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As seen in the previous bear market, not many projects survived, and those that did had great utility or hype. At times like this, many faggot will cry over their bearish bag, while degens will conduct research.
Share with me what you are researching and why you believe it will survive the bear market, I need at least 20x when bull run starts

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Protip: go to tokenterminal and invest in every project with low P/E, that's how you know who is making revenue & whois not

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What the flying fuck is tokenterminal?

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This is my coin. I'm a hive maxi now.

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A Brainlet has spoken

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Fuck the hive and fucking get rekt

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Is it quantum resistant jeet?

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it's the only thing that pumped while bitcoin dumped.
It's one of the only ones that has a bright future too.

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I don't think so kek....

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I think ETH2.0 will fuck everything for sure

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>Delayed 16 more times
Get rekt.

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Only newfags are gonna get rekt

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I bet you that Ethereum won't be having any merge soon, bitch. It will still be postponed

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That's the fucking truth dyor or get rekt old fags

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so many sectors would melt faces in the next bull run:

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What's with this privacy I know it's important why so many projects desu it's just stale now

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Projects with post quantum algorithms will be the next crypto trend

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The mutt in this video gives a solid peice of advice. You need to watch the entire video:
If you can't figure out what to buy after seeing that, then your IQ is too low to invest.

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That too using the CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm which is approved by the NIST is suggested imo.

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I'm the only one who posts JUNO here so I'll say it again. JUNO. why? DYOR

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There are blockchain explorers that ensure that privacy is paramount

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Time waste anon. I'm not going to invest in something which is not Quantum resistant. With the quantum threats rising I'm really not interested to risk my funds faggot.

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Bitcoin’s encryption could theoretically be cracked in seconds by a quantum computer. It might be just two years until a quantum computer cracks Bitcoin’s encryption. So it's best to invest in a quantum resistant blockchain or don't feel bad when losing investments

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The increased rate of hacks and scams should answer your question anon. Your transactions on your local bank account are not accessible by just anybody, why should it be any different in crypto?

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Get your facts right faggot, Librescan is the only one that has this feature

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Will you be alive when the bull run starts? Go on vacations with your savings. Life is too short to invest

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NFT will be dominating next bull run. The best time for punk and BAYC holders

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Any wallet with at least one outgoing transaction history is at risk

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That's fact I am just excited to use the POR concensus algorithm where I can mine the tokens with my mobile phone. Ease of access and no electricity bills.

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NFTs are big trend agreed but no sense in investing in that

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This algorithm was the primary recommendation by NIST

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In future may be with NFT built on a quantum resistant blockchain will interest me desu. The threat is just so too much and I can't risk it i have my own commitments.

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The QVM which was recently launched will make it presence solid and adopted in many blockchains because building dapps and smart contracts in any programming languages is just so unique anon.

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The one stop solution is either be resistant from the outset of fork into a blockchain that is or you might lose your assets

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Just keep on buying HIVE you will be a billionaire. Thank me later faggots.

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It depends on what utility the NFTs have chad. The lion club NFTs on sports metaverse give holders access to top athletes and I see that as a relevant use case.

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Whatever jeet. I really don't care. I planning to become a dev soon so I can't start to build a smart contract in any programming language I wish using the QVM

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Can QRL, Cellframe and QAN address this concern when it eventually comes?

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I am really interested in investing In a blockchain that offers 1600tps and a fixed transaction fees.

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QAN will be the one imo but anything can happens its crypto space so we can't be sure about anything

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Are we in the bear market? YES. Is this a bottom? NO. Hold your bags for now and you will get a better entry.

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I'll like to bet 1 ETH on that though. The merge is coming this year and it almost ready.
Different EVM projects have been launching their own virtual machines successfully: zkEVM and QVM, why won't the ETH merge happen?

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I'm rich and you are rekt anon. Go DYOR on gems you hear about on 4chan; you will find many gems here.
>disclaimer: you will find more shit coins, but your research will filter them out.

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BTC halving will come before ETH 2.0

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Any extra security helps. I can't believe I lost my most expensive NFT to hackers. My heart still hurts. I think I will just stick to tokens now and try to get back my losses through trading.

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So much ETH fud here. You guys are NGMI.
ETH is making some of their zk roll ups to be quantum resistant. ETH stays ahead of the curve.
ETH uses a weaker algorithm though. Are there any blockchains using this suggested one?

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Patience is key. Rome is not built in one day.
lol, everything is quantum resistant. FYI there is not such a thing that can break elliptic curve

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How do I conduct research OP?
I am a fucking degen and I ape into any coin I hear about. I've lost more than half, but the ones that moon always caaat2d
over my loss.

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Dude pick BTC or some blue chip from the top 10 you will be good. No one is buying low-cap shitcoins at this moment

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Fags don't know about crypto but keep throwing around big words like elliptic curve. Quantum computers will rekt all elliptic curve blockchains in the future. Everyone knows that and that is why the idea of quantum resistance is gaining momentum.
Even pajeet Vitalik knows, but slow fags are not moving fast enough.

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Projects that are rolled for bear and Delivery will x50-250, my main Pucks are


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Brainlet wait for coins to moon to top 10 before they ape in and get rekt. LUNA hasn't taught you anything.
I ape in when it is low cap and dump on you when it reaches top 10.

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>Are there any blockchains using this suggested one?
I think QANplatform uses that. I saw their announcement on that.
Even Cellframe uses that, but that is because almost every QR algo out there. Smart projects

They already are

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DOGECOIN is going to a dollar when Elon posts tomorrow. This is update for jeets that don't use twitter. Get DOGE now!

Spending time here = based research.

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QVM is based. Devs will get the choice to code in any language they want. That will change the way smart contracts are built.

zkEVM will really help ETH in the layer 2 scaling. Polygon team is based.
Zero knowledge could kill optimism.

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Nothing will survive the bear market. BTC might get to zero as we see.

This might be the best time to be a dev. At least I get paid steady salary. Fuck trading, I'm rekt.
I actually know some Go language, but I didn't think any blockchain project can be built with that. I'll try my hands with this.

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Fuck DOGE. Everyone will ape in TSUKA, sooner or later. That's the next SHIBA.

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70% Rekt
> Save me

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Research on the quantum-resistant blockchain if your brain is smart enough to understand it

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July saw a lot of extraordinary progress in Qanplatform which caught lots of attention of programmers, organizations, and global project managers to the construction of a quantum-resistant blockchain and this makes dick hard. Investing on its token in august will make a lot of sense.

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You need to consider investing in Ethereum because it's increasing use of blockchain technology, which attracts more and more successful crypto traders. Such technology can facilitate online payments, loan distribution, and commodities trading.

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Not all is as Dump as you are, freaks are saying QCT wouldn't happen until 2 decades from now, but wise degen can see it happening in less than 5 years,
>More opportunities

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>QVM is based. Devs will get the choice to code in any language they want. That will change the way smart contracts are built.
Not only for the smart ones, the QVM will actually let morns who know nothing about blockchain to easily code blockchain projects. This way, Web3 is achieved smoothly without having to fuck some stinky asses the internet

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>ETH is making some of their zk roll ups to be quantum resistant. ETH stays ahead of the curve.

very good, ZkEVMs are part of zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups, Ethereum layer 2 scaling solutions that improve throughput by transferring computation and state storage off-chain

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>QAN address this concern when it eventually comes?
Definitely, its unique Lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language will secure the platform ecosystem members against bitches quantum computer attacks.

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When you say payment and ETH it doesn't work together. Do you remember gas fees during the bull run?

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Crypto is dead, Just forget it

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When are infants allowed on biz

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Kick my balls of you don't end big on NFT.

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Wtf is this dumbass talking about?

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Been doing my findings on Railgun and I see the protocol doing well in the long run with its lined-up deployment to Solana and Polkadot blockchains.

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Shut your crab faggot, trannies are waiting to use the POR concensus algorithm which is eco-friendly initiative to mine the tokens once as the mainnet is live.

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Crypto is coming back stronger, you piss of shit

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That son of a bitch, huh?

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Dumb all shits without looking back anon

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Quantum shit is scam. Quantum as a science doesn’t even exist, it’s all Jewish bullshit

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Why is this not available until now, darn it, I wasted months learning solidity I didn't even like, now I can easily use GoLang that I'm addicted to and any other language on QAN

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No way oldfags will still sell and later come to cry on their mama's boobs.
Cryptos are secured and protected as the quantum-resistant blockchain being built is so strategic to ensuring the future security of all digital assets.

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Pajeets are so dumb because they don't read and do research.
The team attended the AIBC Summit 2022 in Dubai as an exhibitor and speaker in march and collected several leads from freshly launching NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 projects who are interested to build on its platform.
The web3 revolution is here and asses are safe and secured from attacks,

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I've heard a lot about NFT, I went into it and I've not made it in it. Did I do anything wrong somewhere?

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You think the same way fools think they are the wisest, Quantum computer is real, yes your wisdom can't comprehend it but that doesn't stop the possible threat it poses to crypto
>QC with high qubit can hack crypto elliptic curve

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Brands and content are provided for creators with one of the best infrastructures to mint NFT on its secured platform.

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Elon is behind Doge, aside that, it's not going any fucking place

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Look here shithole, stop wasting your useless life when there is a fixed price range for transaction fees, which are fixed to USD.

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Dogecoin investor who accused him of running a pyramid scheme to support the cryptocurrency.
I'm not banking that devil's coin

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All I hear is quantum security, I'm tired of hearing this shit.

What else does QAN has to offer?

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Morons are so foolish, they've got no idea how rich retards are.
Retards earn developer royalties when other developers use your code.

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Sounds like a Russian President

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Elon my man, seen his Hotel on mars, which cost $5 million per night

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Sound like Do Kwoon

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>fools ape in before doing research
If you have researched more you would know, It has a multilanguage feature, a first of its kind

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If he's got angels there, I'll sell all my crypto to pay just to fuck an angels pussy lol

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Morons are so foolish, they've got no idea how rich retards are.
Retards earn developer royalties when other developers use your code.

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No angel lives on mars, on Demons

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Become a developer, earn while programming on a blockchain

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Lmao, the name is cracking me up

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This must be a stupid indian man... Spending all his life savings just to fuck an angels ass

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I feel QAN is building a new world for developers... What an amazing innovation

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I didn't understand BTC when I bought it at 3K, now I understand it and I'm fucking grateful I bought it
>Research on the quantum-resistant blockchain
Been seeing this a lot, did research, and found out it's very possible, I see QAN is still the leading quantum-resistant blockchain

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Sounds good like wet pussy, imagine Johann is speaking on how to onboard 20 million developers to the blockchain ecosystem in 7 days. The team set to solve cryptos biggest shit with decentralisation, developer friendly, mass adoption and quantum resistance.

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This feels good like a wet pussy, imagine Johann is speaking on how to onboard 20 million developers to the blockchain ecosystem in 7 days. The team is set to solve cryptos biggest shit with decentralisation, developer friendly platform, mass adoption and quantum resistance.

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Buy shitcoins, you will make it or die trying at least you will know you tried

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ERA for NFT is gone

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This is scary, so nowhere is safe then, When Is QCT estimated time

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Best Advice ever

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NFT is over-hyped, 10% is good the rest is a scam

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It will happen the same way a thief comes in at night, but the indications are clear, IBM launching 1121 qubit next year

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Oh fuck off. It's decades away. They aren't even close.

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Fags will disagree.

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matic is extremely undervalued right now yet they keep building and growing.
next bull run is will definitely blow up especially with their ZkEVM announcement.

>> No.50685178

They are not overhyped anymore as most of them now have real-life utilities. I'm slurping up some SmartNFTs at this point.

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Mexican Pesos?

>> No.50685732

Kek, keep being delusional while NFTs keep attracting big brands. NFTs can now be used to solve real-life problems like using SmartLox Nft to track and trace stolen mobile devices.

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Richfags are stacking potential low caps like Sylo and Vra that will do well in the next bull run but poor faggot would agree to this.

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If $qom survived, then that means...

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That there is absolutely no hope for the human race and we should all get nuked by an alien species with a rocket so comically destructive it'd reduce us to mere smithereens.