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I will do a live session from 1 dollar to 10,000

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100x only. This means every trade will have to be correct. Just follow.

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This is going to 24300.

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You using Kucoin free? Isn't it 5x max leverage?

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I’m KYC’d.

If you’re 5x max then just put in a larger size and follow.

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I do not know how to access 74.64x leverage.

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It varies the leverage.

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Get a foreign passport. Either buy one from St Kitts or whatever or find an ancestor from Europe or somewhere else.

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I’m worth 55m by the way. This thread is a public service.

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Thank you. I am broke as a joke, but not in bad debt. Maybe 2k, I think.
Would have to be on my father side, I think. He passed 15 years ago and I do not know much of that side of my family. I know they lived in Arizona during Wyatt Earp's time and had a family ranch about 30 miles outside of Tombstone. No idea of the European ancestors or precisely when they came over.

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Fun thread, op, but you're going to get that dollar fucked. Rip village's money.

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Nice zoom zoom larp but keep it up so that low iq faggots follow you and lose money.

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>Would have to be on my father side, I think. He passed 15 years ago and I do not know much of that side of my family. I know they lived in Arizona during Wyatt Earp's time and had a family ranch about 30 miles outside of Tombstone. No idea of the European ancestors or precisely when they came over.
No one asked, boomer.

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>No one asked, boomer.

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You will see the power .

20 trades.
100% profit + only.

Simple as.
That means I will take 1 dollar to 1m.

Probably out of luck. If it’s family route and not investor visa you need a grandparent afaik.

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>Probably out of luck.

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Omg you're right. I just turned 1 dollar into a trillion. Thanks, op!

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I’ll publicize it here so no worries.

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Omg can I buy your course?? How much is the subscription, ser?

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twitch it

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Don’t have a course.

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Omg what are you selling? I want to buy with my life savings plz sers

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or just use bybit with a VPN thats not amerikwa. Also I think to use kucoin futures/margin you need a very large position size. May be wrong on that, but also 100x is overkill unless you know what ur doing. I just do $500 at 10x margin and that usually moves the needle pretty well

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>I think to use kucoin futures/margin you need a very large position size
I meant account size, but again I may be wrong.

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i don't know what i'm looking at, what am i looking at

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all you need to know:
means that you're betting price goes up
your position size is 74.64 times larger
>Liquidation price
if the price hits that then you lose all your money
>Position PNL (Profit and Loss)
how much you'd make if you pulled out of the trade right now at Mark Price, minus fees
>Realized PNL
How much you've made or lost so far

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Where's your next trade faggot

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Just had lunch. Posting next trade when I get back to my desk.

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What's that manatee's name?

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Did you trade yourself to that?

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Yes. Started with 10k in 2017.

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and soon you'll be asking for money from anons here
we've already seen this scam like 50 times

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im ready to play
i turned ~4k into 7 figs in the since 2021 without leverage but ill follow with a few bucks

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In fact I’ll randomly give away 100k at the end of this.

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Funny how these threads are usually made in Summer

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lets go faggot
you think btc is going 24400 before you get liquidated on 1% down though? 1% down from your entry is basically exactly the support

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This will take 2 days. Maybe 3.
As I said. To have fun, I’ll give a poster 100k on bitcoin or their coin of choice once the challenge ends. I’ll announce it when I’m ready to take submissions and all you need to do is post an address and coin preference. I’ll choose based on my whims and your digits.

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holy based if not larp

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um, there's my c-chain avax addres, j-just in case.

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big if true

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trading is guaranteed to lose you money
Margin trading gets you liquidated by spikes in both directions (by accident and by malicious insider abuse)

The only way to make money is to buy and hold long term

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Why not 100 to 1,000,000
We here can i watch?

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Can you offer some guidance anon?
There’s so much learning material out there that I’m certain 90% of it is useless. I’ve heard of the jap who turned 4 figs into 250m by trading sitting in his underwear yet most people will fud you if you bring up trading as a career.

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You haven't missed much, btc and eth have been fucking crawling for the last couple hours

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Enjoy the $200 you're gonna make scamming these retards

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Bitget has 100x lev same process as ku no passport req’d

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>$500 at 10x margin and that usually moves the needle pretty well
what are you even saying cunt lmao, 10-20x with 50k on kucoin did nothing

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>10-20x with 50k
damn bro you must not know what the fuck ur doing. 50k x10 = 500k meaning a 1% increase would give you 5k (before fees). Also I'm day trading, usually take 5-10 trades a day, by "move the needle" I mean make 50-100 bucks per trade. Do that 20 days out of the month and I make much more than all my bills.

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>50 to 100 bucks
Whats your stake? 1500 per trade?

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it's at 23439

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I'm using $500 at 10x margin, so 5k/trade. Mainly just trying to get to where I feel strong enough with trading before I start increasing the leverage or the initial position.

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i can't wait till this thread gets nuked you curry faggot

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OP took profits hours ago you absolute fucking retards
see >>50637374

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ty anon!

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once these digits go public i will have cemented by place in this epic thread.
captcha S22N0P

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Read the sticky. Encouraging begging is ToS violation.

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he said he would get 100%+ on every trade see >>50637921

ergo, OP is a faggot

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who the fuck says moving the needle in context of leverage trading kek, it sounds like you're talking about the candle and wick movement.
I remember being a noob like you thinking i could day trade myself a new life but reality hits you after a few consistent bad trades.
Always chase your loss with higher leverage

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I've already had my bad losses, trading consistently at about a 70/30 good/bad trade making much more on my good trades than I lose with bad. Just because you're a stupid failing nigger doesn't mean everyone is.

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alright i'm in!
btc all the way to 100k

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hope this actually is interesting

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sounds good

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lfg OP!

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Where is the stream?

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OP sucking a long dick as always.

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Hey op I opened a 50x long at a lower price than you and already got liquidated. Wtf?

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Op is taking the white paint off his hands I think

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Check these digibytes OP and good luck,


I'd luv me some Link or polkadot

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sup baby save my life jannies get fucked

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Mumus get the rope


Would highly appreciate you helping a fellow anon. Jannies are alright.... sometimes....

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Hell yeah OP - I’m rooting for you!!! If you manage to do it come back and give us some pointers cause I sure would like to be able to print 10k on demand myself!!!

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Let's see what you've got
BTC: bc1qcsf5880vstp7h9dneeyh2qp4pyhsaffkymnnum

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this thread feels nostalgic gullible give away retards posting their addresses

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I would have advised to stick with automated trading systems but no one truly offers a working bot to the public. Taking a delve into gaming projects on Solana, Honeyland is waiting to explode

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Rolling for BTC

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ETH adress

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in order to guilt trip you in case you arent nigger:
im not a pajeet and my best friend killed himself and left me 1k usd in monero on this wallet before he did, any money i receive will be used on alcohol and cigarettes and sex toys to use on my ladyfriend in order to attempt to move on from my ex.

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I believe in you. You are a good person.
>ETH/BNB addy

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Every year some Pajeet makes a "I'm going to make $500,000 off of $20" threads. He then offers you to either join his online class or price call telegram group. It's a textbook /biz/ scam.

Also I want you to know begging can get you banned in which I'm sure some anons already did report you if the faggot jannies didn't already

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Ooo I’m makin a cartoon of this! Hope you guys enjoyed my last one.

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>in liquidity
>can't cash it out
>similar to "how much Celebrity X is worth"

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The fuck is this thread. Did you just seriously larp about making 33 cents on 100x leverage on a dollar?

What the actual fuck is wrong with you? Take meds.

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based if true

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Yeah another bitstreet whales in the making.

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With the price now, you should be rekt. Lmfao thanks for playing.

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what a fucking absurd larp
either you did decently but nowhere near 55MM, or you literally got completely fucking lucky by buying SHIB in Jan 2021.
but you are almost certainly larping so kys

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Just in case. Thank you sir.

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Plz I’m severely gay

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pathetic pajeets likely all banned now kek, and OP is dead

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>"To show you all how easy this is..."
>Loses 1 dollar instantly
Fucking kek

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Mega based if true

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>promises +$9,999
>delivers +$0.32
OP is a faggot

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Poorfaggots actually posting their addresses with a slither of hope that LARPanon is actually going to provide for their villages.


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most interesting thread I've ever seen on biz. Have never touched leverage, will be watching
>jannies this is 100% business and finance related, no nuking please

BTC: 1NVHMvPK2t2VxzYfWtEDJ8133av8LtXgka

may kek bless this post and thread, best of luck OP

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May OP be blessed with wealth, health, riches, and bitches, good luck….



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Lol wait till your luck runs out idiot

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I've turned 200k into 0$ using high leverage and I'm still goin. AMA

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Looks like a good strategy anon. I'm taking a delve into the sports metaverse where I'd get to connect with other lovers of sports in the crypto ecosystem.

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>Your average white guy on 4chan.

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whata you mean? i never begged, just posted a wallet address.

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Congrats on the success OP, I’m in progress of becoming a trader. 100k will truly set me and my family free.
Wishing you the success and happiness OP,

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Larp aside, one simple question - what exchange would you guys recommend as a start for doing crypto perpetuals?
OP is doing Kucoin, most traders I know do Binance but there are some more niche Defi exchanges I wish I knew about.

Got around 2k USD I'm wishing to spend just to see if I'm retarded enough. What do you recommend?

Also how often do you save capital by stop loss? How often do you daily traders use high margin trades?

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Send BNB kind ser

>> No.50650571

Guys how can you even leverage trade on 1 dollar last time I checked the minimum was like 45 usdt on binance

>> No.50650779

You're going to get everyone banned KEK

>> No.50651459

because this is a flaming larp and you're probably going to get banned for posting your address you desperate twit

>> No.50651558

satanic trips of truth!!!!

>> No.50651626

Why does this jew keep getting fatter and fatter?

>> No.50651704

outgrowing his human cloak

>> No.50651771 [DELETED] 

major props if true
Here, BNB would be awesome

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OP are you there, waiting for your next trade

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Anon helps out his frens!

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OP won't come back anyway i got liquidated because of lazyness today. I'm not a bad trader. I'm just lazy. Anyway I was thinking of taking a break from leverage and aping into some uniswap shitcoins. So far I've shorted the list to these 3
Shinu (meh) (300k mc)
Hades (good) (500k mc)
Laika (best) (1.3 million mc)
Which one should i go in?
No I'm not a bot

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I guess Kek is with me here. Worth a shot I suppose. Best of luck OP and congrats on making it

>> No.50652085 [DELETED] 

Cheers GLHF

>> No.50652269

then one you call "meh" obviously, more upside

>> No.50652357

>I’m just lazy
>I’m not a bad trader
These are frequently mutually inclusive