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you might ignore the platform side of this project and for good reason
it's unused, unfinished and has no real benefits, at least so far
but you ignore the most important aspect, the DRS
this piece of blockchain tech has nothing to do with the platform except as a tool do exemplify how the decentralized reputation system works in practice
the real backbone of the project is integration of the DRS into other, already established platforms
they alrwady have at least two lined up, with another at leas two hinted at by the devs
and you guessed it, all powered by cor

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who cares lmao

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why are they only marketing the platform then?

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>why are they only marketing the platform then?
they have no marketing anon
there has been a consistent pattern here since the very beginning
the devs work like a traditional tech company and they do very little marketing before they have something usable
my guess is they pour almost all of their available funds into development, at least for now
it's not your typical hype based strategy you usually find in crypto
and I think they're right to do this

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fuck off retard, you can’t even write properly

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if price dips below .002 again im gonna double my bag

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I just checked and apparently I'm in the top 10 holders if you don't count stuff like locks and liquidity pools. I guess I should probably stop buying.

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> Armitage
> Coreto

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COR anon!
Missed you!
Hope to buy more of it soon

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>Enters at the side of the textbox.

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>don't redeem ser

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the DRS isn't based off anything substantial though. wow you helped educated a few people, wow you got some calls right more thatn 50% of the time.

shit doesn't mean anything to normie.

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>big if true
This explains why the chart looks like shit. I won’t buy anymore until I see some good movers

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you have no imagination
just listen to mommy ceo

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>You pajeets said this would pump in Jan
>Then april
>July and its down 90%
Lmao kys pajeets

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but YOU WILL buy. that's all I need to know. BULLISH AS FUCK NOW, ANONS PLAN TO BUY

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I know I'M coming if you know what I mean (I mean cum)

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this is a gypsy scam, anon
get your facts straight

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Bought enough thank u very much. I got my make it stack at a huge discount vs others that complain about the current price.
>make it and my village stays happy

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I see what she's saying and it's big if it gets past the "I wanna build something" stage.
And it sucks that mommy CEO is never present in the tg group. Only uncle Andrei and Daddy Vlad stop by from time to time.

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-90% > I won't buy
kek classic /biz

how much is sui/make it btw

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>He thinks its finished dumping and recover to new ath
Tell me youre a newfag without telling me youre a newfag

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>how much is sui/make it btw
>meme numbers
but people decided that 100k sui & 1mil make it
I just dca until we pass 1c again
after that, we'll see how it goes

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>he thinks old holders will sell at a loss right before the product becomes useful
tell me you're a fag without telling me you're a fag

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>He fell for the utility and fundamentals meme

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I guess your ptsd is kicking in
stay safe anon, see you on the other side

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Now witness the end of an age
Hope dies in hands of the holders
Who seek the truth in the gypsy's eye
Take hold of my hand
For you are no longer alone
Walk with me in hell

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based Lamb of God poster

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>you know whats coming
yeah more dumping faggot. do not buy scams

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Looks like Celsius'/Chainlink's logo so imma pass out of pure instinct. Adding another stack of QOM instead.

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hello sirs coinbase when

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with these volumes?