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>He doesn't use Cointop to track his cryptocurrency in real-time in terminal.

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Can I use this to outwit binance charts by knowing the crypto alteration 1 nanosecond before them?

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No. But it looks cool.

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I like it, thanks for the tip anon

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Looks retarded, installed

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there's a free tool like bloomberg for crypto i found on twitter. wait a sex

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alright here you go niggercunts
worship me

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>nerd alert

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>OpenBB Terminal is an awesome stock and crypto market terminal that has been developed for fun, while I saw my GME shares tanking. But hey, I like the stock

Wow, thanks baggie
Why is the installer 769MB though? Seems sussin.

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it'd be cool id it didnt duplicate my favorites

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I just installed this this is pretty fucking awesome. For some retarded reason I can't seem to register a coinmarketcap account for API keys though

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Based anon delivers

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Thanks for the tip bro, pretty based stuff

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It's legit. Want me to post the full guide?

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I do now.

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what is that font, looks nice

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Seems kind of pointless then, looking to make money, not look like le ep1c xxSW4gM31S7erXX haxxor.

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use openbb

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I stopped using it because It doesn't list WOW.

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Probably cause it relies on a hundred python libraries, so not exactly optimized.

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This is cool. Imma package it for guix

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nice, reminds me of DF lol

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how do i make it fullscreen tho?

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1 nanosecond is enough to build a front running bot

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