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>what is Everest

the Malta based company Jannies don't want you to know about

>why should you care?

it's MiCA compliant and finally bearing fruit through the Bear Market

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I will buy everest at 4c.

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They're handcuffing the children!

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Everest is about to bring easily accessed competitive retail FOREX trading to retail & crypto users. Reminder this is happening in an era of inflation, and BRICs gearing up for a currency war. The financial world is about to be turned on it's head.

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>Why is Everest bullish?

Everest has s VFA license from the MFSA, meaning Everest can provide regulated DeFi (like $ID or XRP) globally

Allows you to send remittances cheaper than Western Union and MoneyGram

They're MiCA compliant, so basically the European Union can't fuck with Everest and $ID, unlike every other coin or token you have

You can make a fat stack off increasingly authoritarian trends like continuing regulation

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last night my daughter slipped and hit her head. i picked her up and i realized she was out of it and she started talking gibberish. my heart dropped. i called 911. EMTs came and said she probably got concussed but seemed ok. stayed up and watched her sleep. she’s ok. was not emotionally prepared to see my baby girl like that tho. this wouldnt have even happened if that prick bob reid actually did what he promised and made me rich. fuck u bob my baby girl nearly dead becuz of u. my senpai is the most important to me.

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1 LINK = 1 ID

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Some Everest use case demos:

Zero Knowledge Proof of Human + KYC:

DAO organization creation:

Remittance between US/Mexico:

Peak at Beta Wallet (including Bank <-> Dapp Payments):

SDK Dev portal for KYC:

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you guys must be hurting bad

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They are lining them up and scanning their biometrics, forcing them to blink twice.

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that old feel when I remember making money on the internet for the first time by playing crazy italians on Everest poker

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Enjoy it

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should I even read this?

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Do these guys have an office in Malta, Im from Malta and would not mind taking some pictures of empty offices and postung them here for (yous)

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it looks like their offices are in Ta' Xbiex

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based maltese fren woll you print out Bob ball memes and tape them to the door?

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the office is in Malta but Bob and teams are in california usa

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graffiti the offices with

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>Time to scan your face to trade shitcoins honey
>Yes regulator honey...

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CBDCs are going to force national currencies and economies to be more competitive, by giving mass retail access. People of a country can choose to hold a more desireable currency than their home currency.

With an Everwallet people will have this easy access to Forex trading and swapping.

Say you work a job in the USA, and collect direct deposit in USD to your Everwallet, you can set it up to immediately turn your USD into Yen. When you make a payment locally the Yen can be swapped back to USD.

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1 Triq l-Abate Rigord
XBX Ta' Xbiex Malta

To confirm this is the address right? I dont have a printer so I cant print those Lainy ball abominations. I'll take some pictures this weekend if I have the time and post them in the next Everest thread I see

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isn't the address on the website?

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Oh yeah found it on the website
75 Abate Rigord St
Ta' Xbiex, XBX 1120

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Their Malta Office is probably a shell Office that made getting their MFSA possible.

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this. no one will be there and could be a one room office suite for mail

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Bearing fruit = all time low price

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wtf dude