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2000 and 2008 happened and crypto is still here, stronger than ever in fact. Are bobos just that retarded?

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We went through the 1920s great depression yet 100 years later crypto is here and stronger than ever. It's unstoppable.

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Who said that, niggers? Niggers are not ppl.

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2/10 troll

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Because a recession is a period when malinvestment is liquidated. Things that not add value are substituted by things that do add value. Dog money won't solve any problem

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Well the way I see it dog coins are like lottery tickets, and people love that stuff

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Good one anon I kek’d

Because you can never be sure with the negrofication of amerifatmuttfagland;

BTC was invented after 2008 as a reaction to the financial crisis of the same year

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nah, they're just paranoid people crying for dogshit like vinu or shiba, or even monkey or lion nfts

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