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I'm having much more fun shitposting on faggot boards like /a/ and /tv/ than here.
All I see everytime I enter this board is the same 5 variants of bull or bear memes, looks like i'm the only real dude here and the rest of you are bots

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You are incredible nigger nowadays. Just saying.

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No cap senpai, I’m lonely and drunk so I started a rose bar thread and that shit got all of 3 replies. Meanwhile demoralization spam thread #817 gets dozens..
They don’t want us to be a community. They don’t want us to make it

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Fucking what? ${TOKEN_NOT_FOUND}? That's a complete shitcoin buy PNK today and get financially UNFCUKEd!!!

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>I'm having much more fun on faggot boards
you are OP after all

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OP btfo

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Go back to /tv/, subhuman

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We have a new janny that nukes the fun threads now. Give it another month or so until he quits

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woOow is that where I can discuss based shows like Better Call Saul??
Remember Breaking Bad?? Lol we are so cultured

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