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i told my mom about the friends i make on biz, i have never seen her so happy bros and im happy because of that

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when do we get to meet her?

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I tell my mom about 4chan, she thinks it's funny and she likes pepe and apu.

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>frog thread
Frog thread

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Evening lads

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I saw what you did Anon... you're not as sneaky as you think...

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My mom thinks I talk to perverts on the internet and get taken advantage of by them.
I'm 35.

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show her /pols daily national socialism threads and point at the screen.
Look mom, look at all my friends.
See this guy, jews, yes, see I told you!

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how adorable

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It’s not what you think. The page didn’t update and I thought I accidentally posted that first one in another thread so I changed things up

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I understand... Carry on Fren...


My mom and sisters text pepe gifs in our group chat sometime.

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I understand... Carry on Fren...


My mom and sisters text pepe gifs in our group chat sometime.

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Stop mocking me

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It was an accident

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My gf always asks if i browse the frog page again

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I post frogs everyday and you are my most favorite frens in this world. I love this green little guy like you cannot believe

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You Frens are the best.

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My gf only visited 4chan once and she saw a CP thread on /tv/
She doesn't like you guys.

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Well you're on a 4chan finance board, she's not wrong.

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Frens are great
All my crypto and stocks are red though so I only like you guys a little bit

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we're fucking pathetic

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This is my fav for some reason, despite it being a bee

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not all of us are pathetic skinny fat coomer frog posters

believe it or not there are some chads here
>t. chad

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Friends on the internet? Proof we are in D phase!

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Love you bro

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Came for the frogs
Stayed for the frens

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>perfect description of /biz/
>a mother's intuition

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you guys made friends?

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Comfy. WAGMI

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Is pic related you? You kinda cute