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Everything is so boring, the nigger demiurges simulation is boring and repetitive. Fuck this fucking snake looking ass motherfucker. I want to break out of his reality prison and free myself from the banality of ignorance

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Either go insane manually or abuse substances, there's really no other way.

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I’m okay with pretending it’s not all fake and gay, but at least make me rich.

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You begin by purging your mind of all traces of jewish poison.

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I already did. NOW IM A BLOGGER

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Just take LSD op. 4 hits of some decent stuff and you'll never go back to the matrix again

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Tracer rounds wont go through 550 plates, you need tungsten.

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Go to the mountain . Live free.

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gasoline dissolves plastic (sprinkler line) for anyone curious about op

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Checked, Amen, and Amun-Ra even. I just want to be a blue-pilled rich fucker. I will spend time watching either Fox News or MSNBC (whichever the Worshipful Master at the lodge prefers) and donate to my handlers' choice of Team Red or Team Blue. I will be irritated at lazy, entitled zoomers and think El-on the El-ite is absolutely great and totally real. I'll drive a Tesla and read every infotainment article ever posted and come up with an answer whether coffee is good for you.

Just let me make it.

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Polyvinyl Chloride pipe won't degrade fast enough to matter. If you spent a summer watering your lawn with gasoline it wouldn't be good for the pipe but it wouldn't dissolve like polystyrene. I think you'd be OK.

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Look man, at this point a cushy middle class office job, life in the burbs, and a wife that cheats on me looks nice. I’m unironically in a hell scape that is inescapable. I have two degrees and the only thing I’m qualified to do is deliver pizza in an area where the minimum rent is 1K a month in the middle of fucking no where. I’m /fit/, but past health issues means I have shit for constitution and I get sick easily. Like even a fucking office job gets me sick day in and day out. I’m good at working two hard days or four hard days in a week. But then I’m burned out. I want to get off neetbux, I want to own my own home, I want to have a better life. Crypto was my only shot. Fuck this gay earth, make me rich and I’ll even tell poors that bugs are delicious. I’m not eating that shit unless you pay me though.

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So I’m planning to reseed my lawn in the fall and wonder if this is a viable method of starting from scratch. Where can I get incendiary rounds, financially speaking?

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>haha bro you're not dead because... uh... you just aren't ok
Demiurge cut the bullshit, we all know this is a simulation. If you want me to play along give me a million dollars or I start jumping into volcanoes and surviving. We both know how problematic that would be for the normalcy level.

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Plates are a meme. Shred their thighs till they bleed out muttering "but muh plates"

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>How to escape myself
You don't even exist, "anon".

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Heh, whatever you say “saged”