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How many figures do I need to make to get over the PTSD of my High School oneitis ignoring me all of Prom Night despite being my date because she was embarassed of being there with me, and then made out with Chad at the afterparty with all her friends cheering them on while I stood in the crowd like a cuck?

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my oneities still haunts me 6 years later. she got married yesterday. made me cry

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It starts with a bad mother, and go from. Read about anima possession from Carl Jung.

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my former one is now a fat disney lesbian dating a tranny. fucking clown world

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Just take testosterone and stop being a bitch

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Actually good advice if you can't become a chad naturally.
Boost your test, get gainz, ?? , profit.
Just do it through a Dr.

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Also 10M is the point of fuck you money. so get to 8 figures OP.

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I never had a oneitis but there was a girl I liked in elementary school who is now totally obese I guess.

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Just be tall and handsome bro

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I just cringe because I was way to clingy with my gf in highschool. Like wtf was I thinking lmao.

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I'm amazed you even got a date

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murder suicide

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Yes same
And she was a genuine 8/10 nordic blonde

But I realize now it would have been better to just never ask her out, and just stay home and play vidya instead that night