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The bottom is hit. How many signs must the universe throw at your face before you finally buy back in and hodl.

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>p-please buy my bags


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Top is out!

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Injured? Good!

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Macroeconomic trends don't jive with that. If there is a big recession seems unlikely BTC won't go down as well

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Bobos are getting raped.

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>doesn't include clown universe and the resulting economics into his predictions
Just watch as the clowns pour in.
Do yourself a favor and imagine the worst, then multiply it by 5 and then plan around that.

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it's over

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Yeah but look how tiny the second blue arrow is compared to the first, aren't they supposed to get progressively bigger?

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>tfw marriaged

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Unironically high IQ autist pattern recognition post.

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desu we bout to pump so harder, post cock and pussy

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If the bottom is in why would you hold? Hold is when you don't sell when shit is crashing. Ride is when you don't sell when shit is mooning

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and exactly how is bitcoin supposed to keep dumping, if all of the new speculators already sold? at some point the stock market will continue crashing, but bitcoin will go up because there's no more weak hands to dump the price. Stop comparing Bitcoin to stock market

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Don't question clown universe bro. I don't have the answers you seek. I'm not even saying we'll dump more (although I hope we do) but I'm saying anything can happen in this clown universe.

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I don't get who is selling either we've been here for so long surely everyone who bought at 17k has already sold it they're going to and surely everyone who was going to sell and bought below this amount over the past ten years or so already sold too...so who is selling? People selling at a loss?

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Yes, it can't possibly drop 50% from here. :)

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I just DCA every week rather than gamble on buying the perfect "bottom" lmao chuds

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I think it's just perma bears trying to short the market right now, and they're likely going to get liquidated soon. After we liquidate them, I think we come back down to 20K prices in anticipation of the MtGox unlocks.

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Fr. It's a clowny-clown world out there.

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>so who is selling?
people who bought at 17k, 20k, Saylor, etc

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The recession already happened, you fucking clown. Enjoy being sidelined while the big boys scoop cheap ether and offload on you once you capitulate and buy back at 15k.

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>t. holding heavy bags

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ok buddy go all in then by all means. I'm waiting a bit more if that's okay.

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Those bags I bought in mid 2017 sure are heavy

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LMFAO. Saylor isnt selling, its already much too late for that. Ethereum is gonna pump to the moon and broke ass niggas like you are gonna be late af and bitch about how its "too late" then end up capitulating at the top.

Hfsp faggot

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>t. please buy the ponzi meme coins or i will make 0 profit once it dumps to my entry

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china usa fud and btc o 10k will trigger liquidations

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Put it back in daddy :3

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Low IQ normie take. Enjoy watching green bars from the sideline retard.

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How could THIS be the bottom when the price was lower two weeks ago? WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SHIT THEN?

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Delet that . Modss

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We're literally sitting right at the 200 week SMA, the line that has provided rock solid support for almost the entirety of Bitcoin's existence. The Fed is already hinting of slowing rate hikes. Oil and gas are going down. The housing market is going down. There's a good chance inflation has already peaked. The merge is around the corner.

People are going to try to front run the halving too. The bull market might not even be that far away. God I'm so comfy bros. Got my bags and just acoomulating as best I can in the meantime.

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>Stop comparing Bitcoin to stock market
>what's sp500/btc correlation

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I've been posting bullish shit in here for the past fucking month. You're all just so distracted by Pelosi's tits that you failed to buy the bottom, and now you're crying bearish scenarios so you get the chance to buy back in lower... but guess what, even if it did come back down lower you'd still be too scared to enter and cry for an even lower price.

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Holy fucking shit. Not sure what is more retarded. Your "TA" or the fact that you still chart shitstamp.

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>overfitting, a case study

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Like literally any other time? Who cares pussy, this is crypto!

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>Just time the market
>just buy the local bot
>Just foresee the top

fuck off to r*ddit

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Who is this Mr. Wolf?

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retarded faggot. bottom is far from in

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twitter trader

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Hopium is bad but worse when they ignore shit right in front of their faces that contradicts them.

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Dude there’s jack shit for volume and whales and market makers can paint whatever signs they want to sucker in the retails.

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>muh meme lines

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It must work like an accordion, it goes in until the cycles are smaller and the. It gets drawn out again

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That was a black swan event lol.

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Bitcoin has never gone through a prolonged market correction.
Saying that there is no way it can go below 15k is idiotic.

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Put all your money in and do options so you lose everything and fuck off this board.

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>usaa fud - blackrock via cb pro
>china fud when they are already out

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the more signs i see the more convinced i am that i am being hoodwinked

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>mumus unironically using the hfsp acronym
>this is the bottom

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>what are risk-on assets
>btc will pump while stocks continue dumping
anon you are a complete retard

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Until the fed lowers rates, we aren't in a bull market. They are trying to crash the economy, and will eventually. It may not go back to the bottom, but there is no way we are in a bull market.

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Cherrypicked bollocks.

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Whenever you can see a clear pattern like that, the opposite will happen.

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Miners are still capitulating

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and you're a noob who must've first learned about bitcoin in this last cycle

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*chart has never existed in a recession*
nice psyop OP

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top signal

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>the bottom is in!!

The bottom was in last month

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>inflation has already peaked

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Are you people really incapable of understanding global macro trends or anything besides nigger tier “Hurr durr line went up on 1 min chart therefore golden bull is back on!”

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cope loser

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Bottom is in when you see car repos everywhere and people getting fired left and right. I refuse to believe this is the bottom until bots on YouTube comments stop talking about "this is best time to invest". They will shut down a big exchange to spook people and shake out weak hands or exchange holders.

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The correlation can end as he dexcribed
The correlation is only a few months old anyway

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>people getting fired left and right.
Retard the USA job market is booming

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the correlation never stops once it happens, for the correlation to end all the big players in both spaces causing the correlation would have to exit. So literally for us to decorrelate we need to liquidate all the big guys.

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The correlation can end as he described
The correlation is only a few months old anyway

It needs a lot but i can Happen

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You can't be so sure. China has started making moves and we may see another halving. Get your assets into stables now before it's too late.

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>go buy the top

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Y'all should take it easy with these predictions. Imagine saving in stables when your peers are making huge profits.

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Another one is coming soon.

Who said you can't earn profits with stables? Haven't you heard about the juicy opportunities with automated yield aggregators like Spool?

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Repos are thought the roof on cars already

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Kek, I'm already holding my bag of ORE for the long-term anon. Diamond hands would get rewarded in the next bull cycle.

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>buy back in
i never sold

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>I never sold

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Don't listen to the noobs on here bro. They are a bunch of pussy ass permabears that will scream for a financial collapse until market is obviously bullish, then buy late and scream for a financial revolution. If any of these faggots do many any sort of decent profits, they will just get fucked by short-term capital gains tax and lose it all to the government at the end.

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hahahahahaha, what's worse, never selling or missing the bottom?

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I don't believe the bottom is in but it's looking increasingly likely that we are done dumping violently and if we do go lower and set a new low then it's going to indicate an extremely bearish condition. I'm just confused because I didn't see anything that made me think the market has capitulated, particularly in stocks and bonds. So I'm cautious. DCA for me right now

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Trips checked
These bears are the same people who think in a financial collapse we go to an apocalyptic situation as if all those situations haven't happened before with worse conditions and less advancements.

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DCA is a good strategy anon. I do mine on RAIL which is sure to add value as the demand for privacy crypto increases.

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based hermaphrodite

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I don't care about the bottom because I am done DCAing BTC. I am diversifying into RIDE and EGLD

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Rule of alternation: strong/long cycles are followed by weak/short cycles. This bull cycle BTC looks good for 120k - 270k+

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Since then the Fed said they will raise them significantly if they have to because the job report was stronger than expected

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