the best out of secured identities.
I believe that ORE's purpose built blockchain to manage secure identities will fix this. It'll in essence protect businesses by eliminating third-party risk and placing the power of personal identity back to the institutions.

>> No.50838872

That day will never come

>> No.50838990

No doubt, the trust in exploring crypto opportunities is going down, as a result of how frequent hacks are happening. An interoperable blockchain technology protecting users by simplifying management of assets is more or less what we need right now.

>> No.50839041

I don't get it. How is it possible to freeze an ERC-20 token on a supposedly p2p premissionless blockchain? It's not like they own all the miners.

>> No.50839062

Nice post faggot. None of that changes the fact that he’s a Jewish actor. Seethe cope and dilate. Both Russia and Ukraine can fuck off

>> No.50839101
File: 39 KB, 506x507, 3hxXAymk-crypto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What will attract more people into the space is setting the entry barrier to be lower. The simpler the blockchain services are to use, the wider they'll be adopted

>> No.50839145

Good plan. Well I guess asset security is becoming a bigger issue and users are doing all they can to prevent losses. I see platforms that help achieve this gain more adoption in the coming months.

>> No.50839359

>he's european

You lost before you came out of the womb. Accept it.

>> No.50839409

crypto is dead my dude. the reason they haven't exited all markets yet is because of hopium. give it a few weeks and they'll understand.

>> No.50839691

Kek. The market has survived the bears before anon. If crypto was dead the market cap would be half a trillion by now. I have huge expectations for the space and I'm watching projects that bridge Web2 to Web3 as they would be needed in the next bull run.

>> No.50839922

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft

>> No.50841545
File: 18 KB, 200x183, 1643028025974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

STFU asshole. There is a whole lot of opportunities that comes with crypto and we're yet to see its full potentials maximized. Take a look at how certain projects are making the adoption easier and you'll realize how retarded your conclusion is

>> No.50841574

Eurocucks or not, we all pay 10-15% tax on crypto, tops. And nobody gives a shit what crypto we buy or use. Lmao, enjoy your "freedom", jewish slave.

>> No.50841576
File: 170 KB, 1261x688, 1592443658588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really just there are glowniggers shilling against crypto 24/7 if you try to debate these fuckers almost show you their badge, they glow so much and most are probably cunts since they use femenine attacks, probably the diversity hire section of glowies.

Also vatnik glowies are clearly shilling against crypto too so it's two brands of glowies playing good and bad cop.

>> No.50841606

>Just waiting on govUSD to make the system fully controlled, with pairs pegged to govUSD instead of usdt
curious how they will control monero lol.

>> No.50841630

You're wasting your breath on these 80 iq autists.

>> No.50841656

that's not even private, and wasn't the faggot in charge bragging how having a backdoor for "muh government" would be great?

>> No.50841754

kek you heard of bernstein sueing NIST?

>> No.50841811
File: 683 KB, 1125x1663, 200 human kidneys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tbh I think the only generation Zyklon I know have their eyes wide open.

>> No.50842095
File: 42 KB, 720x725, dial soap bar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

obvious baitpost, but for newfags: the reason sold to the public for the state coming down on tornado cash was "North Korea evading sanctions".
The truth is that the state is terrified of capital outflow from their shitcoin (see: USD) and trust is the name of the game for fiat. People are losing trust in the dollar, there are much better alternatives, and the government is desperately lashing out in their losing battle. Be prepared for them to behave like a cornered honeybadger, because that's essentially what they are as long as cryptocurrency exists.

>> No.50842608
File: 599 KB, 498x498, shruggers-pepe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Privacy is just a precautionary measure I would say. But a quantum resistant blockchain is a solution to the the threats we are going to face against the quantum computers soon than we anticipated desu.