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I'm 25 years old without any college degree, and I just applied for my first job ever. It's just a simple job at the fresh produce counter at a grocery store. It's not much, but I'm proud of myself.

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Anon im proud of you.

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Good job bro

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Do you have any inclination towards the characters in the show Danny Phantom, particularly towards Ember McLain?

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Thanks anons
Never watched the show

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So you won't shoot up the store like Randy Stair did right?

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I hope not

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Mommies miller’s finally ran out ?

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Did you go to college at all? What have you been up to for the last 7 years? Don't take this personally, I'm just always curious whenever I see posts like this. Were you parents OK with you not working? Have they been trying to get you to get a job??

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2 fresh pints of lager and a fresh packet o crisps please.

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Good job don't fuck it up.

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good job anon. You will be stacking that coin before you know it. After 1 year, start looking for a better job.

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Got shit grades because I was lazy in High School, did nothing for a while, worked a few stock boy jobs through som government program(from Norway), did nothing again, tried to take up biology and math at some school that lets you take up classes from High School again(dunno what that's called in English). Too lazy again, did nothing for a while, started a History course at university, dropped out cause boring, did nothing, next year(last year) started studying economics at university, actuall did well for a while and thought I learned my lesson, but I think I underestimated the amount of time needed to make it work, got too much work needed to be done, so I had no choice but to drop out, again. That was last fall, did nothing as a neet yet again for a while, until now. I do want some kind of education or a trade after a while, have considered welding, but I have a bit of debt now and I'm sick of being poor. This is the first job I've ever applied to myself while being out of the hands of the government faggots.

I have no idea how people like you exist desu. How the fuck do you get motivation at 15-16 to do well at school? I guess you had parents more dedicated to have you succeed. I'm the son of a single mom, who is very nice and loving, but never really pushed me much in education, or maybe it's more accurate that she never motivated me or taught me much. My dad I only see once in a while so not much help there. I never really learned how to "study" effectively.

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The problem is your country is too soft and lets you get away with doing nothing and gives people free money for not working and allows NEETdom to happen.

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Ehh, to be fair most of the time I haven't been NEETing, I've just failed at everything I've tried due to lack of motivation and no idea what I actually want to do.

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You have no motivation because you don't Have to do anything to survive.

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>How the fuck do you get motivation at 15-16 to do well at
I was not low iq so it was easy. I didn't actually try at all

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Is true that Swedish women are sluttier than Norwegian?

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Produce is the low-energy department, but occasionally they'll put a cute girl there with you. Try getting transferred to Meat & Seafood if you can. You can hang out with the chads. Trust me, the Meat dept is at the top of the peon hierarchy in the grocery business. If it's not a cucked store they have actual skilled workers there who could even teach you something if you're interested.

Stay FAR away from the band saws though, and if they want you to use them, refuse. Way too easy to lose a hand or finger; I heard some stories.

Anyway congrats anon, grocery stores are pretty chill.

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Må ikke si mer.
Når blir det nordmenn blir det penger sjøl.

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Not about IQ, it's about motivation. my IQ is 123, tested it due to my aspergers, and good at abstract thinking.
You have to have tried, I didn't even read any books.

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Google translate

Ka faen prøve du å si?

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Jeg blir lei av å høre klagene deres. Kom til søren for å klage om penger. Det er ikke så dårlig i nord landet med fine jobber og fine jenter.
Også det har vært en stund siden jeg har prøvde å snakke norsk så jeg beklager for feilene

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I think you lacked the father figure to keep you on the straight and narrow OP. Seems a common problem for people raised by mother's. E.g. 'the inner city youth'.
The pride you feel now however, is basically the motivation. Once you start stacking up a few wins it gets easier and easier to keep on the path to success. Read some self help books, quite a few good ones are always recommended here.
Studying tends to be autism driven for me. Just endless rabbit holes. Sometimes, even years later, they connect.

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Du suger i norsk ja. Er du nordmann som flyttet til utlandet, eller en neger/sandeger som har flyttet til norge?

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Have you tried going to the gym? That's something that will keep you moving and raise your test, it's good for you too.

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Jeg bare bodde i norge et par måneder lol. Jeg er fra et annet sted i europa.
Men jeg tror du skal finne motivasjonen anon.
Jeg tror i deg. Lykke til .

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I did horrible in highschool, had to take my senior year a second time. Thankfully my bad grades forced me to get an associates degree instead of a bachelors degree. I didn't need to take any loans, and I got some a certification at my 2 year college (not a university) which led to the start of my career.
When I was younger everybody made fun of the local community college. But, it ended up working out great for me. I always struggled with grades but was able to pass computer classes

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>they are proud anon is gonna sell apples at the local haymarket

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Youre a fucking loser.

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Nta but I started my first real job at 24 (and it was through a temp agency) and I went to school for network security and digital forensics. Made it to last semester and even got offered a placement despite being a train wreck student. And then I just had a panic attack once reality set in this might really happen. Idk. I was and still am a retarded farm boy.

Really just blame myself. Parents were emotionally neglectful and I didn't have any relationships that felt supportive and trusting. I was some video game playing, weed smoking depressed retard but they didn't seem to care and neither did I.

Thank you for reading my blog be sure to subscribe

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Haha søtt. Godt forsøk anon. Øv deg mer på norsk.

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Takk, lykke til selv

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Well, kys you fucking faggot

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I'm 25, have a degree, but still don't have a job. My last and only job was as a part-time bookkeeper 2018-2019

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Grats i hope this is just the beginning of your success story.

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you may have ADD too where you cant focus. i think you should just learn a technical job where your autism will shine. a job that doesn't require a uni degree but that is quite technical. you dont know what to do because you dont really know the jobs available in your country.

homework for you:

- research and make a list of ALL the jobs that exist in norway, their salary, what is needed to get them (education and skills/personality) and their typical day routine, their role in the organization. even better if you have to call and ask people what they do.

it may take a while but then you will have a complete and clear vision about the job market. that knowledge will be useful for the rest of your life. you need to be curious about it. the vast majority of people have no idea how society works.

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I'm 23 and have been a produce clerk for almost 6 years. best department to work in at any store plus we do floral too. super comfy, if and when my investments moon I'm going to stay here just work way less and any time someone gives me shit I'll chimp out screaming "IN NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HEEERREE" like the dude from clerks.

producetip: venting the bananas is great exercise

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you can start with the grocery store you applied. make a complete organizational chart of the store, what is required to do each job and how much they earn. call them and ask them about their job or a small interview. companies love people who are actually genuinely curious and do their own research about the company. that's how you access the job openings that aren't listed publicly.

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>Just goto the Gym bro.