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>two brothers start competing Widget Emporiums
>Brother A sells widgets for 5 dollars
>Brother B sells widgets for 6 dollars
>Brother A immediately gets more sales
>Brother B lowers price of widgets to 4 dollars
>Brother A buys up all of Brother B's widgets at a reduced price
>Brother A increases the price of his widgets to 8 dollars
Where's the flaw?

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>Where's the flaw?

Widget not needed.

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The widgets we're talking about are a necessity.

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Taxes and jews

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Both of the brothers in the story are jewish, and they both have to pay taxes.

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If you start selling out of a product, or are on pace to sell out you raise your prices incrementally.

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>thinking you can corner the market without affecting price

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worked for walmart

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>Brother B develops drug addiction and kills Brother A in a fit of rage ala Cain and Abel

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>tfw the compromised, edited bible leaves out the part where Cain gets hooked on meth

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I think this happened to the company that made truck nuts.

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