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Long story short I may have to finally get vaxxed to accept a stupidly high salary from a FAANG company.

How bad is J&J? It doesn't have mrna

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jnj vaccine was specifically developer for niggers

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Just work for amazon, fuck the rest of FAGMAN. Life at amazon is hell on earth for software engineers but all other companies are terrible too.
This is also an option

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Enjoy seasonal colds and random organ failure over the next 10 years.

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It's great, if yku wanna die

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Enjoy your high salary for a year or 2 before your heart gives out.

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Die already bitch. You are a literally a slut.
How many bucks worth your life nigger?

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Pay off the wagie nurse like the rest of us you stupid fag

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They're all bullshit. Enjoy your DNA being fucked forever.

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Just fake the card nobody has gone to jail over it.

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They're all bad, but it's the worst of the three that are widely available. Why wouldn't you just fake the card? Your health is more important than a higher salary anon

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Riskier than the others, but they're all less risky than taking fucking aspirin you pussy.

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It has the exact same complications it just generates them differnetly upstream. You don't HAVE to do this. Make a lateral move. Start to put out feelers right now. You honestly might even be able to get a better position and even if you had to go through a month finding a new job, how is that not worth it for peace of mind, especially at this point? Don't be a convenience seeking moron. Some things are worth literally a few hours worth of headache to avoid.

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Worst of the three because they are in direct competition with Pfizer. They are all the same

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Everyone I know who got vaxxed has had covid several times, I don't know how they're bullshitting the data showing that it "helps" but they're clearly bullshitting it. Not taking that shit.

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Guys I think it's real. He said FAANG instead of FAGMAN because he's scared the rumors about tying everything you've ever posted to your real identity are true.

Don't fear the reaper anon.

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if you took the vaccine , you may be entitled to a refund.

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sorry i messed up.

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It's coercion. All the big companies are doing it even if your role has 0% interaction with other people. It's a feeler to see if there corporate order can enforce policy by going around sovereign governments.

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which company so I can boycott them

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>Got another one!

But jokes aside, you will "suddenly die" within 5 years. Guaranteed.

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Unironically get moderna or Pfizer
JJ is the white nigger vax. I only see white niggers take it and support it, because they read about le mrna on kikebook. Even actual niggers are smart enough to specifically ask for pfizer or moderna.

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Unironically: fuck you. Don't take that experimental shit.

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Go to India and get covaxin if u don’t have the balls to bribe a nurse here. U can also go to Iran/Russia they have nonMrna vaxxes but all will kill u in the long run. It’s designed to kill the masses that already have underlying issues. If ur healthy none of these garbage vaxxes will kill u.

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>holding out this long only to sell your soul to fagman

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It will be okay. You can do a few things to decrease side effects and decrease the effectiveness.

-Google "vaccine effect mitigation course with Ivermectin"
-There are a few other things like vit c / zinc a few days before
- oral calcium shortly after injection
- Talk to the injecting person before and ask / insist that they apsirate the needle (shortly pulling after putting the needle in to check if they hit a vessel)

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Microsoft no longer requires vaccine. You just have to check a box that you done got da coof at some point in the past. KEK

faggot globohomo niggers btfo

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U Are a faggot

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Look up the demographic data if you don't believe me, you white nigger

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I don’t give a shit about the demographics, because you are a faggot. Oh look at me I’m team with deathvax, go get another booster

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>be me
>got two Moderna doses
>did a coagulation blood test before the vaccine and 6 months after the vaccine
>same result
>go to /pol/
>people talking about "clog shot" everywhere
Still not saying that it doesn't happen but you're over reacting about the vaccines, mRNA vaccines etc.
Won't take any more doses, tho.

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Rip consoomer.

Death to jabbies
>no refunds
Death to jabbies
>no refunds

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Pretty high chance of myocarditis + blood clots that could kill you instantly desu.

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Are you somewhere you can get Novavax? It's approved for use in the US now, and uses protein subunit tech, ie. traditional vaxx tech. oh it also appears to actually work.

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I see this board still hasn’t moved on from crying out about the vaccine that will kill all of humanity. Remember, just 2 more weeks until everyone drops dead, for real this time

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Let me ask something

Do you people really believe that people will start dying of heart attacks just because they took the vaccine? Because it's insanity

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Normies unironically want the kill themselves more than the 4chan NEET does. They subconsciously want to die and that is why they are taking the vax. Normies know just like 4chan NEETS know that the world is fucked up. They know it’s degenerate, pozzed, and unnatural way of living. Deep down they don’t really enjoy Fantasy Football. At least 4chan NEETS have a proper way to vent. Look at all the broken people, broken families, people in debt up to their eyeballs, alimony, 3rd world immigration. They want out just like the Hale-Bopp mass suiciders wanted out.

My dad is in his late 60’s granted he’s older, but he was always a pit bull and critical thinker and would often piece together things growing up and figure things out in ways that I couldn’t believe. Never took any shit at all. And he just lined up for the jab like they were offering flavored shaved ice on a summer day. Why wouldn’t he though? Kids are all gone, he’s divorced, his parents are gone and the best years are behind you. And a lot of younger people realize their shit is fucked before it even got started. No 80’s and 90’s comfiness for them.

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The ONLY possible way you can purge that shit from your system is doing a urine fast.

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Go get a doctor's note retard.

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It's harmless. Do you really want to sacrifice a comfy middle class life because of dumb boomer posts you saw on 4chan?

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Illiterate moron.

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I see the corporate world still hasn't moved on from coercing everyone into getting the vaccine that will actually stop COVID for real this time, after your 4th booster.
Let me ask you something

Do you people really think it makes sense to compel as many people as possible to take a 1 year old vaccine with an EUA just because there's a coldvirus with 0.003% mortality (that the vaccine doesn't even prevent) going around?

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someone sing the vax song

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someone hasn't read the pfizer docs

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>I got the vaccine
/biz/ will seethe at this

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Take it, you weak minded faggot lol. Did it not cross your pea brain to forge it or bribe a doctor? Dumbass.

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don't do it

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after all this time if you agree to any covid vaxx you are a dumb goyim and deserve to be cattle.

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Why hasn't anyone mentioned novavax? It just got approved and should be available soon.

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You should rope (in Minecraft)

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large doses of iodine before and during will resist the uptake of the toxic mercury from the vaccine too

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It already has killed many people and it still continues.

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Have you ever taken one of those consideration quizzes? You know, Long Life and Poor vs Short Life and Rich? Yeah, you're basically pulling one of those and picking the latter. The unfortunate part is the terms and conditions of the Latter's "rich" designation is contingent on you maintaining being a wagey.

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If you wanna get it then go right ahead and accept any risks that might entail. If you don't wanna get it then don't get it and make the necessary lifestyle choices to enable you not having to get it. By far the larger consequences of getting it or not getting it are caused by the division, paranoia, and psychotic behavior (of both sides) regarding their own decisions and being tribalistic monkeys that believe they know everything about it because that is how humans act about literally fucking everything. Personally I think it's literally just a flu shot because covid is literally just a shitty flu strain that got tinkered with and let out at an opportune time to piss a ton of people off and get them mad about something that doesn't matter so they didn't get mad about things that actually matter and water whatever side of the lawn they have a bone to pick with, because the vast majority of people and indeed most everyone reading this are dumb fucking cattle that are easily lead by the nose into being dumb fucking cattle.

It's all a big gay nothingburger designed and implemented to piss the most people off as much as possible regardless whether they're gigavaxxed and omniboosted from every manufacturer or would actually go full schizo and shoot someone for even suggesting it or admitting they got it around them. It's the flu, it's a flu shot, if you don't want it don't get it, if you want it then go right ahead. Just remember if you act like a faggot about it whatever your decision is, you are cattle. Simple as.

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money is pointless if you dead bro

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> Personally I think it's literally just a flu shot because covid is literally just a shitty flu strain

but... it actually isn't a flu shot. That's the point.

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He personally thinks so. Personally. I mean that must count for something even if he is retarded.

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Can't get through the rant about not acting like a faggot about tribalism without being tribalistic.

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still uses LNP and takes the spikes wherever the fuck it wants. on the upside at least it isnt using the cells wherever those LNP get to make more spikes

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I don't care whether it's giga-mega AIDS in a vial or literally saline. I decided to not get the shot. I'm not going to lie about not getting the shot, I'm not going to commit a felony in getting a card when I haven't gotten the shot, and I will not get the shot. I'm going to make a decision and stick by that decision and have some fucking principles in life regarding my decisions and the consequences thereof, and I'm not going to give one fifth of one fuck about what decisions other people make regarding the subject. Ima do me, they can do them, if they have a problem we can deal with it. But I'm not gonna be a faggot to other people about whatever choice they make in regards to it, nor will I stoop to being a criminal or a faggot myself regarding my own decision, nor will I entertain hare-brained nuthouse buffonery from either ideological side regarding the issue. It's the flu, it's a flu shot, I didn't get it because I never get a flu shot because I don't want to get a flu shot, and I don't care if other people get a flu shot. If you or anyone else cannot accept that decision, it's your problem, not mine, and you can suck my balls inbetween gasping for air to seethe about it and I will just leave and go about my life like I have every single time anyone has ever been a faggot about anything. Because I do not care. Because it is fake and gay and dumb and not worth caring about.

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...because all humans are inherently tribalistic whether they want to be or not, and I have chosen the tribe of not being faggot cattle unlike every other tribe. If you do not like it, you can suck my balls.

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they're all bad don't take any of them

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All of black Hollywood took it which mean it's safe

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>may have to finally get vaxxed to accept a stupidly high salary
If only humanity had written a story or two about the importance of maintaining one's values over material gains. Shame. Have fun with the FAGMAN.

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>It's the flu, it's a flu shot
i see you, jew

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Covid Vax is next-to-useless.
I got 3 doses of Pftzer for my job, still got Covid.
Have fever and chills for one whole week, start mad coughing phlegm after the 3rd day.
Never got well after that, lungs felt like they shrank

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>Don't be faggots to each other
>Get it or don't, literally don't give a shit
>Somehow a jew for this admittedly controversial opinion
Nah, you're just projecting your own issues because the idea of people not caring about fake bullshit and instead caring about things that matter is directly antithetical to your plans of sowing division to get people to look at the monkey instead of watering the lawn. You cry out as I strike you and call me the worst thing you can think of, which you are. Get fucked gg no re suck my balls not getting the shot and don't give a single fuck whether other people do or don't, will not and never have been never will be a faggot that cares about "the current thing" least of all when it's two fucking years old.

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This no ones going to double check it from somewhere and only reason they even want you to get jabbed is because they themselves took the hit because of ultra sheep mentality, i bet no ones even going to question if its real or not because its signed by muh health authoritys

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Didn't the government even say this causes bloodclots? Yet they still administer it?

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it literally is not "just a flu shot" and the risks are largely unknown but otherwise I agree

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Just invest everything into ch4ngpump and be done with it, simple as
That's why everyone is so crazy for this little correction, it's the last time to get the cheapies before the price skyrockets yet again

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novavax chads rise up

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I hate normal fags so much

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you’ll be fine

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yeah there're a lot of reddit-brained constructions about those who stand firm against getting forced to get it when it's mostly that they don't fucking work and the whole "expert" class has been exposed for the status-seeking mediocrities that they are. These career bureaucrats and institutional cogs are not competent to run a wendy's much less dictate our personal health decisions.

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It's bad, maybe think about getting a fake vaxxpass. But at least I don't know anyone who dropped dead right after getting it, unlike the mRNA ones.

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I thought it got discredited just like Astrazeneca? They're not using that shit anymore here because of all the myocarditis (not like Pfizer doesn't cause the same shit but they paid off politicians better).
I'd say if you absolutely have to get a jab get Novavax but honestly your health is worth all the money in the world, just fake that shit.

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The spike itself is the problem, not how it's sent. Anyone who takes any of them for any reason is a fucking idiot

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it's absolutely not, the fact is the way the mRNA shots work inside the body is the main issue. The fact is the mRNA invades your cells, and reprograms them to produce the spikes which are then attacked by your immune system. Guess what happens with the adjuvants being used in the mRNA shots? The mRNA doesn't stay put at the injection sites (like ie should) and instead ends up in the organs (ie the heart) which wrecks your heart tissue via inflamation cause by immune response. Too much mRNA in the heart tissue? Surprise, you're dead! I also suspect that this is why we're seeing people with vaxx brain- the nano particles helped the mRNA get into the brain tissue, causing damage leading to cognitive issues and emotional disturbances. Also, this is why J&J has so few heart deaths relative to the other vaxxes- the viruses used are much larger and thus stay put at the injection site a bit better.

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Oh, I also forgot, the spike proteins produced by the vaxxes are (allegedly) nerfed specifically to prevent them from becoming disease causing, like true covid spikes.

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>the spike is the problem
no it's not dumbo. every fucking virus has a spike protein. the issue is the metabolic rate at which your body digests the lipid sack and the volume of spike protein it'll produce.

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>How bad is J&J? It doesn't have mrna
It absolutely does, it just isn't delivered into cells via a nano-lipid shell, but inside a stripped adenovirus.

Worse, J&J vaccine delivery method actually gets into the nucleus of the cell. ALL mRNA are gene therapy, especially in light of recent findings ALL of the available mRNA vaccines have been found to permanently modify DNA in the liver. But J&J basically works by putting the spike protein construction code on file in the cell nucleus.

If you love mammon more than life, get jabbed.
Otherwise you are part of the problem, and your salary will not save you from yourself.

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OP get a single dose of the Pfizer and call it a day. They won't ever follow up on the second one

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Covid and the vax mandates blackpilled me like nothing else. Worse was that i had to get vaxxed to keep my job so i did it like a little bitch. I have stopped giving a fuck about most things in my life because i realized it was all a lie and the vast majority of people out there are stupid fucking sheep whom i dont respect but i cant escape them because i have to live and interact with them. Every day passes by now with no real meaning or significance...

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in slovenia a 20year old girl died from J&J deathvax, then we sent it all to africa kek

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It’s unbelievable that companies are STILL mandating this shit, literally unbelievable.

Put aside the /pol/cel stuff about it killing millions or there being some mass die off event coming up, how can ANYONE with a straight face say it is still doing ANYTHING to keep other people safe from you infecting them? The clinical trials for the current vaccines were run on a virus strain that is 4 models out of date and hasn’t been in circulation since early 2021, literally everyone has gotten COVID regardless of vaccination status at this point. Not only that, the fact that boosters are now being recommended means the original two doses clearly lose their ability to do anything after some point in time, yet most company policies still accept you as being vaccinated even if you got the original two doses over a year ago. So what’s even the point? Oh, maybe you clear the virus out of your system 5% faster or you’re 3% less likely to get infected within 5 months of being injected. Seriously? What is the rationale for STILL mandating this shit when it has clearly failed to have a meaningful effect on the spread of the virus?

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Sunk cost fallacy

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"Covid death rates have reached pandemic highs in New Zealand as the country battles another havoc-inducing Omicron wave."
>new zeeland vaccination rate: 81%

Why would you take something like this?

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If I was in on these things in terms of company products and long term viability, I'd be fuckin' out right about now. Eventually more of this data is going to rear it's ugly head to the population and those billions they made in profits and stock value's going to tank unless they do a really good job at damage control which will be very costly.

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So I’m the illiterate moron cuz I use u, but ur not and u use vaxxed? What a moron u r, Ey make sure to get vaxxed asap so we can get rid of ur kind faster.