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Just bought 10 more for the fuck of it. Im thinking we will see triple digit LINK EOY. Its been an honor gentleman. Now strap in.

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How does 10 cents sound

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Sounds something like me buying every single available LINK off every exchange.

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>silver bullion
Gonna make it

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ohh shieet you niggers be shillin'

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longtime link holder here, i actually feel horrible about LINK right now and the future of the chainlink protocol. Fuck some nights I have trouble sleeping, I'm sure we'll get a chance to sell again when it hits $10

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cuck onions

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Completed my cult adjusted suicide stack of 1000 linkies this week. My mind is at peace finally, my body is ready.

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long time holder (2 weeks) here, i cant believe sergay nazirov betrayed me

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Short time holder here (half a decade) just bought 0.5 more to add to my stack
Never read; didn't selling
I are a maniac, 1000 ruppes EOY

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How does 10 cups of coffee sound?

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Guys, I'm starting to worry about the price. Will a coffee really cost $81k in 2026?

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