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Let me get this straight, once LINK, QNT, XDC, XRP etc... really get going Ethereum and the rest of the shitcoins are going to get lost in the mud while we descend into a new age of corporate feudalism? Is there a way that I can stop this ride and get off?

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Yes. Just look at the closing % of today. Ethereum suffered the most amid all big cryptos. It was a subtle message from blackrock executives

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Nope,the best you can do is make money off of the inevitable. Its not a bad Everest is leading the way in secure and cheap remittance. Imagine all the smiles on the faces of migrants who will e able to send much needed money to their family in remote villages.

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muh blackcock doing anything on the crypto market except seething coping and dillating at decentralized systems not bowing to their will


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>The future of finance is gonna be decentralised because.....because it just is okay

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because decentralized systems are inherently more secure and effective. and because they have been built as an alternative to your kikery

rope yourself schlomo

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You'll get a state mandated CBDC and a unique e-ID
> 13 step KYC process
>Biometric and face scan log in
Way safer than trusting random people,better to trust the mega corporations and banks. Banks don't go bust because they're smart and we need their CBDC

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Schizos were right

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I propose you do a three-step KYS process instead
>grab chair
>grab rope

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Dude your so toxic, why can't you just give a little trust?You don't need as much privacy as you think

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This dude is 100% correct.

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You don't get to make that choice though. Crypto started as a decentralized coin, but it borrowed fortunes from all the corporations who want their demands met too.
Here's a tip out of goodwill: every future projects linked to crypto such as Web-3 is by design set to fuck you more than help you with things like anonymity and profit, so you better tighten your belt for this wild ride

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Kek look again. Then look at XLM

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You could be right anon. Keep believing

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Untrue. Introverted people need privacy. If we get to own stuff still, they will be the ones with a privacy room without all the spybots that people seem to love these days.

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Ok I'm holding a rope and a chair and just jumped but nothing happened.

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Literally none of this is decentralized.