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So I switched roles recently, from a somewhat respected grind wagie job to a low stress bullshit job within the same company for the same pay. My new coworkers are literally working 2 hours a day, completely solo from the rest of the company. During the interviews they already told me to take it easy lmao.

Although I'm glad with the career switch for my own stress levels (grinded 50 hours a week with constant work drama and mandatory scrum meetings). I can't shake the feeling I'm killing my career and everyone else looks down on my new job.

Any one else holds a BS job, how do you handle it?

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>I can't shake the feeling I'm killing my career

the idea that you shouldnt relax until youre 65 is a jewish scam to rob you of enjoying your best years and not reflect on it until its too late and youre about to die. you found a happy medium between NEET and slave, so like your coworkers said, "relax" and try to enjoy the present

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Spend time working on your technical skills to help give you an advantage. Learn2Code, read philosophy, read physics, Build a business, Build a website, Build a blog, advertise, get investors, then BACK TO WORK JOHN! SOMEONE NEEDS TO FILL OUT THESE SPREADSHEETS!

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>somewhat respected grind
Kill this belief. People, for the most part, don't care. And if they do care, it will mostly be about the money anyway, which is the same in your case. If the new job is distant from your actual desired career trajectory though you may need to rethink. I work 2-3 hours a day in my WHF job, with only Tuesdays in the office. Play games, cook fresh meals, nap, read, whatever hobbies you like. Or get some kind of job on the side that is also WFH.

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take it from a guy who was a city manager for 8 years and is now taking antidepressants to recover from burnout - taking it easy is the right thing to do.
for years I thought I had to excel at every aspect of my already extensive job, did all-nighters on the regular to keep shit up because I thought I had it all under control and yeah, we were understaffed (but never pressed the mayor on it), but I could manage all of my tasks myself and nobody else could do it to a level of my autistic perfectionism - until I my body refused to the work, which made work pile up, which caused stress, which lead to my body refusing doing the easiest tasks - a circle of stress so to speak. and then I started to forget shit - constantly. even shit I talked about a few seconds ago.

now I'm in recovery and it's for the best.

look after yourself, don't grind yourself to death for nothing. you said the pay is the same so just take it and get joy out of other hobbies

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Why do people do this instead of ask for overtime or a raise?

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>that cover
>(((David Graeber)))
>Born in New York to a working-class Jewish family
>Both his parents were Jewish.

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I don't know how this works in the US but here in Austria the legislature is pretty straight forward in terms of pay and how much we can earn for the function we serve. I already was being paid an extra fee each month for my position.
but honestly, money can only help so much. if you're horrendously understaffed, money won't make all those responsibilities go away. I was responsible for
>pretty much the entire financial departure, did accounting, budgeting and the annual financial statements, everything with money was my job
>organizing and holding elections
>staff manager
>preparing/protocolling counsil sessions
>public service
>had to always be on top of new laws we had to enforce
>IT guy
>training new staff
and I'm sure I forgot some shit
add having to watch all the bullshit political decisions and nepotism happening and not being allowed to speak about it publically to the pile of bullshit

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anyway, now I'm printing and painting minis and learning how to play d&d. that's nice too

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>killing your career

largely a meme. just lie and exaggerate on your resume when you want to job hop to the next level. i'm assuming you're a senior individual contributor. next level up is manager. manager is all about soft skills and delegation of work.

t. senior in accounting/finance with a bullshit job. since monday i've done literally 2 hours of work.

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This. If you can take it easy but need more workohol just work on your fucking self anon. This is how you make it imo. It's not about lambos it's about working hard but doing what you love.

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I get the symbolism but making a cool little office crossbow to fire at wagies would be fun and may build morale. People need to be kept inline

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Thanks for all the advice senpais, wagmi

Good to read your recovering! I didn't get a burn-out but I did neglect my physical health.

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>muh career
Just take the job that gives you the least stress with the highest money output you can get. End of the day you’re still in a cage anyways. Would you rather treat yourself now or wait until you’re an old fuck who is too physically damaged to do anything anyways but do what NEETs 40 years younger are doing?
Also this.