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I just got a refund for my SmartCon ticket. I ended up realizing what a scam Chainlink really is. No better FUD than trying to get /biz/ to buy a ticket to an event because you can't cut it with the current speaker list (don't bring up the who from swift, he came last year for nothing)

Sergey is the next pic related. He has no product, he makes false promises, and he enriches himself at the expense of his bagholders. People were buying cubes for $20, 30, 50. Wiped out

Then he gets another group to store their LINK on Celsius,Nexo and Bancor. Wiped out. He is a giant fucking ponzi leader. We have no staking, no sign of ccip, and absolutely no enterprises/abstraction layer to speak of. Why release a video on NYE?

Finally he has started dumping on us again. Another 500k dumped a couple days ago. It's surreal knowing we will be in the documentary.

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I don’t think he is as evil as Holmes, but he’s clearly as underhanded as the wework fag

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He is clearly as evil as Holmes. He is costing anons a once in a lifetime chance to make millions by pulling their money from shit that actually went up like SOL and ETH. He is going to cost tons of lives from roping anons. All because he put himself before everyone else, just like pic related, and all because he didn't have a product, like Holmes

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thanks, just bought 5K more LINK

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I will sell 5k to balance it all out, congrats on being retarded.

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This guy sounds like a monster!

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you better have a lot more to "balance it out" because I will keep buying

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Haha man that is the best comeback I hate when all these fags say that shit. Just bought more durrrrr

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I have 90k that I will be selling over the next 2-3 months, every pump will be sold and I'm going all in ETH

Based and sell pilled

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I wouldn’t advise that, you know something is about to drop which will cause a dump

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What does Travis Kalanick have to do with the other two frauds? Travis was kicked out of Uber for being too based and "masculine". They even renamed the Uber "War Room" to the "Peace Room" after he left lol.

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we've been saying it since day one, only biz idiots and pajeets fall for it, all the pajeet shilling has poisoned the board. when his day comes, sergey must face a life sentence, nothing easy, just for ruining this board.

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Been saying this all year and glad people are finally getting on board. We are being robbed in plain sight. Someone needs to start the lawsuit

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I can definitely see a class action being started soon. All of the "hehe just keep waiting for staking and here's another blogpost" reeks of elaborate scheme

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nexo is insolvent

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This is amazing, saved

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Here's a reply, may your village prosper.

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new fud just dropped, this one is gonna be amazing bro I swear
>this time it will work

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Remember that everyone from your Discord will have to face Him one day.

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just sold 5k because of this post
just bought 5k because of this post

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lol. yes, sell. please.

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ah yes, super bullish, thanks for this

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I'm selling 900k over the next 3 months... all profits will go to eth, which I will also sell.