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No you

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ashkenazi milkers

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The man stood before the crowd, which was visibily agitated. He raised his hand so the crowd would keep silence. When everyone was quiet, he simply uttered this word: "Jews".
"They must be purged!"
"Throw them in the oven!"
"Liars, conmen and thieves!"
The crowd continued shouting and screaming for a good fifteen minutes. The man raised his hand again.
"Well arent we being a bit irrational, fellas?" - He asked loudly.
"The jew is just acting according to his nature. What do you say, when the fox gets into the hen and eats your chicken?"
"Do you say its the fox thats evil, that they must be exterminated?"
"Or do you blame yourself for not securing your chicken enough with a good fence?"

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jew board faggot, go back to /pol/ if you don't like it

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Following your analogy, the whole world is the chicken coop, so in order to protect it from the fox, the fox should be launched into space. It's easier and cheaper just to get rid of the fox altogether.

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Foxes should stay in their environment and provide their valuable service as predators for the ecosystem.

I guess it's something that works for every race?

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but the foxes love chicken its more nutritious and easy to hunt because they are confined in close space. Why would the fox risk a day of hunger having to hunt when such meat is easily available?

>the fox should be launched into space
then its place will be taken by the wolf, who now has access to more meat and less competition

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Wouldn't the same procedure used for foxes apply to wolves? We are protecting our chickens, after all, so either we keep all the predators out, or we get rid of them.

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you can try getting rid of them, just dont act surprised when it backfires!

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Her face is awful without makeup

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Anon you drink 2L of water daily right?

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We got him boys

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