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I just bought these diamonds for $15k

Guy I sourced them from said I could sell them for $100k easy. Anyone else investing in rare gems?

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eat them and shit them out first, for the lols.

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they look like glass beads
go away larper

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>reselling diamonds
anon....I don't think you can do that

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kek irl shitcoin shilling
bro buy raregem its gonna poomp 6x guaranteed

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Why didnt he sell them for 100k easily

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Don't look like glass beads to me. They're real authentic rare diamonds from Thailand

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Stolen goods are deeply discounted for sale.

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dude the quality tho lmao

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Looks like a chunk of busted ass coke bootle run over by a car on an asphalt road.

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These diamonds have a lotta niggers in em

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>rare diamonds

for fuck's sake how do cunts like you afford to drop TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS on shit you dont know THE FIRST FUCKING THING ABOUT


I have barely $200 in my savings and see this shit and it infuriates me

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op could easily get close to 100k for those
pic rel once these are polished they would fall into the IB or IIB category making them worth well over 100k if he decides to put in the work probably close to a mil desu

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The darker areas are from deep pressure in the magma

They're not stolen or anything like that, I think

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Yeah dood these could prolly go for 100k but I just gotta get rid of them dood can u gimme like just 15k for em? They'd go for way more I just can't get rid of em dood

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These diamonds are rare. Only 4 mines in Thailand have access to the diamond vein that these were found. Here's a better pic of one of the rarest diamonds.

I got my $15k from crypto gains early on, I have my last $20k left on hold with my source who'll send me the rest once he's out of quarantine

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Take them to your nearest diamond dealer and have them do a free assessment and polish/cut for you then you’ll know, they might even offer you on the spot if they’re rare enough.

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>$35k paid to a "source" who won't ever contact OP again

this is why I come to /biz/

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This. I am guessing OP is just trolling.

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I'm going to see a diamond man on Wednesday to get them valued. I'm looking forward to it, even if they offer me $50k I'll probably take it

This is what I'm getting in the second delivery once my source is back

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nice larp.
but that shit looks like the decorative stones found at walmart in the craft section.

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>The diamond man
If any faggot can roll into a diamond man and get 50k instead of 15k for something they would do that.
Sorry anon you got scammed hard.

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I don't know why you guys are so negative, but it's simple, I'll summarize what the guy told me

The diamonds are rare
The mines aren't allowed to use machinery, only their hands, ensuring scarcity
These diamonds are used for jewellery and some industrial usages

Their value is well known

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>diamonds are rare because miners can't use mining equipment

you got fucking scammed
give me your money, you are too retarded to use it properly

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So why didn't he get this well known price instead of selling them to you for a fraction of what they're worth?
I don't even know why I'm responding to this obv larp thread lol.

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Don't listen to the jealous types here anon (you're speaking to people who """invest""" in digital make believe "money"). I think these diamonds look really good but I can't be 100% sure on their make up, you should definitely get them tested. If they are what I think they are then you got a good price and the cut/clarity from first impression looks pretty good.

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>muh operation bluebird
>muh geopolitics will effect the price of zircon
>muh diamonds

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There's a reason why gamestop only buys your games for $2. No dealer is retarded enough to leave you with all of the profit.

>Is an uncut diamond worth anything?
>They cost way less.
>You can find an uncut, 1-carat diamond ring for a few hundred dollars vs a few thousand for the same sized cut ring.

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BRO these are rare just trust me BRO you can easily get 100k for them bro but I like you so much I'm willing to sell them to you for 15k even tho diamond can next door cna give me 50 for them you are so luck you have me BRO XDDDDD

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Have you done any home tests? Like the water, glass, and heat tests?

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kek if they can be sold for 100k+ why would someone sell them to op for 15k

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>This nigga paid 15k for some glass beads
Might as well shove them up your ass so you're at least getting something out od the deal >>50523149

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How am I to know? Stolen? Desperately needed cash? Your guess is as good as mine. They do look a lot like type IIb diamonds I've seen in the past though, which are very rare. Can't speak for the carat on them though.

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you get a fence before stealing or at least consider who you'll sell it to. Why would they run to you first? Because you're a mark.
>Desperately needed cash?
>sells for 100k easy but I'm so desperate I'll give them away for 85% less

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>Guy I sourced them from said I could sell them for $100k easy
so why did he decide to miss out on that incredible opportunity? he didnt want to make an easy 75k? topkek

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It's that kind of mentality that will prevent you from making some serious money from desperate people. If you have to over analyse every opportunity that presents itself to you then you're ngmi.

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>prevent you from making some serious money from desperate people
I have no interest in deceiving desperate people. Maybe that's why I don't get swindled like you. You deserve it.

>If you have to over analyse every opportunity that presents itself to you then you're ngmi.
>stop thinking and just take my garbage from me
no thanks

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>Guy I sourced them from said I could sell them for $100k easy
was pic related the guy.
You do know they can artificially create diamonds now. It's like the rip van winkle caper. anyone holding diamonds long term is fucked.

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I will deceive everyone stupid enough to be deceived, I do not care for lesser people. If someone brings me $100k worth of asset and wants to sell for penny on the dollar, I will take that deal every single time.
You will not? I doubt that very much. Simply because you have not been in such position. You mean to tell me you are above such actions? I highly doubt it.

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This is the most idiotic investment I've seen in a while. Nice job.

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Diamonds aren't rare

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I lold bro

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How did you get this shit so cheap?? These guys are stolen from the mines, right? Probably in some Thai guy's butthole?

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you uh
got scammed bro
have you had them appraised? I'm guessing no

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>what the guy told me
and you trust him?
top kek stuff mate, please keep us updated

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>The mines aren't allowed to use machinery, only their hands, ensuring scarcity

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>The mines aren't allowed to use machinery, only their hands, ensuring scarcity
That's bullshit but I believe it

Only a chink could come up with such a scam to keep scarcity low

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You checked the density of these diamonds right? That should be an easy tell, since diamonds should be relatively dense at 3.5g/cm^3

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decent bear market bait thread

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Did somebody say gem?

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Great diamonds! 200k eoy!

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>They're not stolen or anything like that, I think
>I think
They are stolen anon.

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shut up and get back in your cage goy!

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>the face of a scammer

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Oh no, I'm so sorry.

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>I got my $15k from crypto gains early on
Curious to know which assets, in particular, gave you your gains. I also believe in crypto and see a lot of opportunities in the metaverse considering the attention it's been getting from celebrities and athletes lately.

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>attention it's been getting from celebrities and athletes lately.
If celebrities and atheletes give something attention it means someone is paying them to. If someone is paying people to convince other people to buy something, it's probably not a good idea to buy that thing.

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good bait. any other board would laugh along with the joke but the average /biz/ poster is such an aspie that you actually have these spackers on the ropes

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You have a good point though. It would only be a bad idea to get involved if there is no relevant use case. but what's your take on clubs like Manchester City building a digital stadium where fans could stream live matches in 3D?

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>The mines aren't allowed to use machinery, only their hands, ensuring scarcity
Anon, i...

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why didn't he sell them then, you 'reeetard? and if this isn't a larp ( it is ) you got scammed.

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they're literally not real. my family owns a handful of jewelry stores and ive been around gems all my life.
go find the faggot who sold them to you (hes long gone by now) and beat your money out of him.
sorry for (You)r loss, Anon.

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wtf is going on in this thread

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The only reason you'd be dealing with stones is if you wanted to transport vast amounts of wealth across international lines without attracting any attention.
To do so however you have to make use of the Jew Network so you have to know a JEWeler.
This is not a joke btw this is how it's done.

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Did you do any test? Did you at least try to scratch them with metal? (nothing should scratch a diamond)

>> No.50527998

except another diamond.

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I hope before illegally buying "diamonds" for 15k you had enough brain capacity to test them with a diamond tester.

>> No.50528518

$LACE is a rare gem if you know what i mean ;)

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go to your designated street shitting thread nigger

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These are natural zircons... You find plenty of them near Thaïland and Cambodia. Good luck earning much with those..

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you literal retard that's blue zirconium. Yes it's one of the rare types of zircon rocks, but it's price is low. You literally fell for a thai scam.

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congrats op. you have just thrown 14k down the toilet

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is scamming this easy? I know you need good CHA, but the ideas this guy sold OP on don't even hold up, holy shit.

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Diamonds are essentially worthless since we can produce them ourselves. You should have put the money into precious metals. I hope you are able to make your money back anon.

>> No.50529719

literally worth a few dollars with that level of clarity you moron

>> No.50529801

Pretty sure this is the same guy who kept making the "I inherited an olive farm but I'm gonna sell it" threads.

>> No.50529973

Artificall diamonds are atomically different from natural diamonds and are no where near as valuable because there is absolutely no scarcity whatsoever. They charge way more for them than they should
Legitmately good diamonds, flawless or near flawless with a decent size, are not the worst hold in the world. Not great unless it's significant jewlelry, not horrendous either.

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>spends thirty five thousand dollars on glass beads
>the seller is in (((quarantine))) and will be shipping the rest to OP at a later date

Who wants to tell him? I don't have the heart

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Nice thread, made me kek

>> No.50530111

Then sell them
How did you managed to buy it?

Do you have all the necessary certificates?

>> No.50530119

Do you seriously need (((certificates))) to buy shiney rocks?

>> No.50530155

>you're speaking to people who """invest""" in digital make believe "money
OP is one of these guys though kek

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Yes, otherwise the diamond is useless

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Gem dealers will only trade laser engraved diamonds with legit serial numbers. Your diamonds have serials, right anon?

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Yeah it's pretty anti-semetic and if this place had any decency then the thread will be deleted out of respect

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If it aint registered and laser engraved, it's a conflict diamond and nobody is buying. Enjoy your glass beads.

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You incels are pathetic
Always looking for the jew

>> No.50532003

gib rocks ples

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>The mines aren't allowed to use machinery, only their hands, ensuring scarcity

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the replies to this reminds me of when you retards thought the dfinity necklace was real

>> No.50532510

If I saw that I'd throw it away thinking it was glass lmao.

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Don't listen to the fud anon. They just want you to sell your diamonds cheaper.

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The only gemstones worth a shit are natural emeralds

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>the guy told me

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I prefer my rocks

>> No.50532893

anchors the best ber over there for sure

>> No.50533093

And yet you didn't buy gold. What a stupid fuck. You have been warped.

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Where did you find those OP?

>> No.50533361

Diamonds are the shakiest investment, and the favorite go to of conmen.

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I took 10.6 carrots of my thai diamonds to an appraiser, I didn't want to take the whole lot in case I got robbed or lost them or something
The diamond appraiser said he hadn't seen these kinds of diamonds before and wanted to send one off to get a proper checkup done

Second appraiser said he couldn't give me anything for them because he's broke (lol?)

Third appraiser was on the other side of the city. He was pretty young and only offered me $600 for the entire 10 carrots. This young guy's been watching to much pawn stars for sure with such a low offer

Appraiser 1 will get back to me tomorrow, and then I'm meeting the proper diamond man on Wednesday to hopefully sell for over $60k. I'll take $50k but want to see what I get offered first

>> No.50533508

those aren't diamonds bro
any appraiser can do a moh hardness test

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>first diamond jew steals a glass bead off you
>second diamond jew is too polite to tell you they're worthless
>third diamond jew gave you your best offer of $600 for glass beads and you didn't take it

you are a fucking moron

>> No.50534026

>bro just give me 15k and you'll have 100k trust me I'm Thai very serious credible people

>> No.50534067

you are a fucking idiot anon. go back to eating chicken nuggets and disappointing your parents.

>> No.50534182

This is a hilarious troll thread well done op

>> No.50534189

Nice bait. No one here can be that stupid to re-sell worthless rocks.

>> No.50534292

>The diamond appraiser said he hadn't seen these kinds of diamonds before
They must be really rare.

>> No.50534417

I'm not the fucking idiot who spent THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS on glass beads

the fact that OP isn't responding to me tells me he knows he's fucked

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Blessed thread

>> No.50534600

cambodia huh? are you up in Siem Riep? zircon or sapphire?
enjoy a happy pizza for me friend, and good luck with the gemstone market. i have a friend who made a little money doing what you're doing, it's not impossible. when you get back to the first world, talk to jewelers

>> No.50534622

enjoy your psychosis and blown receptors

>> No.50534634

That’s a fugazi, go make some jewellery with it and give it to your wife. You try to sell it you’re gonna look like a dumski

>> No.50534637

go to Pailin for rubies/sapphires or ratnakiri for zircon btw

>> No.50534895

They do that scam to tourists in Thailand.

>> No.50535081

These are probably the lowest quality diamons on the market
if you know anything about diamonds these would be worth a fuck ton more than 100k

>> No.50535088

Should have got some AAAA Tanzanite instead or at least some rubies

>> No.50535137

Yeah checkout kekchain on tg

>> No.50535148

Real diamonds are worthless. Are you al retarded? Did De Beers marketing do that good of a job?

>> No.50535187

> Did De Beers marketing do that good of a job?
Yes. They made women believe it’s a measure of their value, and it made men believe it would get their dick sucked. Marketing was on point.

>> No.50535197

My wife wasn't fooled by it. Only thots value diamonds. You'd want to share your genetic data with a pea brained merchant programmable thot?

>> No.50535253

Its retarded and if you are going to buy a stone get a ruby because retards keep buying it so its value keeps going up so you could always sell the stone in the future and put a gold nugget in the shape of a diamond instead

>> No.50535400

My wife doesn’t wear jewelry in general. I wasn’t agreeing with De Beers marketing, I was saying that yes, it worked. There are a ton of retarded people with money to easily exploit.

>> No.50535765

Poorfags detected

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>Broken glass pieces
>Get $15k QANX and that could actually be worth $100k by next year.

>Why do Amerifags write date like that.
>It should be DD/MM/YY

>> No.50537022

isn't that zircon? I remember a jeet shilling it here a while ago

>> No.50537110

If you only have $200 maybe you're not as smart as you think you are

>> No.50537210

YYYY-MM-DD is far superior

>> No.50537230

>diamonds are rare
They're never an investment because they can be created in a lab. Should Habs bought PMs instead.

>> No.50537551

it's not my fault the economy shit itself
its not my fault all jobs are given to imported foreign labor
it's not my fault boomers won't retire

>> No.50537570

the moment you paid for them, they've lost 75% of their value. enjoy your 4k worth of carbon stones lol.

>> No.50537610

>what gave you gains
literally any shitcoin bought in 2020 got to do 10 to 50x by 2021.

>> No.50537629

Are those supposed to be diamonds? Bruh, look at the shine on those. Fucking bottle glass has more reflection. lol. Why buy shit you know nothing about? You've just got scammed, retard.

>> No.50537643

Enjoy being scammed all your life kek.

>> No.50537674

They are literally the same as natural diamonds, but even more perfect and flawless in crystalline structure. Why would anyone buy a natural diamond is beyond me. Literally being jewed to pay thousands of dollars for some cracked piece of compressed coal. roflmao
>no scarcity
decent natural diamonds aren't scarce either, they're mined by the thousands of tons yearly, but just kept out of market to create fake scarcity and swindle idiots like you.

>> No.50537700

>Hello, why is this transparent coal rock worth 5k and not 50 bucks? Oh, its because it was pulled out the dirt with bare hands by brown kids, no heavy machinery used!

>> No.50537799

What are the most valuable rare gems without any kikery?

>> No.50537807

Being smart and making money was never a strong correlate. It’s mostly connections and luck, then hard work and smart investments.

>> No.50538140

wtf get your $20k back now. $10 says he lost it in luna crash.

>> No.50538377

Bet you don't even know why diamonds are the strongest metal OP

>> No.50538470
File: 146 KB, 1430x564, zircon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50538471

I'll be honest with you... diamonds are not blue bro

>> No.50538527

why do you need serial numbers?

>> No.50538534

Checked and blessed

>> No.50538564

Both have the same energy you're right

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File: 114 KB, 1088x1088, 1657939001520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm a Gemologist. Why would a guy sell you something for $15k, if you can immediately turn it over for $100k OP? Think about it.

>> No.50538617

>real authentic rare diamonds from Thailand

>> No.50538627

Looks like a shitty excuse, most normies do have a job it's not hard to get its hard to do because it's shitty but that's also the only way to make money.
You're unlikely to make it with 200 bucks of investments

>> No.50538723
File: 4 KB, 262x193, 1655121813339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.50538760

No serial number laser etched = diamond is of unknown source, can't be proven to be from a legit source, might be a "conflict" diamond mined by some 2-bit tyrant somewhere, it's illegal for businesses to buy or sell conflict diamonds.
So no serial means the rock is pretty much worthless.

>> No.50538830

There is a reason pawn shops will pay much more for gold and hardly anything for diamonds.

>> No.50538880

I suspect the real reason has to do with a Jewish scheme of artificial scarcity.

>> No.50539115

No one can possibly be this dumb...

>> No.50539133

Off topic

>> No.50539254
File: 33 KB, 800x533, real ass diamond u jelly lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's nothing OP... check this out. Doesn't even have dirt on it which makes it 1.3x more valuable. A real super-rare purple diamond, not like your more common blue diamond. Bought it from my contact in Vietnam, he says they are giga rare from the only diamond mine in Vietnam, in which they let workers dig for diamonds with their bare hands only between the hours of 10 and 11 AM. Only cost me 500$, he said I can easily flip it for 60 grand. He's a really good friend of mine not that I've ever met him or went to Vietnam or have seen the mine.

When the russia-ukraine was is over he's gonna send me the next batch of rare purple diamonds. Already sent him the 40k for it, he says it's worth 400 grand which is why I was able to buy it for 40. Literally can't lose money with this, and I don't even know anything about diamonds haha

>> No.50539257
File: 564 KB, 1044x1524, 1658499906860557.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure a prince of zimbabwe will buy them right away.

>> No.50539329
File: 923 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20220724-112417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All these stones got a lot of niggers in em.

>> No.50539368

why didnt he sell them for 100k easy? sounds like got scammed senpai

>> No.50539396

He had to get home to his wife and was already late, so he accepted the 85K loss.

>> No.50539420

Yes, it's called "illegal to sell conflict diamonds"

>> No.50539587

All precious gems can be artificially created, so there's no real scarcity about them. It's all a kikery. Just buy precious metals and forget about rocks.

>> No.50539634

Nah its just jewish bottlenecking the supply and making it so they pay less for those blood gems and can charge more for it to the buyer

>> No.50539764

You know you can make diamonds in a lab right?
In fact most diamonds I see in the mall have the "made in a lab" small print.

>> No.50540448

Yes but those retards buying diamonds refuse to buy lab made diamonds
Fortunately they are becoming so hard to tell the difference as they add the smallest amount of imperfections to mimic natural diamonds so soon it won't even matter

>> No.50542526


>> No.50542586

Why are incels such idiots?
You guys are always filled with hate

It's not healthy

>> No.50542603

w-where is op guys?

>> No.50542631

He found out that the diamonds he bought wasn't worth 100k, but 100millions
He's rich now

>> No.50542649

I hope he reports back when the Diamond Jew laughs him out of the store.

>> No.50542667

He went to this totally legit diamond dealer at the far end of a really long really dark alleyway by a hobo with bloodshot eyes.
The hobo said it was fine so he must be okay

>> No.50542814

>blood gems
Shut up retard

>> No.50542847



>> No.50542913

Let's be real here. Geodes look great on a bookshelf or in an office. And people know it's just a rock, so they won't try to steal it, unlike trying to display a diamond.

>> No.50543056

It's worthless, maybe diamons but it is full if ugly carbon inclusions.You've been scammed,I hold diamonds,gold,dilver,fine art gemstones.Most gemstone trades for newfags are traditional scams. You've been scammed

>> No.50543081

O come now, what ever about debeers etc and the diamond trade a good .5-3 carat good quality stone 18K ring is nice money and holds value eadily if bought well at lows from estate auctions etc. OP is a dick who got scammed tho

>> No.50543113

The dark areas ate carbon diry inclusions and make them basically worthless, lowest grade diamond is basically worth very little. The trade term is heavily included

>> No.50543114
File: 832 KB, 1072x1501, tourmaline-santa-rosa-brazil-200907815045ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50543117


>> No.50543133

No they won't go for 100K unless you find an indiot and you may find that idiot gets violent if they find put you scammed them 100K

>> No.50543144

Thai gem scam anon, you have bern fleeced

>> No.50543149


>> No.50543280

that looks like it would make a cool looking bong, lol

>> No.50543400

They could sell for 100k easily but he sold you them for 15k for what reason?

>> No.50543457
File: 6 KB, 250x232, 1634946709063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>guy I sourced them from said
Nice research dickhole. I hope he sold you Pop Rocks

>> No.50543469
File: 29 KB, 399x385, 1512240787963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah bro great find

>> No.50543523

Cuz he’s from Vietnam
Is like buying cocaine in Colombia for 1k the kg
And sell it for 100k the pound

>> No.50543999

post nose or I got you caught schiedenblatt

>> No.50544057

He definitely got scammed there's no two ways about this, still trying to wrap my head around why anyone would buy this rather than just investing in profitable assets.

>> No.50544235

Hell no, there are really not much profitable assets to invest in so it's logical going into metals.

>> No.50544277

It's only a pajeet that thinks metals are not profitable assets.

>> No.50544582
File: 5 KB, 224x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Precious metals can be considered as profitable assets, but considering the market conditions this isn't the best option would be more logical to sit in stables or better still just stake them for good returns through spool.

>> No.50545094

has /biz/ always been this dumb?

>> No.50545857
File: 2.04 MB, 4096x1716, DM2NDM2MQ_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50546091
File: 446 KB, 1000x562, ja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50546512

and always finding them.

>> No.50546553
File: 319 KB, 1200x900, 1502103470297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50546795

oy vey

>> No.50547168

The disgusting jew is everywhere you dumb fuck

>> No.50547197

>I have no interest in deceiving desperate people.
No, but you can take advantage of them.
I made $5k in college just by knowing how to clean motorcycle carburetors and watching craigslist like a hawk. Sure beat retail.
>nigger buys old sport bike
>lets ethanol gas sit in it over winter
>spring rolls around
>*whirring noises*
>kills battery
>baby momma needs child support
>sells it to me for $500
>clean the carbs, put in a new battery
>sell for $3000

>> No.50547243

they never even pretend to answer this question lol. i spent like an hour one time drunkenly arguing with a friends wife that the watch for sale on ebay for $100 wasnt 'LIKE, TOTALLY WORTH LIKE 2 GRAND', but rather was worth $100

people are shockingly stupid, and once i accepted that deep in my heart i started making money readily

>> No.50548296

Wait why aren't diamonds worth money? Aren't they really rare and expensive?

>> No.50548994

he just made a midstake thinking that the value given to him by the seller is legitimate. He has to be able to view the stones for himself and assess whether or not they are a good deal.

>> No.50549004

they're worth money. Lab diamonds haven't collapsed the price yet and there really aren't that many diamonds to go around since the entire world today has diamond fever. every nigger from africa, india, america, etc wants diamonds and there are only so many diamonds to go around. diamonds being worthless is a meme.

>> No.50549063


>> No.50549255

Kek OP got scammed

>> No.50549285

Based Brascoposter

>> No.50549318


>> No.50549413

You got something really valuable on your hands OP, but only a true expert can properly appraise them. Don't got to just any gem expert they will say it's worthless cause they are dumb. Fortunately i happen to know a buyer, you just need to send me 15k for some paperwork and i will put you in touch with him. You can make 15 mil easy

>> No.50549668

Any updates OP?

>> No.50549851

OP sold his powercrystals and is now travelling to Thailand to buy more

>> No.50551169


>> No.50551689

OP give us an update

>> No.50551865

Man, this could've been a great thread if we goaded OP into doubling down and taking out a loan of $50,000 to buy more diamonds so he could sell them online.
Haters had to ruin it.

>> No.50551879

jewelers and diamond sellers are just hype men and con guys

its seriously fucking stupid, its valuations are based on sourced opinion from "experts"

>> No.50554085

lab diamonds will never affect the price of real diamonds. they are molecularly different.
most diamonds are worth very little unless they are of very good clarity and a decent size. below that they are really quite ordinary and will not hold very much value
no diamond that is worth having would ever be sold at a store or pawn shop, you sell those at auction typically. if it would not be reasonable to resell at auction, it is not worth owning (unless you just like how it looks).

>> No.50554504

bump for update

>> No.50555922
File: 154 KB, 324x275, cliff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nothing will heal his broken mind when he realized this

>> No.50556146

pretty sure this is a LARP but it's entertaining for sure

>> No.50556288

>molecular difference between diamonds and diamonds
either retard that didnt take basic chemistry or post nose

>> No.50557049

based and iso-pilled

>> No.50557928

This scam was in the first part of Richest Man in Babylon

>> No.50558295
File: 82 KB, 640x640, 1621434071729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The disappearance of OP makes me question wether it's a LARP or not.
It's either a really good larp, or OP is a teenager with no real life experience and believed that he was full of clout, up until the point of anons posting blue zircon, KEK

>> No.50558341

rich retard. youre right it's not a molecular difference but they are easy to distinguish as different and the bottom line is lab grown diamonds will never be worth anything and natural diamonds will always be more desired and prized. people just don't want shit that can be churned out.

>> No.50558613

Yes you can, lmao.

>> No.50558639

Those aren't diamonds and crypto isn't make believe money.

>> No.50558654

>If someone is paying people to convince other people to buy something, it's probably not a good idea to buy that thing.
Lmao, you're a boomer aren't you?

>> No.50558661

You mean advertising? You fucking dick head?

>> No.50558676
File: 83 KB, 605x658, 1564927942781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50558696


>> No.50558703

Bros, the only shitcoin I have invested in is BabyDoge. I am not lucky, it isn't going to make a fortune for me like Shib did last year. My rare gen is Ankr, very undervalued and nobody talks about it.

>> No.50558733

>Why are incels such idiots?
Why are boomers so fucking dumb?

>> No.50558748

>You're unlikely to make it with 200 bucks of investments
Selling drugs works.

>> No.50558773

And why would you risk selling a kilo of cocaine for less than full price? Most people cut their kilo and sell ounces at a 80/20 mix.

>> No.50558796

>Aren't they really rare and expensive?

>> No.50558857


>> No.50559229

bro cut your nails fuck

>> No.50559369

Lab diamonds are literally more perfect than natural diamonds. Its the same crystalline structure, they're literally the same as natural, except naturals tend to have a few impurities. Theres no different molecules, formula, composition, hardness, or flavor.

>> No.50559373

pretty decent elaborate larp/troll anon, i like how you're setting up the story arc, kinda excited for the next chapter

>> No.50559458

Why the hell is this still not deleted. The janny must’ve posted this himself.

>> No.50559815

See that metallic rainbow shine, that means they are fucking man made

>> No.50560965

You're right anon, with the current market conditions asset security should be taken into consideration and the frequent hacks and scams prove that point. I use privacy protocols on my transactions and assets to keep sensitive data away from hackers.