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When is the Bull Run?

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Just bought my first ID today. You shills got me. I am now a shill too.

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Expecting Bitso to start running remittances in the coming weeks, the fees will force the bull run.

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based everchad joining the regulators to purge DeFi of cucks and to spread racist memes that upset the team

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Explain how this will help Africans starve? I may quadruple my stack.

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>trying this hard to fit in
fuck your kyc coin faggot

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By excluding Africa from their payments rail/remittance roadmap.

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okay tryhard

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Based. I am enjoying it.

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5% ciculating supply kek
get dumped on nerds

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It's 15%. Why you exaggerating? And there are 5833 holders of the ID token. It is like 100% owned by biz at this point.

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Even if it was 5% the burn will be ferocious

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It hasn’t even made it to Reddit yet. You are early. If last cycle taught me anything it’s this: biz approved ~> Reddit approved ~> twitter approved ~> normie FOMO.

Proof: Bitcoin, Doge Coin, Shiba, and Link.

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Live to win,till you die. Till the light dies in your eyes
Live to stack, Everest 100x not even a bil mcap. Day by day stack my ID /biz/ ain't caving in.

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Remember lads,the NA-SA corridor is just the beginning. The entirety of Europe has immigrants from Europe and beyond who all send money back home.

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This is really the best moonshot available right now.

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What's a make it stack?

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I'd say 100k is a make it stack.though if your patient 10k will be a make it stack especially with the burn

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Nothing else comes close. The adoption phase has just begun and it's use case is needed by millions of people globally

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Whales are unironically accumulating. I don't think we go lower from here on out that's for sure.

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wow this thread is very organic sirs

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i slurped the drip broskis, got 100k, WAGMI

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YGMI anon

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Someone shill me on this
>is it worth buying
>how do I buy

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>miserable 30-150K daily trading volume
>Whales are unironically accumulating

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yeah faggot they are accumulating, you can achieve a whale status just with a couple k but i can see you are too poor to understand it, stay poor rakesh and wash hands

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>dude I am a whale because my poorfag couple thousand bucks will become billions in the future bro
lmao, funniest poorfag cope I have ever seen

if whales accumulate something they don't throw such irrelevant pocket change at a project, they put actual money in regiularly. no whales is buying this zero volume low liquidity shitcoin for the entire past year

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whatever rakesh

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t. actual rakesh

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>3 posts in an hour
Yep looks like it

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Everest's domain is remittance, the US-MEXICO remittance market is estimated to be around $35 billion. Bitso has recently pledged over $100 million to expanding into the rest of South America.
Bitso has recently partnered with Everest for this very reason.Bitso and Everest can bring the next best thing to banking to people who do not have access to them.
Ontop of that it makes it cheaper for them.
It also has a strong burn feature.

You can buy it from Uniswap and most likely Sushiswap, though i got mine from Uni .

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For you, i skipped some other info i can share if want it.
A hearty kek was had but come on,your either being disingenuous or just a salty boi

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we will keep buying and in a couple months you will be priced out. everyone will be talking about this coin next year and finally then you will buy.

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can someone explain me how are the burns going to take place? will the tokens be bought on uniswap and then sent to the dead address??

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They burn when used. When remittances through Everest goes live on Bitso we will see serious burn

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Crypto services that don't meet KYC/AML standards will be treated like a North Korean bank:

Be ready for mandatory Everest implementation. Nobody else has the stack to offer legal KYC globally.

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I now have 100K will I get to meet Bob IRL and have tacos now?

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where does Bob live I want my 5K ID

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San Diego, CA

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The Democrats new bill will bring regulation and taxes to crypto

Only Bob Can Save Us

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to be fair, San Diego has the best tacos outside of Mexico

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How about they list their shitcoin on a real exchange for a change.

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how about you watch your fuckin mouth

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>Real exchange
Like all of the ones that took user funds and gambled them on DeFi and then started getting liquidated?

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Like 'nance, coinbase or kraken

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Buy in before they do

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They wont because its a scam.

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You make profits by buying before the token is listed on exchanges

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He's looking to buy high and sell low, the /biz/ way.

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Hello sir, my bastard, please do the needful and buy many ID tokens. Do not redeem until I tell you to.