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Hey, basically I'm just not gonna comply (tornado cash banning!!). I know... UGH I know.... I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just that I'm not gonna comply is all

Memes and jokes aside, what's to stop this scenario?

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usdc blacklisted the tornado cash addresses in their contract, so that means all usdc anywhere cannot execute on those addresses.

dai is backed by usdc, so they could easily be the next to get blacklisted.

usdt will probably have to end up complying and blacklisting as well

busd is backed by paxos, they operate in the US so they would have to blacklist you too

wbtc is run by BitGet a US company, so they would blacklist you too.

so basically there is no escape on Ethereum.

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I refuse to use USDC because they can freeze funds, so not my problem.
>DAI blacklisted
LMFAO, this is why I love RAI
Finally this shitcoin dies
Don't use BSC, never will.
Don't use WBTC. It's the real thing or nothing.

>There is no escape
Just don't comply
>Make new wallet
>Atomic swap to that wallet
Simple as.