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I invest $5,000 into a 401k every year. Now that Bitcoin is below $30,000 I started investing $70 every month into random shit that you fags tell me to buy. So far I have $850 total in Bitcoin, Etherium, ICP, Link, and Parsiq. Should I focus one one crypto or keep buying these 5 in equal amounts?

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Accumulate sats until you have 1 bitcoin.
Thats it.
Its hard for poorfags and it means giving up a lot but at least you wont sui if it hits like one million or 400K or some retarded number like that in the future.

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If I could give you just one piece of advice it's don't get your coin picks from the people on here.

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Drop link btc eth and accumulate more icp. Link token not sneeded and btc eth are too big to make worthwhile returns to poorfags

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I thought about doing this with Etherium. I figured there would be more upside. Keep in mind I am a retard when it comes to crypto. I also hate getting raped with coinbase fees on every transaction.

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Isn't Etherium a safer bet than ICP?

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it gets overall safer the higher the market cap/ liquidity is, but at the same time, the potential loss & profit get smaller (risk-reward). you have to adjust your risk profile based on how much returns you are aiming for.

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