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What's your own definition and example of the best blockchain?

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Avalanche (Ticker $AVAX)

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There is nothing like the best blockchain jeet, Bitcoin is forever the best

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A chain with only one validator, Sergey Nazarov handpicking transactions.
Selling this coin on Coinbase will net you Big Macs into your local bank account. These are only to be eaten at conference toilets.

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Sol Solana prone for hacking kek....

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Cringe at max BTC is the king but we have more legit and unique blockchains these days for instance privacy, quantum resistant, data management and much more.

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That's approaching same gas fees as Ethereum. Gtfo. I'd rather go for ones that has lesser transaction fees

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I am waiting for a blockchain which will have a fixed transaction fee. But Is that even available is my question though?

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Most blockchains aside Ethereum and Bitcoin already addressed that. They run on PoS, PoH, PoR or PoA.

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Ethereum 2.0 take it or leave it

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What's POR? Sounds new to me?

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>That's approaching same gas fees as Ethereum.
It can scale so no.
Fees are in the 10 cent range and the C-Chain is doing more transactions than Ethereum.

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Ethereum. Also Polygon who's zkEVM at the end of the year is made to scale Ethereum. So Ethereum.

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Newfag, Google will tell you that it is Proof of Randomness consensus algorithm developed by Qanplatform. Don't wait to be redpilled

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Ethereum 2.0 will still get postponed. It is never gonna happen anytime soon

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BSC can go lower even Elrond too. I prefer Tron btw

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Ethereum with the lowest tps and high gwei. That's a no no faggot

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All blockchains are shit and have no future
Hashgraph is the future


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Kek... that's just a concept it's not yet live I can even mine other coins with my phone this Nothing new

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Kek....that's bullshit, I would prefer a privacy blockchain over anything jeet.

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What the fuck are you talking about?
Sure, ignore the network that LINK staking will be primarily on.

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It is more than validating with a mobile phone. It combines both the security of PoW and PoS. That's a ground breaking achievement.

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Kek...no shit desu. What ever fucking devs have a lot of ways to earn these days. Building a smart contract in any programming language and once that is being used after the mainnet they are inclined to get fucking royalties. If I were dev I would have made handful

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Librescan from Qan is the only blockchain explorer that is decentralised. Therefore privacy will be assured whenever you are using it unlike others

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Is that even for real? So nothing new. Ok let me check anon, but what's unique apart from this? Nothing right kek... just a fucking sham don't get rekt fag

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Geeq is the best blockchain and it has its hybrid feature to attest to ilthus anon.

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SOL shouldn't be mentioned at all. It ain't even decentralised

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Dumb bitch, its post quantum algorithm is the best that there is

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It's a stupid blockchain I would choose a quantum resistant blockchain over anything desu kek....

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That's a no brainer. The staking pool that will be opened for validators is another good thing after Mainnet

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That fag is dumb don't waste you time on him anon, he will realize once he gets rekt when the quantum computers break his wallets.

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Ethereum is the best now... Gas is cheap and it is fast enough. With 2.0 it will be even better
Tron? ngmi

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This will make it ecofriendly and reduce the tasking of our limited environmental resources

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Chain link? is that even a blockchain to start with?

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Based blockchain for defi projects

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I still can't build smart contracts on bitcoin. That's why ETH might over take bitcoin.

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did you ever use it, or are you a poorfag?

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Chainlink powers all blockchains, even pajeet blockchains. Chainlink is based.

Some blockchains use more than 1 oracle. One I know also uses BAND alongside Chainlink.

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The XRPLedger

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Ethereum 2.0 got canceled.
> It is now called Ethereum merge.

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bitcoin. All the rest is built for jew finance.

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If you used some of the newer virtual machines around, you can even build smart contracts with any programming language you want.
>No need to learn solidity.

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>Ripple partnered with University of Luxembourg
>QANplatform partnered with Cankaya University, Turkey
What other based blockchains have partnered with universities worldwide?

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>The blockchains must be able to solve Blockchain trilemma and that's decentralization, speed and security i.e Elrond.
RIDE one of my most preferred tokens I saw when I was staking MEX on Maiar Exchange has some mad ass staking rewards asides its metastaking program with up to 25% APR.

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No virtual machine does this pajeet. It takes a lot to build one VM that supports one language, it would be impossible to build one that supports up to 50 languages.

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Sounds like a gangbang

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> Proof of steak
> Proof of history retk
> Proof of randomness (wtf)
> Proof of authority (based)

The best for private blockchains is PoA.
WTF is PoR? Is it a meme?

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If it makes the blockchain better, then I love it

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Same old shit
Proof of steak? Go home punjabi

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Why would universities partner with a blockchain?

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I never knew that most channers are moron

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There are many benefits that come with that.
> Pool of young student jeets willing to build dapps that will make me rich

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With utilizing a Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) consensus mechanism that combines the best part of Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to reach consensus in a sustainable and democratic manner, I don't expect any retards to say more about blockchain because this is the safest shit at the moment.

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I would KDA, but they are PoW.

Earning as a miner or validator is based.

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Shut that crab son of a bitch... It increases trust, security, transparency, and the traceability of data shared across a business network

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>Quantum resistant
>Layer 1
>Hybrid in nature
>Environmental friendly

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PoW is shit, generates massive Carbon and consumes way too much electricity

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Get your senses back from the trenches anon, senses faggot, it be used to improve the storage of manufacturing records through an immutable distributed ledger.

Definitely, it also enhances a better production of raw materials and channelling of finished products.

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Proof of randomness allows mining on a mobile phone or Raspberry pi, way better than PoW and PoS combined
>Solves High energy consumption
>Greener ecosystem

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Get your senses back from the trenches anon, senses faggot, it be used to improve the storage of manufacturing records through an immutable distributed ledger.

Definitely, it also enhances a better production of raw materials and channelling of finished products.

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Get your senses back from the trenches anon, it be used to improve the storage of manufacturing records through an immutable distributed ledger.

Definitely, it also enhances a better production of raw materials and channelling of finished products.

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Hope you know your mama was a whore before she meant your father

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Decentralized structure as key anon

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>Earning as a miner or validator is based.
No time for broke asses anon as developers can earn royalties when their code is reused by other developers

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Anon are you talking about QANplatform

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anything POS is not legit

long range attacks means you have to rely on central entity
'social consensus' is not a consensus, it is people relying on a central entity


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Lick my ass with ETH

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Oh yeah anon, I heard it's a nice shit.
Businesses can use the private blockchain for their internal transactions and then send that information to the its public blockchain for reporting purposes

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Ride is all shit, fuck it. I don't see it coming close to MATIC ADA even SOL

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There's nothing new anon. It's all scam. Soon it'll be blow off into the thin air. Fuck that shit and have some sound sleep

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Hey anon, bitches are having a field fun day at the club house. Even tokens for all sales (private, public, IDO etc) have all already 100 percent vested

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This faggot has been fucking his mama's pussy.
Who'd fucking compare RIDE with ADA and MATIC. Fool

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i liked idena (I-DNA) and their proof of humanity idea

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No sleep for trannies, they've got asses to be fucked all night.

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Proof of humanity idea? Gosh! Do they know how pussy taste like??

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You can't fuck any company built on blockchain without mentioning IBM, The network creates trust and reliance for companies using the technology as it displays transparency and visibility of the process to trading partners.

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QANplatform is changing the landscape through cutting-edge techniques to build secure manufacturing blockchain solutions, where no devil's dick can breakthrough.

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Check it out faggot, QANplatform is changing the landscape through cutting-edge techniques to build secure manufacturing blockchain solutions for companies, where no devil's dick can breakthrough.

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Qanplatform is changing the landscape through cutting-edge techniques to build secure manufacturing blockchain solutions, where no devil's dick can breakthrough.

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LINK like a piece of shit... Even retards are avoiding it

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Gas is fucking high, I could buy a Lambo with it.
Solves high gas fees, will choose QAN over ETH a million times

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No thanks

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>Solves high gas fees, will choose QAN over ETH a million times
It's available for anyone, cost-effective, in some cases planned to be free and built to benefit from 5G technology from ground up
>Only Asians who wants to fuck black asses will go for ETH,

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Go get a new life faggot, that shit's Gona lick your ass.
You can dive in on PUSS.

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>IBM plans on launching a 1121 qubit quantum computer next year
BTC maximalists choose to blind their eyes to the fact that the quantum computer threat is real, it WIll catch them unaware

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You've got so many old mama's blood in you. Stop fucking them and stay young anon.

BTC is the alternative gold, no dick can fuck with it.

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Best blockchain - clearly ICP
However, I will add best tech doesn't always succeed. You can even see this in the database world, where Oracle has already won, but wasnt the first with stored procedures.

As for ecosystem I'm really digging the Cosmos/Atom ecosystem. Each blockchain has decent tokenomics as the native token is used for gas on that chain. So there's a native chain for the Osmosis Dex, Juno for Rust Smart Contracts, EVMOS for Ethereum Compatible smart contracts, and they are all connected and bridged together using Osmo and Keplr wallet.

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Hbar and others with similar tech (DAGs I think they are) seem to be the best. They're actually fair, secure, fast and scalable. Unfortunately Hbar is a terrible investment that just fleeces retail investors.

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>quantum computer threat is real,
Not all pussies gets fucked on a orgy party.
No need to panic as the implementation of Rust programming language will secure its ecosystem members against quantum computer attacks

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Dumbasses shilling

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Heard it's a cruise ship for developers to earn big while going crazy

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Making sense here anon, it's also for all trannies in the community, giving the chance to change the transaction fee price-range through governed voting.

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It's not a blockchhain it's a DAG. Picture this: what if bitcoin eth and monero fused into one and got pegged by nano like do kwon's wife? The answer is Azero

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I think the focus should not be on the best blockchain but on the safest one as we have seen different cases of hacks. Right now more attention is being drawn to security and privacy on blockchains.

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Devs are restricted to building on ETH messy solidity but QVM launch is a big breakthrough, QAN allows Dev to build in any programming language, and Liberty for all devs to fuck around

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How I wished they taught me blockchain back when I was in school

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Fix the time and Location

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Juicy news from NIST post-quantum resistant algorithm release, QAN burst my bubble for it to have been using the CRYSTAL Dilithim in its Testnet way before the Announcement

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Fucking Jewish

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Not too late for your dull head to learn, Start with

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bsc because i like risks and because $QOM and $BNB are in it