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come on man just dump your coins so we can all buy cheapies

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Ask this guy

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mt gox coins

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I'm sorry bobo but you're overextending, your time to buy back in was a month and a half ago. cope seethe and dial 8

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You had 4 weeks to buy sub 20k. You'll have another 4 weeks to buy between 20-25k before we crab between 25-50k for the next 18 months. Now is where you make real money a few years down the line. Waiting for a bullrun will net you money but a lot less.

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thats #3, he moved his coins to another address

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#1 and 2 are literally exchange cold wallets

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nice try mumutard

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The first layer of the Bart cake has just about melted. There's so little strength left that it's just going to gradually slump down with only the smallest amount of resistance. Either some bullshit good news suddenly poomps every market, or we continue our slow, slow slide down out of some misguided belief that forcing continuous green candles is somehow better than admitting that shit is fucked and needs a good shake out.

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>number will go down forever

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15k is programmed dumb nigger mumu

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You're a fake bobo if you're waiting to buy cheapies and not waiting to buy to cover.

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>t. missed 17k

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fuck you nigger i need my rent money right fucking now you god damn crack head shit skin thief

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You missed the generational bottom because you listened to basement neckbeards larping on the internet as “bobos.” Fail.

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we already bought cheapies stupid bear

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