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did anyone else miss the bottom expecting it to crab and go below 17k?

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I got rugged 2 times in the last 2 months losing about 25k$ in total to indians

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Never trust those crypto influencers, they are all shills designed for you to HODL till you have nothing less
>Just DCA Bro, it'll be fun bro, you will be rich bro, you only lose when you sell bro

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Bought and sold Sol under $34. Listened to my friends Fud. Missed out on a 40%+ run. I want to off myself

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Damn, sorry m8. To be fair, pretty much everyone who ever got into defi was rugged at least once (as did I)

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If it makes you feel better they were more likely Chinese

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Yeah. They just use you for liquidity. I knew the macro overall was absolute garbage back in december and listened to my guts, so sold at >40k
But I got too cocky now and barely bought below 20k. Macro is still garbage and now it's too late to FOMO back in

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>muh macro
a tad crowded in there innit?

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I fell for the xrp schizo bullshit. Back in November I convinced some long time friends and some of their family to get into xrp because muh $17 is coming.
They all bought in because of the massive gains I had the past year and a bit. In December at the last min I realised it was fucking over and sold everything at a gain but I couldn't bring myself to face them so I just let it happen. They're still bag holding, I told them I was with them. But I then took off to the Philippines for a while I was meant to be broke.

They still talk to me but its guarded and sharp. I've kinda written their 20yr old friendships off I guess. I didn't want to admit I was wrong. Especially now I have all my fiat from November ready to buy when we have conformation the bottom is in.

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Why would you expect it to go below the 300 week MA? It literally never has.

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I trusted Celsius with 0.10 bitcorns

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I didn't sell a single fucking coin. I didn't sell a single fucking stock. Get dabbed on, you bobo fucking shits!

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I didn't sell LINK at $50