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>60+ applications
>4 interviews
>$1,000s of dollars on nice suit, haircuts, travel expenses for interviews
>0 offers

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Oh wow you didn't land a job in a week? Guessing you will have to try another week, so sad for you

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the market is fucked, but it will get better

hang in there buddy

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We just entered a recession its gonna get more fucked

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Use nepotism can't believe whites exist who don't use it. I'm indian yet I used it in a country that's 96% white and yes it was a top job

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>$100 for 5 udemy courses on aws/gcp/devops/python
>$600 for 4 certificates (2 aws, 2 gcp)
>3 months intense studying
>job offers starting at $80k-90k

My electrical engineering degree is fucking useless. I wish I took coding/devops pill years ago

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kek its only going to get much worse

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Can tou really learn to code in 4 months and 5 courses? Why do you people lie and toy with our hopes

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Yes but you might actually have to apply yourself for more than 5 minutes a day which most of you retards can't manage

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It's not coding. DevOps/IT is different from coding.

With coding you learn syntax and start coding projects and learning frameworks/libraries.
It's easier to start but you are constantly grinding. Easier to start, harder to become adequate, constant grind afterwards.

DevOps/IT is much harder in the beginning because you just need to memorize a lot of shit. But you have certifications that can land you a job. Hard to start, moderate effort to be adequate, cheap certs. It does not take a lot to stay relevant or get better.

I mentioned python because you need some scripting language for automation and general understanding

To each their own

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If you're in the USA go apply at the post office
We need people for the heavy season after black Friday. Postmaster said all the offices are understaffed

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>wasting an EE degree on codeniggerdom
the jews really ruined this country, didn't they.

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Where I work they throw every CV into the trash unless it's white and male. Have fun competing with browns, reds and blacks for shitty jobs.
I only work with whites and yellows

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i keep looking at usps jobs around me and they're all carrier assistant positions. do mail handler positions become open in the fall/winter?

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Get on sales or something not-strictly-technical

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They do get open but those get hired fast you would have to check the page daily
You can start as a CCA, survive the winter and as soon as a mail handler position gets open you can apply for it or request a transfer and you'll get preference over a new application

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As someone who went through the whole shebang with no internal connections or nepotism these were some lessons I learned

>Good linkedin photo
>photoshop it to look better
>nofap for 4-5 day before interview
>act smart but not nerdy
>lie about hobbies
>practice very subtle jewish accent

Also sometimes being super honest is the best answer, imagine trying to interview people and they keep bullshitting every response to sound good

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huh? Fapping puts my mind at ease, no sexual tension

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recruiters don't want someone who's relaxed they want someone who subtly displays characteristics of being a go-getter and a winner. And that's what your brain does when your balls fill up

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Nope. More than likely you're going to come across as aggressive and/or spergy. When you're doing panel interviews with potential teammates they're looking for someone they're going to be comfortable around, along with knowing their shit. Being on edge is not conducive to this mindset.

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thanks anon i'll look into it more
what's your pay/hours/experience like?

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All you neets who want to work at the bare minimum, work in online healthcare. Easiest fucking industry that has technology decades and most let you wfh.

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>gets grouped with the onions boys
>doesn't get grouped with the high risk leverage chads

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*decades old

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You got the job because of your degree, the certificates wouldn't have been enough alone

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>this coomer cope

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When i started 5 years ago i started at $17 now im at $23 plus $32 overtime if i want to do extra work
After a couple of years you'll get tsp for retirement ( which i lost $2000 last 2 months because they everything on a mediocre L 2050 fund)
You'll get medical right away when hired
I guess the downsides are that as a CCA you'll work Sundays because Amazon have us grabbed by the balls (unless there's a warehouse and delivery in your city)
The work itself its pretty easy, just pay attention to the address on the letters and packages
If you got a walking route you can even take it as low cardio if you do it in a fast pace ( i walk 10 miles everyday in my route)

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>5 applications
>3 interviews
>lied on resume
>2 offer letters

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Where to apply for such a job?

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>4 interview rounds

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what position specifically?

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not according to the definition!!!

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>0 applications
>0 interviews
>no resume
>32 letters offering me equity in the company plus a $1,000,000 monthly cash bonus in exchange for my executive consultation (max 1 hour per month)
its over.

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thanks so much anon. i actually just checked again and found one mail handler assistant position available in my area. applying right now. any tips during the application/interview process?

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>DevOps/IT is much harder
No Dumbass. The tools "DevOps" fags use all required coding.
DevOps is just another name for automation fag. In other words, a person with no real talent to CREATE solutions, only USE them.

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jobs are for losers

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>the jews really ruined this country, didn't they.
coding ruined everything
t.codenigger here

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>same job for the past 15 years


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Like i said we are understaffed and desperate, just look like you're ready to work tomorrow if necessary, high energy, ready to follow orders a "yes man" if you will and even mention it. Say it will be a honor to work for the united state postal service or something like that
Pass the background and drug test and you're in

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Bong here, devops is impossible to get into if you don't have a degree in the relevant field. Certs are useless, any retard can pay a few hundred and get them done and a learn a bit of python in a few months. All jobs i've seen require degree and there's no real way to get in to the industry, same goes for all cloud engineer jobs. It's over.

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sucks to be a britcuck

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>market is green
pick one

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they need dentists, nurses, surgeons, etc.
basically doing online shit on camera.

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Won't be specific to which companies for obv reasons, but QA has to be easiest at the company at (from what I know it's just payload validations, if you know even a little bit of backend, this is a really simple one) and content management is pretty easy (typically just landing page building with enterprise page builders). Content management requires really no web development understanding, just the ability to be tech savvy.

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>be IT fag
>most dressed up I ever get for an interview is a button down shirt
>make 95k/yr

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Basically what I did back in 2016, after dropping out of UNI.

Making 275k now WFH.

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show paystub and time stamp larp fag

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It will get better at some point. That some point may or not be in our lifetimes

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I can show my base pay you retard (180kish), 100k is RSU's.

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>>60+ applications
>>4 interviews
Never understood this meme. Are you guys applying to places that aren't hiring or is your resume just shit?

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I absolutely hate how you can be completely qualified and no one to look at your resume, then reject you. Fuck these people honestly

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>he doesnt know what a dead cat bounce is

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Stop giving people false hope with programming bullshit. It’s over saturated and most people who don’t have an aptitude in math/science won’t succeed in it. You would be competing with thousands of other candidates who have been programming since middle school.

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Remote work is actually horrible for average candidates. Companies will just wait for the perfect candidate now. Before remote work, companies were more forgiving and would overlook certain flaws.

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Can you achieve this but for an actual programming job (I don't like devops)? Physicist here working in data science. Thinking of making the switch but I think I'd get a shitty entry salary with just some courses and my DS experience.

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>interview that was scheduled for tomorrow was just canceled
it's over

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larp faggot.

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Why so mad though?

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dang nice, must be comfy

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>8 years experience developing software
>can't get a job anywhere because 0 experience grinding leetcode

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>It does not take a lot to stay relevant
lmfao... pic related

>It’s over saturated
Every field is over saturated lol. But as with anything the pareto principle applies and the vast majority of candidates out there are dogshit, and this makes hiring qualified candidates near impossible because they have so many options.

>most people who don’t have an aptitude in math/science won’t succeed in it
You just need to be autistic, and if you are on this site reading this now chances are you already are.

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>nice suit,

in 2k22 people still wear suits insane

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Thanks life’s pretty good, literally did the other anons advice and got like 4 certs after dropping out CS junior year, and landed a DevOps job at startup.

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Can you do this without any degree?>>50684402
>>50686675 You dropped out?

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How do I actually land a job? ATS fucks me over

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>graduated during 2020
>no good jobs
>got a shitty call center job
>worked during entire 2021 year
>saved all my money
>quit beginning of 2022
>haven't worked since
>trade for passive income
Man it feels good not being a stupid fuckin normie wagie. I can't wait till the recession kicks into full gear and everyone loses all their jobs, savings, and defaults on their debts. I'll be living in Colombia having sex with Trannies and doing cocaine off their wieners for the next 2-3 years before coming back to the US.

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>travel expenses for interviews
the company are suppose to pay for those anon
did you forget to keep the receipts?

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If you aren’t actively lying in your resume and in job interviews you’re a fool

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If you're willing to move, here's some advice. My dad has been a mechanical engineer for over 30 years. Spent his entire life living in metro detroit and working for the big 3. He's told me many times that all of them are hiring EEs right out of college with starting salaries of $100k due to EVs being pushed and cars are slowly getting every part connected to a computer, as well as assisted or autonomous driving. You could probably be making over $150k if you stay a while. Most of the mechanical engineering jobs are being underbid by pajeets and EE is where the money is at here.

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>trade for passive income
Are you really making enough to live on, after only working a shit job for 1 year?

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Go back to India

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Yes, but if you want the hard truth you will be competing with people who do have a degree for most jobs. You will either need too find a way to stand out, or lie and hope they don't check or ask for transcripts.

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Is it illegal to lie?

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>Say it will be a honor to work for the united state postal service
kek, how could any person hear this and think it's sincere?

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There are no jobs in India. All you can do is take of care of your dad's business if he's rich

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Office workers make me kek all the time.

I just showed up in casual clothing for a plumbing company and told them I'm ready to work, that's it.

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Go back to India, Pajeet

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meanwhile im over here making $3k from staking ETH and BIT
I literally dont have to work for the man any day of my life

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200+ job apps
15 interviews
2 offers
Starting at 50k
Finance degree. What a meme

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50k is what research assistants make in academia

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Yes I’m aware it’s ass

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>get a new job
>spend all my pay increase on a new suit and shoes
>will take 3 months of work to make that money back

depression is sadness

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you're 2.5x over reality there

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This is illegal

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Leave and go back to India, Pajeet

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Whites aren’t allowed to. I had better luck pretending I was a gay non binary Hispanic on my applications.

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I'm not going to humiliate and degrade myself into coding. I couldn't imagine a fate worse than that.

I make $110k in sales, but that sure beats being a fucking codenigger.

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>3 applications
>53 interviews (I count the cars in the parking lot because I talk to them)
>cargo shorts and stained white t-shirt
>turned down the offer I'm too qualified

Its that easy.

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I do this to people with pronouns in their resume or on their linked in profile.

The real reason is that most people who use them are not that smart, and are often prone to workplace activism, which is not good. The pronoun usage is a self identifier for trouble maker, just like face tattoos and blue hair.

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>TS clearance
>impossible to lie about and tons of jobs available
>CS degree with no debt required
>4 years IT experience in the chair force
>tons of certs (also for free)
>get disability, extra $2k a month so rent is covered
>working on masters so get an extra $1500/month for living expenses

People shit on it but the military is a pretty damn good option if you’re in the US. Prepare to be poor and do what you’re told for 4 years though.

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Yea I didn't have a degree, but I knew enough fundamentals for the interview, and they needed devops people ASAP at the startup I joined.

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Naw I lie all over my resume, but know enough to back it up.

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You might as well have spent $99 on a cheap untailored polyester suit from Dillards.

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I always wanted to ask about this. Can people really just learn it that fast or are they the exception? I kinda wish this board had more threads about things or skills you can learn to do in a short period and still make massive profits.

>> No.50693088

Lol. You folks need to figure out the human yield farming game. Easiest money of all time, and here’s the kicker the boomers are finally becoming my clients. Retirement by 30 here I come. Wish I found out about this before I worked that gay ass IT job.

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I couldn't give a shit about learning fast. I know I can handle anything. All I care about is convincing a recruiter.

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finance bros here, 50k is bottom barrel data entry.
what skills do you have, past experience, interns?
i pivoted from data entry into PM, meetings all day but barely do anything materialistically, making 100k

>> No.50693243

which certs did you get?

>> No.50693315

Wtf are you talking about?

>> No.50693329

Absolutely evil and disingenuous, It takes at least a year to learn enough to MAYBE be employable. Unless you're black or brown and/or a women, you won't land a job. It was your EE degree w/ certs that got you the job. The days of L2C are over, you need a degree or relevant experience.

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You learn absolutely nothing in 3 months, maybe the very surface of frameworks and languages, but that's it. You could make 2 or 3 dinky projects, but you need a degree and certs. You can't do self-taught anymore.

>> No.50693379

This is true, everyone and their grandma is trying to do the self-taught/bootcamp route as a ticket out of their wagie hell. Your best option is a degree and going to networking/hiring events.

>> No.50693411

100%, it's still a great field, but everyone is jumping into it. You NEED a degree now, there's barely enough jobs at entry level for graduates, self-taught people are fucked. Not everyone is cut out for programming. If you're shit at math and struggle with shit like statistics or proofs, you will have a hard time.

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Yeah you can learn it. It depends how much you're willing to study, but if you treat it as a part or full time job then definitely within a year.

>> No.50693779

Literally me
At this point I’m so burned out from the whole application process I might just get an mba in Japan
Literally fuck this shit ass country and it’s nepotism

>> No.50693921

Yeah fucken join the line for this. We all do it.

>> No.50694256

nah you're probably just too white m8

>> No.50695472

It is also based and unironically smart

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Sounds like a cope, self taught is easy if you can stick with it, since 90% of people quit when things are no longer easy after 1 month.

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>$1,000s of dollars on nice suit, haircuts, travel expenses for interviews
I interview remotely in a t-shirt and underwear, I haven't had a haircut in weeks
t. 2 WFH jobs $160k

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A week ago I was having panic attacks about how much I hated my current job.
So I spammed applications for an hour. Sending the same resume and cover letter to everyone.

I have had 3 phone interviews this week and have 2 in person interviews coming up later this week.
And I am having a panic attack about those.
The logistics is the worst part. Having to take time out of my day to get there. Fuck my current job is so retarded.

Hopefully I get a real job that pays 30% more.

t. mechanical engineer

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cope nocoiner
you are the one who knows nothing of a dead cat bounce
fud rejected, still slurping them api3 coins

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>practice very subtle jewish accent
you can't be serious

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Bitcoin security model is the most tested and battle-hardened in the industry. If it isn't broke then why fix it. Given that Syscon is laying down the infrastructure to handle incredible amount of assets for individuals, groups, and enterprises ensuring that they remain safe and on a reliable network is of critical priority.

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>Check Linkedin for various jobs I could apply for
>100+ applicants for every listing

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i feel your pain

>> No.50702500

without EEs designing hardware you wouldn't have anything to run your child grooming apps

>> No.50702697

Only 60 apps??? I did around 200 when I lost my job during covid.

>> No.50703529

For real. It's like all we had to do was all in on a job

>> No.50704040

I learned java syntax in 1 day, and can pretty much solve 8 kyu katas in codewars easily after. I consider myself lazy and not that smart, I can see someone here whos more hardworking than me and much smarter land a swe job in just 10 months.