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Is Chainlink finally breaking out? Don't lie to me please.

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what's ccip?
t. hasu

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Yes my child.

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$ 1000 eom

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okay cool, I'm unironically going to go all in to catch flight with you guys. going all in with $50k so lets ride.

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lol that’s not even enough for a sui stack

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We're getting there friend.

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It's up 5% unprecedented scenes for $LINK state of euphoria

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Every % is a huge amount of money for /biz/ collectively.

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Well what am I supposed to do now? I already did you retard

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>It's up 5%
>unprecedented scenes for $LINK
Strongly indicates that LINK sellers are finally exhausted. This is not a relief rally after weeks of dumping like we have seen multiple times in the past year. This is upwards momentum after 3 months of crabbing, breaking out of an 8 month old falling wedge and high possibility of a reversal. I'm not saying it's happening TONIGHT but things aren't looking as bleak as they have.

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Basically this. It’s just a subtle, slow change in the tide. You should have been loading up at $6, is the take home lesson here. It’ll be a slow, subtle pump from this point. When you take a look back on it a year from now and compare agains the market, chainlink will have done quite well. Just like the last bear market.

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It’s common knowledge that 90% of LINK OG’s came from /pol/, and are thus unironic Nazis and extremely racist. This is evident when you look at the chats whenever Chainlink presents at conferences such as consensus or smartcon. It’s always N word this, N word that.

I personally don’t want to put my money into a project like that and keep that sort of company. Moreover, I question the intelligence of people who shill LINK given their backwards and racist political views.

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so many anons were telling you to dca in at 6, with at least some of your stack
but no you got fudded out by the jeets and shills

>LINK sellers are finally exhausted
funny how that coincides with nexo going insolvent and the rest of the cefi circus being burned to the ground
nothing to see here i am sure

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We are the LINK marines, and we are /pol/. We DESPISE niggers, kikes, faggots, spics, chinks, gooks, troons, and most of all jannies. Fortune and great wealth will come to you, but only if you post "niggers, jews...BAD NEWS!" in this thread.

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I've said yes every other time this happened and it ended up not being true.
So I'm gonna say no.

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They are definitely the (((sellers))) I was referencing. No bagholder would sell this consistently into pumps 2 years after ATH.

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Kek what are you even saying? My post is in agreement, should have loaded up at 6 because it’s just going up from here.

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probably not
just another bear market pump
these pumps always hurt more than crabbing

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false hope for niggers like timo to long and get wrecked

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Thanks, just bought 100k.

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>breaking out
it was $38 a few months ago...

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i see how that could be misunderstood, i was talking to the lurkers in this thread who are doubting about buying in right now
that was who i addressed as you, not you the anon i quoted as yes i am in agreement with you
and you anon know there are many lurkers in severe doubt and influenced by the jeets right now

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Every 20c = a month's salary for me.

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>My post is in agreement,

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That was 9 months ago anon... BTC was $67k and ETH almost $5k

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niggers, jews...BAD NEWS

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must be a signal, blackrock gonna dump btc any minute now

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Him, and the whole bankless sphere is starting to seriously piss me off with their obvious unwillingness to talk about anything Chainlink. They’re already seething Optimism is getting rekt by Arbitrum, they always make it a point to highlight any OP news.

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The Bankless team are based seeth harder chud

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we gotta hold through the nuclear war first, then they will let LINK finally run free

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$777 this year
I can feel it

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>5% pump
>euphoria ensues
lol, see ya back at $5

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Cold soulless eyes, you just know he's upset he has to take all these pictures and go to all those events. He just wants to consume burgers. That's it, nothing else except and dump on bag holders every week. Then they thank him. So sad.