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Is it worth buying?

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no dont buy it. its too good for you retards

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Of course you should buy it. You should've bought it like last week. This token will easily 2x at least, more like 3x, and that's still pretty conservative.

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you are being SALTY hehehehhe

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only if you want your food too taste good

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don't... and what ever you do don't fucking read the white paper

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No, cocaine only feels good for a little bit. Then you come down and want to do more/feel like shit.

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Someone in another thread just said it was the best whitepaper they've ever read. You sure your English skills are up to par, pajeet?

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>Invest hundreds of thousands into beans and stable foods for wealth preservation (since these things actually have value and are stable and good wealth preservers against inflation)
>One fucking bird shits in your silo
>Life savings slaughtered

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>You sure your English skills are up to par, pajeet?

HAHA the irony

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Your other post was a joke?

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no shit

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is confusing

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what was the joke? I don't get it

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I guess he was kidding in a similar way that >>5065806
was. Alright then.

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im guessing that >>5066011

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I don't know what that one means either, desu. Don't put all your eggs in one basket I guess? That applies to everything though, not SALT, or even crypto.

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the IQ in this thread is too damn low

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This thread is ass cancer. Shut it down.

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its just a correction

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salt moon confirmed