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Why do zoomers keep getting worthless degrees?

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because someone told them to and they cannot think for themselves

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College is a scam.

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Imagine running into a wall at that speed, absolute retard

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Yeah, and he even did it while running from security, what an idiot, obviously it slows him down, what was he thinking

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For decades kids have been told college is the best way to a successful life and just study what you want and the money will follow. It's the biggest lie ever told. Employers really don't care where you went to school or what grades you got. They care about job skills. This mean the degree you choose (you know the actual classes you choose to take) are really all that matters. If you get an engineering degree odds are in your favor. If you get a English degree you really only need the ability to ask one question ... "do you want fries with that?"

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Don't know about USA, but in my country (Germany), having any sort of degree shows an employer that you are capable of working as an office drone

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Yep, if you just want a regular business job a bachelor in art history is worth exactly the same as every other

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I don't have to imagine, I just saw it!

>Verification not required.

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That's the floor

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worked well for me. I make 100k as an ultrasound guy thanks to my 2 year degree from college. work night shift so I get like 2 hours of work on a 10 hour shift, im even typing this from my house because i dont even have to be there if im not paged. because theres no overhead at night. life is truly a blessing.

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I studied politics and philosophy at uni, with a minor in ancient history. Although I ended up working in finance, I still don't regret studying what I did.
It gave me a good education about various topics like the history of our societies, why our legal systems are the way they are, and an understanding of different global issues on a level that most people can't understand.
However I did work full time while studying, so it wasn't just a 3 year period of doing nothing but reading books.

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I make $140k/yr driving a semi truck. Didn't even go to trick driving school

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worked out for me,
but only because i done it to get access to specialist software/hardware i needed for the jobs.

zoomerfags just 'go and get a degree' expecting people to go suck their dick just to 'employ them' when there is 12 y'old jeet who can do the same thing for 2 bucks a month

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because it's "free"

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did he died

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Engineers are all unemployed

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no not really I dropped out with one credit left (music appreciation essay edition) and none of the employers gave a shit about my knowledge they just cared about the piece of good goy paper

they were mostly hr roast tho, I hit it off with the ceo's and technical team leads

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I had 3 english major friends that became lawyers

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What you couldn't write a paper so you flunked out of college? If so same fucking thing happened to me. Had like 10 credits left to graduate

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how can you come so close and just fuck it up?

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My friend that got an English degree is now a software engineer in machine learning who makes more than I ever will.

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righto cunts
who wants to actually collect an easy 100k a year without uni and shit....i'll happily give u the guide

dumb cucks here dont even realise their are WFH gigs where you literally send 4-5 emails a day and collect 70k a year.....

righto cunt, cap this
>> 1-go to linkedin (seek and co. are trash) , search contract admin or something generic

>> 2-click on a few different cucks roasties profile with that title, rip their job descriptions and add this to a resume file with your name

>> 3-now go look for companies that have gone bankrupt in the last few years, congrats now u worked for them for 2-4 years each

now spam this fake resume around to generic applicaitons on linkedin

you WILL get interviews, to pass this just recite stories from your fake resume and tell them you want WFH and a 90k to move

eventually you get an offer, do the bare minimum, get booted after a few months and rinse and repeat

beats neetbux by a mile

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Anon is wrong but it is true that your McDegree is massively depreciating in value over time. In the sense that there are so many other people getting similar McDegrees that the job market is becoming way too hypercompetitive for it's own good. All the zoomers and (younger) millennials who thought they could coast through college and walk out into a free job like their parents did immediately eat shit and have to go wageslave in the service industry. Because the market is so competitive these days that employers are looking for that kid with straight As and a few internships and a solid employment record and etc etc etc. All those kids who didn't really care and were just going through the motions to get their pieces of paper and get out are super fucked.
>inb4 that means they fucked themselves
Yes it does. But since this is happening on such a massive scale it indicates that society is pushing shitloads of kids into university who really shouldn't be there in the first place just to watch them crash and burn.

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Cappy, is that you?

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I mean I managed to pay my student loan off, because I'm old enough that it was a fraction what people have now

you'd have to be a fucking cretin to take on the amount of debt it entails now for something that is meaningless for 99% of jobs.

The amount of fucking people who study something stupid, cant get work in it so have to become substandard Javascript coders that i encounter is crazy

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any engineer worth his salt is perfectly capable of employing himself

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You always see these stories. How would he have even gotten the basic experience to do that? Why do post shit and leave out 99% of the details because no one is looking at an English degree and being like "yeah he's good material". All these faggots on /biz/ claiming their degree in pottery barn made them 8 figures designing jet engines. I'm tired of the fucking lying.

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