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Prove it’s you

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why did you gamble your future away on aave?

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Got greedy

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Lol got the wrong number, here you go

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Hi there stop posting videos about buying and selling rose. post videos just dont mention your buy and sell orders its annoying. how are you ?

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Wait, what happened?

You gambled your linkies away? Pitiful.

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are you the richest person in your village?

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What do you do for a living?
Do you have GF?
What does your mom think about your life in crypto?

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why so bald

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what do you expect for smartcon?
we are still going to make it are we?

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How do you deal with crippling male pattern baldness?

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dude you need a friend group or something you look like youre going to do something nuts. get a support group now dude

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Repent and you will be forgiven.

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Are we bottomed or heading to sub 15 k?

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that is why he is /ourjeet/. dude made a million $$ last cycle. we wont stop till he is the president of pakistan.

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He lost most of his stack and is still underwater

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are you actually liquidated?

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What percentage of your digital assets have already been liquidated?

Why did you stop lifting?

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ah yes the pajeet bumped thread, just what i need rn

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What's your plan for escaping the third world?

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where did you go after CLU

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Why is your ID color same as your skin color?

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Have you ever compared your pic from your first video to your latest? How did it make you feel?

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How many Links you have left? Did you lose it all?

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I'm good senpai hope you are too
I didn't gamble, I took an aave loan and I'm good for now
Moved out of the village now I live in a city
I'm a neet and don't have a gf, my mom supports my crypto
I expect staking announcement from smartcon and wagmi no matter what fren.
I've bean considering hain transplant
You guys are my support group.
I will
Imo we are bottomed out rn
Not yet
Nothing has been liquidated yet, I go to the gym everyday except Sunday
Join the new server, I'm there. DM me on twitter I'll send you an invite
Just my luck
I have and it makes me a bit concerned.
I have a small stack, I didn't lose much yet but might lose half my stack

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Who this

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Palatine of facts on youtube

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Are you in despair?

My investment thesis was completely invalidated.
The Chainlink of today is different from what /biz/ discussed years ago and no one wants to discuss the implications of this change.
The world wide adoption could take a lot longer than initially planned and Chainlink is trying to find initial use cases because everything is getting delayed.

Do you plan on finding a new support group after making it?

The bottom may not necessarily be in.
There is a possibility for a dump to 14k.
BTC has never existed with a bearish Nasdaq in all its history.
If we enter a real bear market for a few years the crypto space may dump a lot more.

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Good Morning Palantine.

How big is your link stack?

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I'm still hopeful fren, smartcon always pumps the price, last smartcon was a huge deal with swisscom making a cl node. I think this year will be even better. Even if I make it I'll still be around and post vlogs. All we can do is hold.

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It's not that big considering how long I've been in the game but I'm happy with it. Gm to you too fren

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hope you make it big time bro

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Thanks fren, wagmi together

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sup man
watched all of you video!
big fan of yours

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Thank you ser. I'm good hope you are cozy too

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We should see a pump if the timing works out with a bullish market sentiment, but it's impossible to know if the effects will last or not at this moment and how strong it will be. It's possible we may see some features and announcements happen before the SmartCon if there is another fud shorting attempt.
We should not become completely dependent on Chainlink.

This was a good lesson that we need to understand market dynamics and how everything is connected.
Becoming better traders and investors is an important goal everyone who is invested in Chainlink should follow.

It's incredibly harder to keep your money after making it and this requires a complete different set of skills and knowledge.
When you reach a certain level of wealth you can't remain all in Chainlink and need to diversify your investments and income sources to reduce risks and volatility.
It's dangerous to think you can live with only Chainlink staking even if it becomes very profitable.
You won't be able to sleep well if you don't have other income streams.
Finding ways to keep the mindset healthy with the feeling of financial safety is important.

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what else do you do besides crypto

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Good morning, Sir.
Have a blessed day.

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I know man, I have some grt too and studying for a degree now too. Thanks for the advice anon.
I'm doing a degree rn in computer science
Thanks man, gave a good one

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what are you going to do when you make it with LINK? and at what price do you think you'll make it?8asgw

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Going to cash out half my stack and invest in government bonds and real estate. I'll make it at $1000

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hello hope you are doing ok
suggestion to all anons is to try start an online business/platform that gets paid in link (doesn't have to be a staking node). very much untapped potential in connecting web2 infrastructure to blockchain

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post some more vlogs occasionally
we're all in this together

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yup, hopefully once staking and ccip is released and LINK just goes UpOnly Palantine can post more youtube videos
he's a good man
hope he makes it
and we all make it as well

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Thanks for the advice man.
I will do that. Thanks
Wagmi thanks fren

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>Palatine of facts
> 1.2k subs

why are you here OP? What's special about you?

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I'm just one of you anon, nothing special about me. Just a fren interacting with frens

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Currently studying a degree too in Comp Sci.
Wanna to link up on discord and be study bros?

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Sure man. DM me on discord @samon#5461

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ugly shit colored balding parasite. do the world a favor and slit your throat.
you will be a poor low IQ insect all your miserable life

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Hey mate don’t have a question but just wanted to say that I like what you make on YouTube, keep it fella and god bless

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Thanks man, bless you too

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>totally organic discussion sirs
>please don't forget to subscribe to my.... his channel
>my trash ridden village needs to eat so do the needful sir.