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The Age of Utility coins has begun. WAGMI

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This is my shit

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>no RLC

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Wen dash pump? Is it going to 0 unironically?

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$UTILITY . Triangle. Community

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Arch is a pump and dumper and /B/'s number 1 bootlicker
Everytime the coins he's in dies he starts blaming the Casino
When was the last time your coins breached 50k mc
lunapox? dollar general? lmao
Only time you passed 100k+ was with trash lp ratio (everbort and grungle)
4chan5oo? more like 4cunts500
Casinochads are eating fr fr
Oh and he's a simp
The moment someone doxxed themselves as female
He immediately fall head over heels
Ex: Maddy and Ines

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the unfortunate reality for utility coins is that ethereum showed up before the second real crypto bull cycle even started and sucked all the oxygen out of the feature-coin market permanently.

in a world where everything can be done (expensively) on a single chain, thee is huge incentive to get anything else of value connected to that chain, it's a rolling snowball you can't compete with outside of transient one-bull-market-wonders like eos, or neo, or qtum, or solana, or avax, or algo, or any of the prior failed attempts.

the days of feature coins died with ethereum

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Arch acting high and mighty
I dump the top of 4cunts500 launches
Every time I see you ranting it puts a smile on my face :)
You jeet casino plays at a loss out of spite
We are not the same
The only connections you got is /B/ and that dude's a scammer/pump N dumper
How's the 4cunts500 vip? Even that place is barren
Oh the 4cunts500 grunts didn't know there's a vip group? rip
There's a reason your active in GLC tg lately
Hoping for the next grand play I see ;)
Too bad you don't know which play is gonna moon or dust

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Utility you say?

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Based. The time is now anon

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Bitch, I got that Algo!

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Im willing to bet he's currently DMing /B/
On his knees begging for him to come back
No way for this coin to revive otherwise cuz theres a 8% Je-... I mean '''marketing' tax

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Im willing to bet he's currently DMing /B/
On his knees begging for him to come back
No way for this coin to revive otherwise cuz theres a 8% Je-... I mean ''marketing'' tax

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There is no more promising utility coin than BUTTCOIN, (scrt network)
Buy now or cry later, chuds

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If someone held a gun to your head and made you answer what coins had actual, real world value you would say Bitcoin, Monero, and maybe Ethereum. If you answered anything else you would just be an idiot or a liar. No one uses any of this other shit, it's bagholders all the way down. Blockchains are the shittiest, slowest database structure imaginable, the one and only utility they have is censorship resistance. For anything else you can just use a SQL database.

These threads are just bagholder bait for shitcoiners.

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Based, these retards are one standard deviation away from the retards that believe pay to earn games are the future.

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Seems like he may have a valid point then.

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Fine, you Everest shills, I will buy. You better not be pajeets.

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B is literally in Barcelona
Can't believe peoppe still trust him

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Quantum resistant projects are gonna be the next best utility projects. I said it here retards.

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Checked and bagged