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Honey and lemonwater every morning will help you feel better

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Unrelated and low quality post. Warning issued.

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If you need that you need to improve your dfiet

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not clicking that shit nigga

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Don’t do this. Lemon is highly acidic and will deteriorate your teeth and gums. It’s fine in foods and drinks occasionally. t. Dentist

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dont do this it fucks up your teeth

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(you) are my honey

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just drink more water buddeh
put in in the fridge if you want refreshment

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boil 1l water with ginger root cut up into big pieces. Let cool off, take out root, add honey 200g and six lemons to warm water. fill bottle with it, store in fridge, drink one glass every morning. You'll never be sick again.

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200g honey in 1l water? Kek

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Lemon is toxic

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just use a straw lol

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do you guys just let the lemon juices sit on your teeth all day?

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opinion disregarded
you say dont drink lemon juice yet its one of the most potent and natural preventative measurers for kidney stones, something all too common in modern society due to the synthetic processed modern diet.
meanwhile you probably think hydrogen peroxiding your teeth with a 'trusted professional' is safe and effective TM.
you probably think wisdom tooth extractions are good or that braces are a good idea and that they dont impede maxillary growth or bigonial breadth thereby impacting on the natural craniofacial development.
dentist are mentally retarded and barely sentient shills
yes i blame dentists for my recessed orbitals

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Fucking retard.

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brushing your teeth after drinking acid is even worse

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Dear Dr. Scheißeninhalieren, I will not pump myself full of sugar the second I wake up and I will not put myself into insulin-shock induced chronic inflammation, but thanks for your your expert medical advice

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rinse your mouth with water....

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lemon turns alkali in the stomach and you would be telling people to brush their teeth after drinking or to use a straw if you were a real dentist

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yes you have to wait about half an hour or hour I believe before you brush, but also
this is what I do. I always have glass of water next to acidic drinks like sodas or lemonade, even tea.

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Honey is like pure fructose, retard.

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>t. big pharma goy

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This is not /biz. Go to /fit.

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No it won’t, but eating eggs and some meat and getting 20 minutes of morning sunshine on your eyes/face/skin will make you feel incredible.

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