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I'm 35 and only have 200k. I want to retire by 40. What do I do?

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All in link

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Buy a small amount in Rubic.

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Find a side gig.

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Even if you were well off, you should continue laboring in some capacity, because labor and keeping busy is good for you. You may think you're going to become a patrician intellectual and devote your time to reading or self-reflection, but in reality you're just going to jerk off all day and eat poisonous food and consume media and then die in meaningless obscurity. Extreme wealth is an opportunity for charity, and that's all. Also I'm 37 and I have $35 in Monero and literally nothing else and no job and all I do is jerk off all day and eat poisonous food and consume media. I've worked two months in my entire life.

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how do you survive?

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Bumping b4 next outage

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>I'm 35 and only have 200k
Might as well rope. It's over.

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been heavily considering it

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But Bitcoin and xrp
Thank me later

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35 lol just end it old ass

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do a flip

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Give it to me and I'll retire you at 40.

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You buy ETH and BTC. You wait for the merge and Polygon's zkEVM. You retire by 37. Simple as it fucking gets.

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Nigger with 200k you can live off 1200$ a month from a 6% APY if you live in a third world country. Stop being a Beverly Hills thot and move to sweet home Alabama or wherever it is cheap as hell in America or Britain or any English speaking country.

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He said retire at age 40, not 41.
So put one year living expenses into TIPS, and the rest into LINK.

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i live in the south. i wouldnt want to move to a third world country

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I'm in a similar position. I have a wife and 3 kids and ~$800k in assets which is basically like being single with $200k.

My whole stupid fucking plan is "buy crypto, profit". Guess we'll see how that pans out over the next few years.

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>bitcoin has 100% yoy growth
>(5 years*100%)*200k = $1mil

just all in btc now and sell at $130k/btc why do you retards make this so hard

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>I want to retire by 40. What do I do?
Change your expectations.

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I’d put 10-20k into something like Fantom, that’s more than likely to 2-4x in the next few months. If you 3x that at 20k? That’s 60k. Then you take that 60k and look for another 2x. Rinse and repeat. Keep that 180-150k and build a second stack - pay yourself. This is going to be a crab market for a few more months, but then we will see btc and the overall utility market do atleast a 4-5x from where it is now.

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buy Bitcoin and Eth, wait for the inevitable pump...sell. you should be able to get a 5x at least, that will carry you to $1 Million. If you can't manage to retire with $1 Million then you deserve to work until you die.

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I was planning to short a contract for the memes but my broker doesn't have this stock available yet. Oh well, good luck.

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100K GNS and you are set for life

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all in ETH when BTC hits 16k

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Smack a bitDAO proposal with it and actually make a difference in the space.

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You have a family, you're already making it friend.
Just hold and keep working.
Find a hobby that you can express independently of your wife.
Anyone with $200k in crypto will make it.
Just need patience and be fine with not keeping up the jonses.

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If you want to retire homeless thats a great idea.

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invest in matic it literally pumped more than 150% last month, youll be able to retire by next year.
yes its that easy

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a few months ago i took a course in outbound prospecting and just hit my first 10k/month. its honestly such a relief

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all in red, easy.

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I know that feel.

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>I'm 37
>I've worked two months in my entire life.
Seriously, I'm in the same situation.
Hang in there, fren.
Wagmi, somehow.

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$3000 of LUNC. See ya at the local lambo dealer

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150k for 1k monero
50k on whatever makes u happy anon :)

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Monetize your social influence with raiinmaker and earn cryptos and nfts. Regardless of the size of your audience, all creators stack cryptos.

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He can stack them for free with Raiinmaker by creating and posting content on social channels.

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That's the goal. I'm stacking BTC and building my portfolio with Raiinmaker and taking back the value of my social influence. DYOR, Anon.

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Faggot, I've heard about it. They also allow Anons to join campaigns and monetize their social influence by posting curated content for brands and projects they believe in.

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CG man, what do you sell? B2B?

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idk 200k isn't particularly bad though
admittedly i'm from EU and don't like the idea of early retirement since i like my work

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Hashgraph technology and the HBAR foundation. This is going to replace the blockchain, dyor or stay poor

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Buy $ZHAO and every single shitcoin recommended to you in this thread with little to no previous investigation, research nor knowledge.

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that sounds like a bad idea!!!

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How is that even possible? Like are you rich already or living off of foodstamps and autismbux or something?

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Get into CHAMP, you won't regret it
>best nft project
>top eleven on the blockchain
>no bullshit
>no apes

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part time at the motel front desk is good easy job

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Web3 is the future. Why not dump half into the future, ANKR? Multi-chain with real-world advancement, demand, and value. Nothing can go wrong when the fundamental is right.

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Do what you want anon, my last purchase was EQ on republic crypto launchpad. I just like their one stop defi solution. I'm not giving an advice here. You just asked what to do.

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You could dump 100k into a covered call ETF like QYLD or JEPI, the other 80% into VOO/tech stocks, use the covered call income (~1k/month) to keep investing more into VOO. Or invest more into income now if you are worried about market crash.

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125x short on BTC sir

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Move to a low cost of living country Portugal, Malaysia, Turkey etc. You would be amazed for how long you could live off that stack over there

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Just buy Litecoin

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BTC is based. I'd be adding RAIL to the list as privacy crypto would increase in demand with the coming regulations.

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Just retire at 45. I assume u can out down 2k a month if u have 200k now. I have 20k now and can afford 2k a month now. Im 36. Ill be at 100k this time next year. I am aiming for about 45. But who knows will need waste a load on a house in next 2-3 yrs and thats going to fuck everything. I have family and dont want to live near the blax when kid gets older for school.

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wait until BTC goes sub 15k and ETH sub 600 and then diversify ETH BTC SOL MATIC and some other bluechip coin and just hold until the next bull cycle. good luck anon

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Put that shit into staking.
you can easily make a decent living off of 200k if you know where and what to stake exactly
I make like $3k staking ETH and BitDAO tokens.
Its not a lot but it finances my lazy lifestyle so im good

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3k a month or year?

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>retire in 5 years with 200k

thank you for playing

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I have huge expectations for SOL chad and I have my make-it stash as well. I'm also anticipating the deployment of Railgun to the blockchain for full on-chain privacy.

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what pays 10% interest?
my point being 200k is nothing

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the logical thing to do is taking advantage of the alphas on the Hbar foundation. to put it in dummy talk: invest early in top projects building on hedera, make 10x-100x on your initial investment

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1. Start hanging out in gay clubs in your local capitol city
2. Get rep for sucking a mean dick
3. Figure out which politicians and millionaires visit your local clubs
4. Invite these guys to your place where you secretly video tape them in various compromising situations.
5. Start a consulting or reselling business that can bid on government contracts
6. Use your butt buddy connections to get a bunch of juicy no bids you can sub out and skim off the top
7. Multimillionaire or billionaire in 20 years easy.

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I don't know anon. The most fascinating NFT I've seen is the one on sports metaverse which grants holders access to real-world sports events.

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Make 150k more in 5 years and retire in another country?

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nothing can go wrong Anon. especially if it's a web 3 project with an active utility and a vast ecosystem like AXL.

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You don't want to retire, to retire is to die. Life is lived by doing, creation, and providing for others. Life isn't sitting around jacking off when you have money in the bank that's just sitting there doing nothing.

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>t. Alex Karp

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seen this all-in-one web 3 protocol, quite promising IMO.

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Consider looking into project that provide real use within the defi space. for me I DCA'ed into ALBT, which will have its Fundrs launch soon, and I believe it'll be on fire when allianceblock as a project complete it's roadmap.

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You have three options:
1) Gamble it on crypto (BTCH or ETH, do NOT be a dumb nigger and better it on meme shit)
2) Chuck it into an index fund and continue regulary contributing it to for the next 10 years
3) Chuck it into a single large cap stock like MSFT and pray like fuck it pays off

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Similar situation (but minus 10 years) I went all in eth. I got like 145 eth and will retire on that in 5 years

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you should fucking look for a means of passive income, SPool could do some good here by helping you earn properly from staking stables across several yield generators, though not the magic you might expect, but some slow income due to your choice of risk.

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While this is a good option, I will go with KCS, LOX, and FTX. All the pumps combined will give me a combined 50x in the next couple of years. WGMI

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Litecoin has failed to deliver and live up to its hype. I will choose SCRT over LTC at this point.

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Interested in zK-rollups? This will implement them fairly soon (Q3 2022)!
Multiple projects being deployed (e.g. @PegasysDEX), ZK-rollups will increase its TPS to an on-chain theoretical 240K, Secure through merged mining and chain locks!

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kill yourself and try your luck on your next run, or maybe try to do something with nfts, those shitty things on opensea sell for thousands of dollars, although starting with relatively new projects like champ is not bad either

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dividend index funds
dividend growth stocks
do it for 5 more years and retire in cheap area

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That's every coin in my portfolio

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I'm looking into projects with low mc. Geeq has a mc of about 3m. And it's a Blockchain project too.

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dump it all into $MO and live off the 8.5% dividend somewhere in the 3rd world

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buy into project with good prospects like VET and AXL, also some ETH, stake them and forget it for the next few years.
then look for side hustle in between.

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I like that It's protected by Proof of Honesty protocol since the security aspects is fast and more reliable

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Talking about prospect i think hybrid blockchains have a lot to offer. I believe they have the best chance to give you the most returns in the next bullrun

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A lot of projects are already going hybrid. Public and privacy features might become a common thing soon

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A lot of node validation algorithms these days. Yet ETH has been trying to move to POS for almost a billion years.

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I'm 40 and you have 240k more than me. Can't help sorry bro.

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>3. Figure out which politicians and millionaires visit your local clubs
lol people of status don't visit these places. they throw private parties. you might find them at nightclubs but they're always in their box surrounded by their entourage. there's always a buffer between affluent people and poors. not saying its impossible but you by yourself will not be able to pull it off.

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That's 5 years to retire with 1 or 2 million dollars. If you stake UTK and earn 25% APR. Add compounding to that and other earning opportunities, and you'd be a millionaire.

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Buy Qanx now pageet and wait the Mainnet launch by EOY to start raking in profits

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>$35 in Monero and literally nothing else
>$35 in Monero and literally nothing else

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Move to Tuvalu and live on the beach for the rest of your life.

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Put all 200k on roulette and pray

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Honestly i don't give a fuck about that. I'm only interested in the gains right now.

>> No.50567122

Again POS chain has a common bottleneck big stakeholders can manipulate voting. This is why i think the security aspect of POH protocol is the way to go

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Staking is based. Normies love to lose to shit tokens. Why tho? Who overlooks good passive income opportunities. Not that I care. They'll burn

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I hope you don't get rekt anon. What about working products. Would rather stick with cryptoxpress. Payment solution on the horizon there. That plus good staking yields.

>> No.50567173

PoR already addressed this bottleneck anon

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I'm 27 and I had $160k when I was 21
Now I have $15k in my checking and $30k-$40k in crypto. 2 story house in the burbs, no family. I just wanted to not have to work that's literally all I wanted...

>> No.50567197

PoH is independent validation. That might be something

>> No.50567260

More proof? Nothing will change imo. That energy needs to be directed to payment gateways. The space is evolving and fast too.

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all in pnk

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I would say invest in LOX. It's likely to do some good numbers considering it's quite a different project with different approach to solving problems bedeviling mobile device industry.

>invest in matic it literally pumped more than 150% last month,
Nice one, Sylo too performed so well recently, market cap is pretty small and it's got a product to offer, one of those I'm bullish on long term.

>> No.50567413

Working products work hand in had with passive income. Most low caps seem to be holding. Staking cake and xpress while I continue to watch.

>> No.50567442

Not gonna put my asset in a single project

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>What do I do?
you can invest in cardano, i see great potential in it, ride too may not be well known but they're a great deal for investment, the backing of Audi shows how readiness they are.

i'm also on Floki and Xyo, would be getting one or both of them, once i'm done with my research.

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I agree with the LUNC shill except put the entire 200k into it. Gotta go balls deep if you truly want to make it.

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Blockchain should be ecofriendly and also decentralised as much as possible and that's why consensus algorithms are very important.

>> No.50567785

A sector I think would thrive in the next bull cycle is the metaverse. I have high expectations for the sports metaverse with the likes of Youtube and Sony as supporters.

>> No.50568555

wow my thread is still up. cool i guess

>> No.50568896

Geeq has their unique data storage also and they're not just limiting to one solution. If their multi-blockchain platform is launch, it's a win win game for everyone.
WTF MO is?
So what's your plan?

>> No.50568935

I think low caps are better risk along with eth and bnb, lox network and zil and plug

>> No.50568977

I think they will be developing on mobile theft, there are millions of devices mate, what about the gas fee

>> No.50569015

is this another metaverse project, another airdrop coming?

>> No.50569031

you can’t. I’m 34 and sitting at 1mil and i am just barley going to make it if ETH pops off. unless you live in an extremely cheap cost of living country (not in a large western nation) then 200k isn’t enough to make it anymore

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I am 34. Your post made me depressed as fuck. It only feels like 34 when I read other people posting about it and my first reaction is how old they are..and then I remember.

>> No.50569413

No blockchain means vaporware

>> No.50569648

Well, I have my eyes on the sportsmetaverse which uniting all the sports lovers in crypto ecosystem and has support from icons like Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho.

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>I have $35 in Monero
At least you're investing in the right time. Any investment in privacy focused projects or coins at the moment is super smart

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Launching from scratch is not an easy thing anon. You just need to be patient and put your trust on the team and if you don't have it, simply ignore and find a fucking memes.

>> No.50570030

This is a good way to do it. One question though: most IRAs have some kind of cap (normally 6k) per year on what you can contribute, whether traditional or Roth. Would this be an instance you just open up a separate individual account and just take the tax hit?

>> No.50570041

Launching from scratch is not an easy thing anon. You just need to be patient and put your trust on the team and if you don't have that, simply ignore and find a fucking memes. Go find your own happiness.

>> No.50570074

>buy Bitcoin and Eth, wait for the inevitable pump...sell.
The more significant pumps will likely come from lower caps, especially PriFi tokens. The demand for privacy utilities will definitely create a massive buy pressure around them

>> No.50570098

MATIC did quite good yeah

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>Actual privacy projects living up to expectations.
I'd buy RAIL instead

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Airdrop? Except sports metaverse, I doubt if there is any metaverse projects with any activity right now considering the state of the market

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Kek, how can it be when any random dude can track your ass on block explorers without your consent

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Invest in virtual lands. Ridiculously underrated considering its potentials.

>> No.50570305

>10% interest

>> No.50570329


You fucking noob, you were born into easy mode. Why would you considering roping based only on those numbers? There must be other things bothering you, for sure, but roping solves nothing.

I'm 30 living at parents in post-banana country. 3k savings. God spare my class in the upcoming food crisis.

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>> No.50570556

With 200k, you are best off putting that in a diversified portfolio of large and micro caps like XRP and CNDL.

>> No.50570997

welcome to /biz, where 1000s of wagies with <100k net worth laugh at wagies and claim 10 million is lower middle class

>> No.50571025

$200k at your age is great. Don't listen to these retarded /biz/ larpers.

>> No.50571237

>inserting wojak #51402
>doesn’t have at least a small stack of $40 bucks of LUNC when it violently moons to $1 EOY
Ha. Genuinely NGMI

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Find some cool liquidity mining campaigns and ape into. Don't LP on shitcoins FYI..

>> No.50571435

GTF outta here... That's shit compared what APY >1000% can offer you per year.... you sound poor though...

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Fuck trannies and drink whiskey

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Says a newfag that doesn't know about Librescan.

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Foolish OP, If you are a fucking developer you can build dApps and smart contracts with any programming languages without spending your godforsaken money.

>> No.50571944

This, if you 'retire' from working you still have to do *something* or else you'll just die. Old people are school crossing guards because it keeps them alive longer. When I make it, I intend to work some jobs that pay shit but teach me useful skills and where I could help them out. I've been offered jobs at machine shops, arcades, random stores, all kinds of places where I feel I could both learn stuff and make a difference in how successful their business is, but they're wagie slavie jobs that pay 1/6th of my salary. It would be a lot of fun though.

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No doubt, BTC is making the mark, it's worth holding onto but ETH is a fuckass bitches. Imagine getting a fixed transaction fees that's low compared to other blockchains like Ethereum.

>> No.50572115

Lots of Shillers are here talking shit.

>> No.50572152

How easy is it to get hired as a dev without a college degree?

>> No.50572166

YLA auto-updates this baskets of vaults regularly thereby maintaining maximum profit for holders at a low gas fee

>> No.50572292

Hey faggot, take a course and become a developer, pay a fee to deploy new smart contracts on the platform. This fee is paid in QANX and the amount of fee relates to the size and logic of the deployed contract.

>> No.50572503

That's the only decentralised blockchain explorer that will be devoid of tracking

>> No.50572579

Get on LOX and stake to earn passively, it has a unique use cases to tackle phone theft

>> No.50572657

bitDAO is buying hundreds of ETH. You should be buying ETH. It's so damn simple anon

>> No.50572658

Developers in Subsquid spend less in their data indexing services

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That's bullshit, bitch. Developers on Qanplatform will earn royalties whenever their codes are reused on the chain

>> No.50573199

should I do the same? what is your spread on

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With Railway, you can actually shield your wallets and transactions such that it is untraceable on the explorer

>> No.50573515

Kek, fuck you and your blockchain. If you are looking for actual privacy, check this. If not there, Stfu

>> No.50573550

What happens there, fucktard?

>> No.50573625

This is not a juicy pussy for developers alone anon, faggot can benefit from the rapid cloud deployment when installing the private blockchain, where they can cut their deployment time by 80% compared to the industry average.

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Wtf this making me feel horny kek,but the web3 payments platform ahs made so easy booking a flight and doing all shopping for the comfort of your home,and pay using cryptos it just a sweet pussy experience

>> No.50573683

Virtual lands are becoming a big deal. It's incredible some kind of rewards some metaverse projects are hiding randomly in their lands. Best I've seen so far is the one in sports metaverse
>ETH Mine
>World cup tickets

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Actual crypto privacy

>> No.50573729

Until you experience the LMaaS rewards on BSC pools. If not, you will continue to be blinded by buy low sell high crap...

>> No.50573733

>this looks great anon bit what do you think the APY will be faggot

>> No.50573767

>should I do the same? what is your spread on

That's what a standard portfolio should look like

Should I bag thesame or

>> No.50573935
File: 13 KB, 280x280, f7f85aa33af36824e0651b52406ae6dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That looks good but it fucked the hell out of me with his crazy gas fees, looking rekt already,Yea mate, I couldn't agree less. With the mass adoption on Crypto payments from old and new merchants it's really booming e-commerce and online stores at the moment. I get to pay less on transaction fee and save more through cashbacks.

>> No.50574051

Go get your fact right Dickhead how much is ETH now,,Ethereum Average Gas Price is at a current level of 23.75, up from 13.69 yesterday

>> No.50574128

oooh pajeet is trying

>> No.50574159

>Ranjesh thinks this is a "natural" conversation

>> No.50574198
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Build your portfolio using Raiinmaker, OP. The platform allows degens to stack cryptos and nfts by simply creating and sharing content using their existing social channels.

>> No.50574239

No doubts fags many big things in the crypto space have been buzzing recently, including P2E, gaming, NFTs.
web3 will however, become a sweet pussy deal very soon.
In addition, Web3-related projects will create a lot horny dick during this time.

>> No.50574253

Post your content on raiinmaker to earn cryptos, nfts and digital gift cards from over 300 brands, Fag. It will be enough for your retirement in the future, OP.

>> No.50574258

>WTF MO is?
is everyone here a dumb fucking indian?

>> No.50574284

>ranjesh thinks these are "organic" posts

>> No.50574316
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kek you didn't mention Create to Earn projects, Anon. The web3 creator economy like Raiinmaker are adding buzz on the space. They allow Anons like you to stack cryptos and NFTs by posting and sharing content using their existing social channels.

>> No.50574577
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Who the heck hired you to tag Anons? Whatever the case may be, I'm loving Pajeet's chats. I had never heard of the notion of create to earn before. The pajeets are bringing in new concepts to the space. I'll f*cking look into it.

>> No.50574843

I'm 34 and have $150 in the bank, and ~100k of debt. How can I retire in two years?

>> No.50576147

rob banks
ain't nothing better than a good ol' challenge for a young hustler like you

>> No.50576173

btc - 50%
eth - 30%
sol - 10%
matic - 10%

>> No.50576510

You can be fucking serious anon
Despite the fact that they spend less, their indexing services are topnotch, they index kusama in 15 minutes

>> No.50576523

You can be fucking serious anon
Despite the fact that they spend less, their indexing services are topnotch, they index the whole of kusama in 15 minutes

>> No.50576539

Make another 800k.

>> No.50576610

Same with Subsquid, they are the most swift data synching project for web3 I've ever seen
Do you know what it means to synch over 10 to 50k blocks in seconds?

>> No.50576757
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Payment solution is still on the horizon? I'd rather choose Binance or some better crypto payment is currently available. Wake me up when xpress payment gets here.

>> No.50577455