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Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing

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I'm researching the new project, boss. And I'll be doing that for the next month.

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I know this well. Another day in paradise. cheers

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Ah, another day not working in home doing absolutely nothing

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Cheers, kings

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This was me for the first 6 months of 2020, but now I'm so busy and can't keep up due all this turnover and early "retirements". I wish i had a comfy government job.

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everyone wishes they had a government job, too bad there aren't that many available

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You just have to apply to a shitload of Gov jobs and be patient. USAjobs runs your resume through a program and if you have a lot of instances of the buzzwords in the job listing your resume goes to the top. I applied for half a year after graduating from college and eventually figured out what I was qualified for, then I started doing the buzzword trick until I got hired.

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this is my goal in life. to work and not worry about unrealistic deadlines and my having my ass on the chopping block.

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There's no way a white male can get a US government job.

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you can get a city/county job in a white area

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I walked into city hall to do some business. I had to deal with a pajeetess who spoke broken English. How the fuck does that work?

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Half of my coworkers are white males 21-40, the only negative was that we'd used to have to commute into Washington DC but we don't even have to do that anymore. But I also don't work in HR or tech support.

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Mu qualifications are stupidity bordering on incompetence, and a bad attitude. Do I match any government jobs?

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I've gotta do a little work but it doesn't even feel like work. God I love working from home.

Also...buy ICP if you wanna make it next bull. Sky is the limit for ICP

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Made for the DMV or Postal Service.

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>Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing

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>Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing

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hail to the kings, baby

another day of talking to dumbass customers and researching bitcoin and german super sedans

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Defense and 3 letters are 90% white male if not more.

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In a few meetings today but same vibes king, bless you

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Defense Information System Agency?

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DISA is full of old women

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> went to office for a day
> bored out of my mind, no work to do
> can’t play vidya in open office
> have to pretend to work and stare at a screen for 8 hours

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Remember that boomer management want us back in the office because they are invested in property and they need people to rent or buy their empty apartments.
I will NEVER commute.
I will NEVER pay rent.
I will NEVER take mortgage.

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Feeling this. I will be fondling my exotic plants and sipping champagne mixed with pomegranate concentrate. Maybe jerk off a couple times.

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>Write an email to customer asking for basic info
>Add 5 mins to the ticket
>Have to read an article that takes me 5 mins
>Add 20 mins to a ticket
>Spend 2 hours on a call largely just watching a download bar or waiting for a system to update
>Add 2.5 hours to ticket

"WOW Anon, you're KILLING it this week"

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>be me
>actually decide to go in to the office last tuesday >office should have 5 other people present, all in outbound sales roles. two had just started a week or so ago
>10am, no ones there
>actually decide to go in to office again on wednesday just to see if it'll repeat
>also cause taco bell on the way home
>no ones there, again
>management always talks about lack of sales
>try again next week, tuesday at around 10am again
>ghost town

this happened about 8 or 9 times until i realized wow people who've worked here for less time than me, in positions with actual KPIs, dont care. why should i?

just riding this ship til it takes on too much water and then i'll jump

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Lmfao sounds like a company I used to work at in the bay

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They just sent us a contract amendment to force us back into office for 2 days a week. I classified email as spam.

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Another day not having to work because ZHAO is doing it for me for just a few bags

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the backlog is tiny
the shitposting will be rich

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sounds like the company I'm at,

devs are lazy as fuck, am new so can't always solve everything

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>Doing 20/40 mins total work as a frontend dev
>Bug ticket arrives
>"Uhhh yep this'll take a day or two to fix I reckon"
>Fix it in 10 mins or so, literal typo in the code
>Staking $QOM and $BUSD
>Short BTC for a while before playing vidya and masturbating for the rest of my day
I'm quite literally living the dream. Learn CSS and the most basic Java possible anons, be jeets - you'll get hired anyway.

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what do you do >>50688183

I had a pretty good job for a few years but then lost it during covid and decided afterwards to try making money off something private, work from home, private contractor, etc.

I havent found anything good that actually stuck though and im dreading going back to work without a plan after experiencing the magic of NEET

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But wouldn't this kind of thing make your boss want the best fucking report ever that will blow his mind? You can't just do that a few days before having to give it in r-right...?

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anyone else here working multiple jobs from home?

I have multiple 6 figure jobs and dont do shit for any of them

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what jobs are those though wtf do you do

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No one is sending black mailmen door to door. That would cause a revolt with everything getting stolen

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Half of my coworkers in aerospace are white.

Maybe you are just undesirable?

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>voluntarily becoming a glownigger

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>Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing

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