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Hola señors i would like to send much pesos back to mi familia señor Bob please help

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Mr. Bob is truly chivalrous man
he will help you send mucho pesos to your familia

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hola amigo como estas?

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Pesos are on the way. Hold still and blink twice.

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The sheer tokenomics of Everest alone guarantees that one day 1 LINK = 1 ID. There are only 800,000,000 ID tokens which will be systematically burned by usage of features on the Everest platform, i.e. regulatory compliant KYCing. Not to mention every single institution in crypto and the legacy world wanting to onboard into DeFi will be forced to stake 250,000 tokens if they want full access to the features of Everest. It is not only well within the realms of possibility that 1 LINK = 1 ID given these tokenomics compared to Chainlink’s 1,000,000,000 model - it is an eventual guarantee. By the will of Kek and the All Father, this manifestation is destined to take place. Even if it takes Chainlink dumping further.

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please explain, is everest a good buy? when should I get in and what is a make it stack?

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fuck off

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They let you remit cheaper and faster than MoneyGram or Western Union.
They also have a deal with Bitso and XRP integration

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Also, they can send between people, while XRP can only send between businesses and banks (the two of them combined are virtually unstoppable)

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Its the future of global finance so....

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1 LINK = 1 ID inshallah

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literally fuck off

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Maybe when 1 Link = $100

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It's coming, enjoy it

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So it seems everest hired the biz marketing package on fiverr again


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Never thought cripple would actually do something desu, yet here we are.

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If Ripple wins lawsuit is ot really going to 1000 USD?? Would this help $ID?

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is that a realistic price for link? also what about everest and xrp?

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We do it for free, just like you stinky romanians

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Bob has outsourced all shilling to mexicans with new partnership. He knows they are 10X cheaper than jeets so he will soon corner the markets

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he pays them in fish tacos

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based Bobbo