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mostly a /k/ommando but i thought i'd swing by, sorry if i don't conform to muh board culture

i'm a 4th year Econ student intent on pursuing law, I am also beginning to draft my senior thesis.

My current plan is to make a "layman's" guide to what the EOUSA and USAO are and their business structure. Specifically, I intend on doing an analysis of the types of supporting staff/infrastructure/technology which they need to perform their civil and criminal duties. I am doing this because I think federal litigation is an interesting business and I think that young people ought to at least have the opppurtunity to realize their interests and aspire to be involved in this amazing agency even if they are not attorneys. The benefit to me is being able to gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes large gov. law offices tick and see for myself what it is that they are on the cutting edge of and where they are behind.

I'm also implementing a data science component by compiling federal contract info and proceeding to evaluate job trends based on their spending, their contracted entities, and their posted congressional justifications of intent.

I have access to a Law Library at the Uni i'm at, and I have read every inch of the .gov websited related to my field.

Right now, i'm trying to compile the range and types of data which I would request under the FOIA which in conjucntion with my compiled contract data, would allow me to comprehensively and accurately describe the different departments within the largest and most active of the USAO. I would like to have my FOIA request be right the first time, as I am a broke college student and cannot afford to conduct multiple queries.

Does anyone have any advice on where to look besides these websites? The GAO seems to have some stuff but honestly i'm just trying to see if i'm gonnna really have to piece it together and hope for the best or if there is already some literature on how the USAO offices are structured

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also happy to answer questions/elaborate or receive criticism but would really like some good journals or articles by academic sources

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/biz/ is mostly a US board, so between midnight to 8am it slows down by quite a lot
likely if you post in the afternoon EST you'll get more people awake to reply

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Bump for serious attempt getting value out of and into this board

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ok thank you frens i will try to repost if she dies

i didn't even realize it was so late i just kinda binge worked and once my brain puttered out i posted

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you might get a reply if you condense this wall of text into a sentence. it looks like you're asking for something? you've got the midwit academic-speak down so i'm sure you'll go far

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thanks cryptobro

i'll adjust strategy for my audience

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chainlink ticker link

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