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Wykoff accumulation is playing out completely as predicted. We're in for a HUGE bump in Chainlink targeting the teens.

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Hey remember when you told me I was an idiot when I sold at $40?

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>targeting the teens

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we're in accumulation right now, every dump is scooped up and sellers get demoralized. It's how these big spring ups happen because it's less and less sellers feeding into a hungrier group of buyers.

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Alas, u r a nigger

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>targeting the teens

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>targeting the teens

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Your token is dead

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I went to Walgreens today to get toothpaste and shavers and I almost went to the back to get the vaccine because link isn’t anywhere near $1,000. The only thing that kept me from walking to the back to get jabbed is my RLC 25,000 RLC coins.

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Linkies have been predicting this for over a year at this point. Just shut the fuck up and admit you were wrong.

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this thread again

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>targeting the teens
I knew it, Ari's going to prison

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>whacked off accumulation.

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1k eoy confirmed.

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when BTC and ETH reach their ATH again there is absolutely no reason to believe LINK wont do the same...... get ready

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imma wack off while targeting teens if you know what i mean

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>sellers get demoralised
How does this work, then?
>oh my, selling this Link is making me feel crappy. I'll just sell a bit more and see if things improve
>nope, i still feel shit. I'll just sell a tiny bit longer
>Aw drat, i feel really awful now. perhaps i should stop

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Post wack off chart and how it aligns with last several months of crypto market

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Both directions of sentiment are finite resources. Panic, demoralisation and selling can only run for so long, just like euphoria and wagmi can only last so long.

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>holding grudges over what anonymous people say
You are a shell of a human being.

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>assuming one and only intent like a clinically narcissistic retard

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Point moot until macro improves and BTC bottoms. Also, teens? Who gives a fuck?
t. retarded but reformed "durr just hodl" anon

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Give UP! Look at the chart, face facts it’s over and even it were to pump you are too late. In before
>y-y-you’re fudding!
Look at the chart. You don’t have another cycle. Don’t you get it? Time has run out. You know exactly what I mean anon.

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Yes, it will pump back to $20 eventually, but selling pressure will increase again if it does, as people that are accumulating now will start unloading again and sergey will dump moar. Dont expect link to go back to 40-50 anytime soon

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All the fud in this thread never EVER mentions the fundamentals and the fact we have staking/ccip/enterprise all imminent.
We're supposed to imagine that the price of this token will forever be dictated by meme lines and bs TA fed to you in ladlefulls by a shower of depressed nobodies in an eggfree cake forum.
Link is about to go interstellar. Time is running out if you're not in yet.

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>the fundamentals

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>ID: FA6

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Huh interesting all i see is LINK losing a rank every couple of weeks in marketcap and just bleeding to lower lows against BTC and ETH without any support in sight

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ok FA6

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Most TA on trading view never accounts for this either. Totally ignore fundamentals. TA fags are annoying even if they are right occasionally

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>TA on a speculative asset is retarded
>trust my FA instead
lol the irony is hilarious

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You're still a fucking moron.

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>one and only intent
what did schizo anon mean by this?

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It made higher lows against bitcoin and ETH