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>70k LINK (ex)marine sells it all and goes all in on ENS domains
>number of ENS threads on /biz/ this month: zero
You’re all to blame for the garbage state of this place. If you contribute nothing, you get nothing.

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> he doesnt know ENS domains are just NTFs

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Did reddit tell you that NFT bad because ape picture expensive?

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what the fuck is an ENS domain?
This reminds me about the stories of people selling their 1000s of BTC, it always baffled me why there where so little people with bigger stacks, holding is truly an ardous task.

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>buy NFTs
Checks out.

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im not retarded and i know nfts are one of the most retardted investments you can make.

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>what the fuck is an ENS domain?
This board might be at its lowest level of general crypto literacy in its entire history

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Nobody cares about your shitty .com ripoff tranny

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>sells before steak
kek you were never a marine, easy come, easy go

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>20 THOUSAND ETH volume PURELY on 3 and 4 digit domains
>nobody cares
fucking cope you absolutely catastrophic retard

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Sorry I just don't think that they are cool

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>selling the bottom of link to buy the top of ens names
Oh no no no no no no no no no

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Stfu kike

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are pure trip emojis taking off yet? if not i don't care

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Oh what ape pictures are bad now?

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there have been some buys, faces have sold for a few ETH. Single emoji domains went absolutely bananas though.

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How do I use the domain name to make a WordPress based site?

How do I buy a domain without using credit card, I'm.not sure what stripe is but I don't really want them having my info

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We actually memed each other into buying an emoji triple instead of 3 digit domains

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An anon posted in december saying "buy 3 digits, most haven't even been registered" but was completely ignored.

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>15k Link for 003.eth
TOPKEK I hope he posts his suicide

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i don't even know if i should renew them. fucking 42.

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no, emojis are ugly and suck
low character count is all thats mattered for nonsensical domains, and emojis have so many variants they're only low character in the 1-2 glyph range maximum.

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Is this trolling

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In what regard? Unstoppable domains have a domain I want and use stripe as a payment?

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Which ones do you guys have?>>50545914

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ENS domains have 99% of domain volume. UD is dead, anon.

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>Sells 70k link at the bottom

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fuck off shill

go to another thread faggots, you pajeets are not welcome here

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Go with unstoppable domains
.nft .crypto .bitcoin .x
Instead of .eth
Its also one time purchase and not a subscription like ens domains
Unstoppabledomains can be bought from your metamask

You can own
SergeysBigmac.888 or Brapmaster.nft for probably less than 30 bucks right now and a bunch of others

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>oy vey goys look at this link marine that sold his 70k stack for ens domains

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i bet you get ghosted for using android

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i wouldn't trust any "decentralized" domain that attempts to co-opt .bitcoin as an extension without actually settling on bitcoin itself.
likewise, i wouldn't trust any crypto tld trying to be generic and not just a variant of their blockchain name

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>this ENS campaign has been brought to you by the same retards who gas lit anons into getting the Bancor haircut

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There are tens of thousands of ETH in ENS domain volume.

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Hudson of the Ethereum foundation already cancelled this

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whatever you say 42 nigger kike. I dont take jewish advice from weird numbers

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Ens domains are gay. Anything worth a fuck is already taken. He's going to regret that.

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Got drunk one night and browsed top crypto YouTuber and bought ens names. I literally have a TomCrownCrypto domain name. Wtf do I do? How do I put it up imon a marketplace? Of should I message him directly to make an offer

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>if I can't get in at the absolute start it's not worth getting in at all
This sort of retard fallacy stopped people from buying ETH at $10 and BTC at $100.

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investing in the ENS protocol might be a nice levered eth merge bet, same as scooping up LDO. I honestly wouldn't speculate on individual domains though, outside of maybe a few established 'clubs' like 3- and 4-digits. Fuck all that foreign language and emoji shit, especially now that 3-char domains have an upkeep of like .05e monthly.

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>"w-why doesn't anyone care about my announcement that i sold?"
>absolutely seething in every reply
>has to samefag his own thread because no one cares
yeah we can tell you're really happy with your decision lmao
all fields

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Link is worthless, sergey is dumping 65% of the supply aggressively

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you can have three digit ens names and a decent stack of link btw

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Link will hit 1000 before any 3-digit ens sells for 15Mil, screencap this, then cope

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fine by me boss. idk how anyone who owns link doesnt see the value in ENS names. and if you see the value in ENS names generally then you see the value of three digit ens names

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don't you get it anon? A linkie sold 70k link to get into this opportunity! That means we should all sell our link for this right?

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I understand the value of ENS but I don't understand the opportunity cost of selling 15,000 stinkies for 003.eth, its not like he sold it for Amazon.eth or even 3.eth, which i would still find retarded

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>sold 70k LINK for ENS domains
holy shit ahahaha

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Its not going to be limited by just .eth, because its going cross chain, you can register whatever the fuck you want, 003.avax, 003.sol, 003.bnb, 003.003, 003.004.....ect. You get the big picture here? As long as (blank.blank) isn't registered with ENS, you'll be able to register it for your wallet. The possibilities are nearly endless

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Three characters is the minimum so 003 is actually a god tier domain. When you put it next to 15k LINK though I would definitely take the LINK.