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MoneyGram and Western Union are seething

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Lightning network beats all of those

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Marketing thread, the tranny jannies are paid to allow this kind of shill thread.

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Yes, every thread talking about a token or a coin is marketing and shilling


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I know but they allow only certain type of threads to stay up, they delete every other thread if said coins are not on their payroll.

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payroll? you think anyone actually cares enough about 4chan to put jannies on their payroll?

Take that schizo shit to /x/
it's a hell of a conspiracy

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They do it for free

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Not many people are actually aware of this, but the Everest community is moderated by literal Freemasons. Of course in typical Masonic fashion if you ask about this they will simply brush you off. They will tell you things like how they don’t even have time to attend lodge, or it’s just a socialising club for boomers, which may well be true for the Blue Lodge hylics. But the Everest Masons will never tell you to read Morals and Dogma. They will never tell you to research Jahbulon - or the deities this name derives from. They will never tell you of their perverted desires to merge man and woman in a sick mockery of duality. They will never admit to themselves that Masonry is ultimately, and always has been Judaism for Gentiles. They will pretend to themselves Masonry at the very least used to have some spiritual merit. They will never come to terms with the murderous threats from their so-called brothers if they utter the poorly kept secrets of Hiram Abiff, Jachin and Boaz, Mahhabone, Shibboleth, how the “G” stands for God, Gnosis, Geometry, Generative Principle and so on - not even when confronted with the facts about William Morgan or Jean Mamy. Perhaps saddest of all, the Everest Masons will never appreciate the true extent to which they have sold their souls to the Jewish Demiurge, Yahweh.

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Are Jannies bagholders

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Almost every single crypto already does MoneyGram and Western Union better...because they suck.