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This is pumping, Is this real or a bull trap?

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Bro everything is pumping are u living under rock or something and yes its bulltrap.

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The whole market pump is a bull trap, 10k BTC incoming.

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BTC @10K is not feasible anon

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The "investors" are basically just some rich guys doing arbitrage between the crypto, forex and stock markets.

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Is Polkadot out already?
I have a lot of presale coins from years ago. Where can I trade these?

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It is not feasible at all, IT WILL COME.

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Go back to your cave mongoose.

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Hahahaha, you're a joker
Expect 30k next

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BTC will range 15-25K over the next year. After that, we can expect a bull run with a new ATH

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I think Polkadot pump is real because of the recent happening in the ecosystem

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Not sure , but i will keep on buying until i reach 5k dotties. I still have some ammunition left in case it drops below 5$.

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Yea, DCA is not bad to apply
I will soon hit 5k DOT

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What are the recent happenings? They are having an orgy?

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Just go buy food and stock up waiting for the recession.

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Nice anon. 5k will be a good stack for next bull run.

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They are some projects that are emerging on the system currently that are offering indexing services to web3.
This will go a long way to boost the ecosystem.

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Smart strategy but you should put other factors into consideration. What if DOT does not perform well?

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I have that thought as well. But diversifying gives less returns. Last time I went all in BTC but this time its DOT. Still i have some 42k cash to spend but not spending that in case shit hits the fan.

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What's your price speculation for DOT in the next bull run?

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might be b8 but you can claim your presale eth contract presale dot on polka.js wallet.

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Global famine, the great reset, the world is coming to an end.

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I would buy more Low cap than DOT. Just 5% of my portfolio will go to DOT.

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No problem, let's get the hell out of this earth, where are we going after here, Mars or what?
I will follow Elon to Mars

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I am expecting it to reach 100$ minimum. It pumped to 51$ without any working parachains and now imagine when everything comes together.

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More shitty web3 projects. Time to focus on working products, don't you think anon? Say payment solutions and cards for example. Binance and CryptoXpress are already on it.

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What tf are you saying dude? Diversifying gives less returns? Watch yourself burn with one token.

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and how does holding the token derive value?

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You'll grow old and crypto will be in existence. Just start investing while you can because you are still early.

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In Gavin we trust

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thanks, found it

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if you are smart you collect atleast one bitcoin. I need to wait another cycle for multimillionaire cause I ignored bitcoin for shitcoins

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You can stake also anon. I would say staking is must to combat 9 % inflation. You can get between 14% to 16% if you stake.

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just everything will pump and then the whales will dump on us.

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lol yeah I should buy aleast 1. I had 5 bitcoin during the start of bull run. I cashed out in profit. I would buy 1 if BTC goes below 15k

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fuck u bobo, I am tired of you bear dominating on us
polka is just so under rated , their para chains are doing some development in web3

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What do you suggest anon?

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Staking is a good way to earn passively, it has been of help during this bear market

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Is this early tho? I think we are currently at the peak. Everything will be a slow run after this.

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the hopium has got the best of us, I would love to take the last inch of liquity from you and your soul

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Well said anon. Slurping staking rewards on xpress and stables have been saving me from moving back to my mama's basement.

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How does staking work on that platform?

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Absolutely and I am using ACALA to stake.

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Rarely pumps even though it should. Crypto market is completely manipulated.
Now its pumping, I'm actually surprised.
It's all so tiresome and just designed to pull our emotions left and right and make us buy high, sell low.

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I made the maximum money from projects launched from polkastarter and lost it on all girls and drugs

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good data indexing will really make web3 a useable thing

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DOT is going to perform well obviously. Their parachain system is revolutionary, it has changed how blockchain is applied.

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Good idea, then I will have a shot at being among the new world leaders.

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Anon doesn't understand shit about investment? He thinks of it as ponzi and wants to make 100000x at a go.

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I am of the same stand. It will definitely boom, especially now their substrate chain is more usable.

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no spoonfeeding

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Apart from staking you can also bond your DOT during crowdloan and get parachain token rewards. Thus more locked DOT will increase the DOT price. DOT is also used in governance.


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Position yourself to be like the whales so you sell before they do.

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Crypto is the future mkay

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We are here to make the money so as to have a better future. Enjoy while it last

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I believe that the increase of the new chains actually reduces DOT supply, If the crowdloan's rewards are good enough so the machine will keep going on and on with new parachains joining and a controllable supply-demand environment. Is that right?

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DOT is a good project that has been around for a while and has big goals for the future. It is definitely a buy and hold. Only a retard thinks otherwise.

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If you're holding you should be staking, no reason not to. I've been staking since Feb last year while I explore other projects in the ecosystem.

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IMO, There are a lot of competitors out there that are very good at creating web3 ecosystem and I think dot is doing pretty good but needs to balance the developers and the end users side by allowing more projects like Subsquid to gain parachain.

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This is a data indexer retard, it doesn't need a parachain. It basically indexes for parachains

The inflation is stopping me from enjoying.

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You got that right anon.

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You are making a good point.

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>make 100000x at a go.
Buy LUNC for this.

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I am not selling it less than 50 dollars,

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some people and you American working class are meant to be poor only

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My goal is to hold enough DOT and LINKs before the next bull market.

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I thought this was another joke and just Kusama tweet about them helping to break speed records

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The Web3 space is full of competition right now. That's a good start and only the best products will stay through.

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Then you are the right track linkhead, They are going to end up as a scam like luna or the devs will run away

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Wake u p from your slumber and get into better projects that still got good trust from her community.

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This will eventually pump anon
Is their nft collection dropped on rmrk

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dot is love, but eth2.0 is coming

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I saw their engine speed in berlin con, They are fast , I think faster than graph too

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Still, a long way to go. Just stay patient anon. I'm looking more into Pol7kadot products and what they are building.

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Well, payment solution are good, but they still need good data synching for effective operation

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Exactly my points, that's why I so much love Polkadot, more projects are built on its ecosystem that offer this service

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Exchanged all DOTs for LDOTs on ACA. That 20% stake too good to resist. Plus you can mint aUSD, buy more and get liquidated when the price drops like a real faggot retard.

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I lost 400$ on that. Better just to stake and get additional ACA rewards. No more playing with LP.

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These guys presented at the Polkadot decoded event and showed new heights of speed.

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Have you seen the Squid squad NFT collection?

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The collection is such a beauty,I like the interchangable parts

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I find The graph and Subsquid as the best web3 projects for now.

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I currently have it all collateralized for those 3% ACA gains, but haven't minted anything yet. I've been hovering mouse pointer over the aUSD mint button and thinking of going full retard.
I find it a bit weird how Aca app shows the portfolio, and doesn't show any gain on LDOTs (but the DOT amount keeps increasing). Read they are trying to improve the UI. I also haven't found any scanners that would show my collateralized LDOTs of the wallet, outside of ACAs own app.

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Would this pump a token? Does Anon have a token?

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i like its role in the growth and development of web 3 and also going alongside Ore Network which will seamlessly onboard new entrants to the new tech

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and lots more are pumping as well. Probably a bull trap because we don't know the bottom yet

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This nigga is deluded. Maybe he's still living in 2008. Other projects are already building in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems while you're asking such a weird question. I can't even believe how the likes of FireSquid is indexing Kusama in 15 minutes with up to 50k blocks per second. Go back to the grave, pleb.

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That's a perfect response to the bullshit sub-human. And yes, it's nice to bullshit the bullshitter

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Polkadot's interoperability features win it all for the network and parachains

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? it's literally dumping

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As far as they have to do with decentralized data indexing, I fucking agree with you, otherwise, they are crap.

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Saw that crazy collection on the RMRK's Singular NFT marketplace. I don't think the NFTs are ready for trading yet.

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Common. 500 unique NFTs. They most be magnificently valuable and everyone will be targeting to own at least one

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The NFT is a possible 10x, I saw it 8 KSM in the afternoon, planning to buy, only to wake up and see it at 10 KSM, and the supply is just 500.

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You sure know it's a bull trap but I hope we haven't missed the bottom.

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That's the point to consider. Data is the new gold. So does blockchain data

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truly Polkadot is quite good with this but it also extends to project that share same cross-chain interoperability as well as access to multichain

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Web3 need more decentralized indexer to optimized its operation, and I'm happy more projects are coming onboard in the DOT ecosystem to that effect

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Nice! Don't go full retard anon. Yes, the UI needs improving and they are working on it. Only way to check DOT staking reward is to see the value column on portfolio page. Are you still buying LCDOT?

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I'm going for LDOT at the moment. 1 DOT currently being equal to 1.26 lcDOTs, and lcDOTs being exchanged 1:1 to DOT in October 2023, doesn't it make more sense to stake it as LDOT at 20% return?
While staking, you will get steady ~25% return until October 2023, with lcDOT you get a promise of a flat ~26% return at the end of it. So about the same, but LDOT (regular DOT with 1% fee to exchange right away, or regular 28 day unstake wait time) would imo have better liquidity if the bull returns before October 2023. Fair to consider that lcDOT will also closer approach 1:1 to October, but will still be some percentage off when you might want to take it out during the bull. In addition, using LDOTs you get ACAs which imo are undervalued as well and can moon seperately.
I have also looked into BDOT (Binance wrapped parachain locked DOT, also redeemed after October), which is currently trading at 1:1.33 and even 1:1.45 in recent past. But then you have to keep it in CEX instead of the chain.

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I studied polkadot for over a year before I made my decision that it can become a big player for web3.
But of course, they must move on with development and get big players onto their chain. As the competition is not sleeping.
But let us see what the future holds.
I believe in polkadots ecosystem and will look in the long run, not short term.

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this is really good, onboarding to web 3 isn't an issue if you'll agree with me

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I've been following for a year now. It's a big scaler for web3. A lot of projects will be giving a better experience for web3 and Subsquid showed that in the decoded event.

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This is really needed, more speed is needed in web3 to push the digital economy to the next level.

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Heard before that data is the new gold. Verified one, of course.

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>lots more are pumping as well
Privacy coins especially. The pump in the next major bull will be massive

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If you missed out on the auctions, then there is no point wasting your time. Look into other investment opportunities

>> No.50610622

Good to see this kind of development. I'm fairly new to the world of data analysis and all. Learning Python and all. Ocean and Subsquid played a huge part in the interest.

>> No.50610641

>payment solution are good,
Of course, they are but it's a problem if making payments can compromise identity and privacy. Perhaps this is the best time to pay attention to protocols that enable actual anonymous transactions.

>> No.50610666

You can say that again, without a swift data synching, nothing will be done successfully

>> No.50610822

it is moving gradually, Polkadot being a major player with quite a number of projects in its ecosystem also some projects aiding a safe landing into the niche by connecting web 2 identities to web 3

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Down 58 percent!!
Wow what a pump!

>> No.50611303

Yes, the level of growth subsquid is experiencing recently is shocking, I think it's the ongoing ambassador program that contributed to it's fast growth

>> No.50611383

Isn't BTC which is Lord of all coins down 66%?

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>Perhaps this is the best time to pay attention to protocols that enable actual anonymous transactions.
Several options out there

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Are you surprised?

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Which NFT marketplace is it trading?

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Good strategy anon. This gives even more clear picture. I stopped loading up once it fell below 1.32 LCDOT for 1 DOT and changed my strategy to only DOT.

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Don't be fooled. The utility of the project is making the project gain traction. There are only but a few projects with such tech in this space.

>> No.50614192

Building and developing really powerful APIs for web3 and is also helping projects to transition from web2 to web3 as well.

>> No.50614344

This surely was an interesting event. I was really amused by the development made by this project. They are really helping so many para chains and projects to attain some super fast TPS.

>> No.50614729

It's on singular NFT marketplace anon

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WAGMI there are decent platforms being built on top of it

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*In two years

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I will advise you go shorting the market on leverage and get rerk

>> No.50615703

Polkadot has the potential to make waves in the market anon. It was encouraging to know that Railgun would be live on the blockchain soon for private transactions. Looking forward to it.

>> No.50617286

Is Railgun built on Polkadot?