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>90% of people: it’s over
>10% of people: just wait till 2020 next bullrun will start easy money brah

>90% of people: just wait till. 2024 next bull run will start easy money brah
>10% of people: it’s over

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it didn't crash hard enough and real despair never happened this cycle
the shakeout of the shitty defi platforms was just a drop in the bucket of shit that needed to be flushed for a proper market cycle to occur

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>>90% of people: just wait till. 2024 next bull run will start easy money brah
Implying I have 2 years to accumulate. Bull run starts now for maximum pain.

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It didn't pump hard enough either so...

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You think a bull run is max pain? LOL everyone makes money in a bull run. That is not max pain.

Max pain is you accumulating around these prices expecting a 5-10x in 2024 only for your accumulated holdings to still be breaking even at best

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I mean it's possible that we have bottomed out and it wasn't really a crash, just a correction, but doesn't feel great. I don't think any real capitulation happened. Maybe because the fed is doing shenanigans. Maybe they've convinced market makers everything is fine. If inflation doesn't slow down this month though then I fear we are in for a rough time.

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Well it's also possible there's no real capitulation since there's so much money sloshing around the system now.

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5.5k bitcoin to 65k bitcoin was enough of a pump

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The pump from the march 2020 dip to early 2021 felt about right. Then the May dump was catastrophic bullshit that made no sense, only for it to shoot back up into the fakest rally and we've been getting screwed ever since. I don't know what the kikes in charge want us to feel, but I don't have any confidence in this market and big pumps in the middle of the night don't make things any better.

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the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent
the only winning move in crypto is to buy mindbreak tier crashes and just hold long term

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20k 2017 ath to 69k 2021 ath is not enough if you want to argue it didn't dump enough

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regardless of what anyones opinion is, I think we can all agree that we never truly entered the darkest most depressing depths of a bear market
at least not yet

I am never selling, so I don't really care, but paying attention to market cycles helps me determine when to buy

I haven't gotten anywhere close to feeling like sentiment has reached a low point

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We’ve got a long road ahead