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What is the /biz/ verdict on SHIB? Should I buy another several million or should I just buy weed instead?

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Market cap is everything and this shit's market cap hit way higher than it should have. Opportunity for gains is significantly offset but massively larger opportunities for losses. Dumbasses just look at raw price without factoring in tokenomics and think it's gotta some day hit cents or dollars. Not how it works. Learn market caps. Such a basic fundamental aspect of crypto.

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So weed then?

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You might be better off stacking DOGE instead since it got more exposure during the last bullrun and therefore might get pumped eventually

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It's like 80% down from ATH and it never a high price at all.
Just see DOGE that hit almost 75 cents, SHIB never hit not even a cent

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Odds of making profit with shiba are on par with Luna classic recovering back to $100

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It's not about if, but when and what the devs intend.

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The moonshot already happened. I don't think it can travel much further. If there was a burn implemented that could somehow torch hundreds of trillions of tokens within 2-3 years, then it could moon again.

SHIB has hundres of trillions in total supply. LUNC has "only" 6.5 trillion and staking/burning is supposed to be implemented around the next month. It is much more realistic at this point to profit off LUNC than SHIB.

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burns will be coming with shibarium and that will make interesting again.

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Just bought a single dollar worth of shib, I'll be a multi-millionaire in 6 years

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Its too late look for the next dog coin. For me its dog bat

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Tokenomics could change if they're successful in burning tokens. So far they haven't burned shit compared to the overall supply, but I thought an upcoming update was going to add burns to every transaction?

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But this as well, I'm banking on dog+bat mooning like Shib did during the next bull run.

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you niggas said the same shit about doge. SHIB will hit 0.01-0.001 in the next cycle, I guaran-fucking-tee it

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Yes. Buy. The dog days are here.

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Its looking like dog season is coming back and nobody fucking knows whats gonna happen its pure clown world.

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The verdict is that Shiba is based.

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>it never a high price at all
Do shibagholders not understand marketcap?

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It started good then Shytoshi turned into a thief. Did you see all the news about bone today? Devs started dumping. People also found out they minted a fuck ton before it went out to the public. This is what Ryoshi didnt want. Invest in TSUKA instead, and if you dont know what that is DYOR.

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Checked. Shibagholders are incapable of understanding they need $539 trillion dollars for their shitcoin to ever reach a dollar. No amount of Clown World will save them from maths. Shibags would have to be as popular as Bitcoin to even reach $0.001

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Shytoshi robbed shibaggies blind the day 200 trillion coins were added to circulation. It was a clear as day rugpull, and he kept lying telling shibagholders to trust da plan. Shibarium isn't even a real thing.

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I’m balls deep bro. You should be too. One of the few guaranteed 10x

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My biggest issue with SHIB is the "burn rate" mechanic. Supposedly x% amount of SHIB is burned per transaction but if that goes on forever then eventually the amount would shrink to nothing over a long period of time. Who controls that burn rate? How do you know Shiba that is "burned" is actually out of circulation?

DOGE has an "infinite" supply but it has a generation mechanism which is based on diminishing returns. In that way it actually boosts its own value by design. I'd argue that's better than having a bunch of coins sitting idle with SHIB.

I presently hold both.

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Shib is the only coin that matters.

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I'm buying dogelon mars and floki as they generally will pump when dogecoin finally decides to make a move. Whichever pumps first, I will put in the other and sell

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You are literally retarded, stop trying to think for yourself and just hold ETH or something basic

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>Shibarium isn't even a real thing
Getting deja vu here.
Based. 15.2b here. Cashed out a little yesterday because why not.
It will run again with everything else. Big time.
Imagine not parking some money in this.

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I used to think why not own 10 or 20 million SHIB just in case it ever skyrockets again, but the thing is there are still hundreds of whales holding TRILLIONS of SHIB (as you can see on Etherscan). Its hard to imagine when a million SHIB will be worth anything meaningful.

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aim for the bushes!

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>buy weed
>get high
>left with nothing

>buy SHIB
>get rugged
>left with nothing

I dunno, you tell me.

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Jesus... what is wrong with you? You enjoy throwing money away?

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just keep what you have and not sell before $0.01. It's a whale's toy now, hard to say what the plan is.

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Bro buy BONE

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Buy UTK instead.
No more pumps coming for meme coins this year.
Crypto payment is receiving adoption this year.

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Holy fuck you guys are fucking retarded. Replace a mans conviction of God WITH BAGHOLDING and you might as well have the most devout cultist possible. Its profane black magic taking over peoples minds. Fucking midwits.

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>should I just buy weed instead?
weed is a meme

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Pussies, gamble with shitcoins, or long ETH. Margin trade and lose it all. That's how crytpo pumps nowadays.
t. stake sponsored streamer

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this. tsuka is the real shib

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this shit makes me leery it’s a completely separate shitcoin that only will result in the market cap of SHIB being diminished
I think SHIB has probably two more pumps in it past ATH but with the devs doing things like this I’m less sure

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Who was the creator of Shiba? Maybe knowing his telegram/twitter we know about his new projects. He must have a lot of money to start new projects and pump them up.

Also I believe that Shiba and all the cryptomarkets went destroyed after the ETH creator removed 1 billion dollars of Shiba to send to India. This fucked all the cryptos forever.

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OP wants to buy SHIB?
>SHIB has very limited utility, and its value is based mainly on a social-media-fueled speculative frenzy.
Rather, dive your ass and get your bags secured before the quantum threat hits hard.
Faggots will get their asses secured while being able to build smart contracts and more.

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He'll No, I know that shit ain't gonna make a way.
Shiba Inu is a very risky, speculative investment.

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Fuck your stinky ass dude, The Shiba Inu team has proven one of the best in crypto. To understand how good they are, consider that Shiba Inu is a meme coin that hit the market in late 2020 and became one of the largest by market capitalization

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Morons are still talking about shiba in 2020 when the dynamics have changed. Quantum threat is everywhere, soon Shiba will be dead line LUNA

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You deserve a bottle of whiskey anon,
Qanplatform's smart contract is usable to 28M programmers by letting them code in any programming language. Such a sweet shit for developers!

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Sleeping giant.

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Instead of buying SHIBA I'll go ADA ETH and even XRP

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>You've got to be a dead man for mentioning ETH, ain't the gas fee fucking your ass wide?
>Even sharding-update is predicted on the roadmap but is still under research whereas achieving a high TPS
with relatively low computing and energy needs has melt retard's faces.

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>You've got to be a dead man for mentioning ETH, ain't the gas fee fucking your ass wide?
Even sharding-update is predicted on the roadmap but is still under research whereas achieving a high TPS with relatively low computing and energy needs has melt retard's faces.

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Weed is for fucking losers. It does nothing to stimulate your pshyche it just numbs you

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I've never held any amount of $SHIB nor $DOGE

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Yeah, I got dust attacked by this coin. fucking kill yourself you insipid little cunt.

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see >>50811817 . You can mint it for dc (healthier liq to mcap) at dogcatcher dot finance slash mint, your deposited shib will be sold for weth which is sent to DC's LP.
DC's liq to mcap is 69%
SHIBi's is about 1/10000.

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don't buy wownero.

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The tech/devs seem retarded but retards will buy it because they think they can make money or something. It’s like ada, avax, xrp, link, xmr. Essentially useless tech but suckers buy into the pitch.

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