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no it aint.

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somebody must have charged the sigil

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i don't think 1k eoy is happening...

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It's over for Chainlink (ticker: Great Reset)
Here is the WEFs and Schwabs right hand man "Doctor" (((Yuval Noah Harrari)))


In your fear and uncertainty it will be tempting to put your trust in some person or group who emerges and claims to have a "way out", which will involve sacrificing some of your liberty. You must resist this urge. These self‑proclaimed saviors may appear in many forms, under any number of banners: "intellectuals", "influential people", "progressive thinkers", "billionaires", "the UN", "the EU", "self‑selected multinational coalition", "global leaders", "world governments", "radicals", "revolutionaries" or some combination of these. They may appear charismatic. They may appear to have your best interests at heart. They may stand united, arm‑in‑arm, proclaiming "We know the way forward", advancing some form of "people's revolution" or "Global Reset" where "you will be in charge", hawking various "‑isms" and promises of a better tomorrow. These people are not your friends. They are not to be trusted. They are the same global banking elites using the same fear tactics, shilling the same magic potions and snake oils as always. They want only one thing: power.

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1k is fud anon
81k 2026

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You must post the time traveler anon screenshot now

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>81k 2026
I can wait. I have time. All the time in the world... Time enough, at last.

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maybe if we experience hyperinflation

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get fucked bobo head

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posting the few old memes I have from this device for all the newfags and tourists

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why are you excited?

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>81k in 2026

What am I going to do with $4,290,842,808???

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because we are that much closer to staking...its what all the faithful old fags have been looking forward to since the beginning...we are reaching a waypoint on our journey

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You don't feel it anon?

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Is this supposed to be Chainlink? There's no reference to it in the pic.

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>75 million hard cap
we wont even be able to stake, it will mostly filled by whales/KYC nodes and if any scraps are left somehow, you will have 450 million link competing over them

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Yes, the time traveler revealed the screenshot after another anon solved his riddle. newfags must learn the lore from 2017/2018

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agree its as paramount as mainnet announcement.

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That is why you must have your Linkpool shares to get those free Sergey Gibs

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Cockgrabber here, do not buy the LPL token.

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Anyone else scared to make it or price to pump? Its comfy around here.

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all out of memes. Johnny does rim horses but I dont see a sweeter deal for staking other than LPL at the moment...and I dont plan on getting haircuts

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Not at all, its time we moved on to other things than just shit posting

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>implying you won't shitpost the whole day when you quit from making it with link.
I think we might get ATH this year but its too early to sell still.

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You mean you don't want to sell before the all time high you expect to see this year? Why not?

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do it faggot byebye

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buy high sell low

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its the true /biz way

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Yeah i've become a kind of kinky twink slut due to the shit price action and team neglect so i literally can't stop jerking off whilst rutting on sharp objects. My thighs have gotten really soft and small and my skin is soft as fuck. I just ride that nub cumming like silly teen. Every smartcon that passes with again no good news just tells me what a silly bitch that needs punishing i am. Ah sergey doesn't care! Well daddy sergey look what i'm doing! *does two chunky lines of meth* Oh god, im fully naked gyrating looking at the red chart. Oh daddy sergey makes sure i don't have enough money for better drugs, he wants me to be a dirty dirty methhead. The things i have to do for that meth daddy sergey because i can't afford it! I was such a good innocent boy when i first bought link. Now im dirty and poisoned!

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it's true, all of it

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sorry to hear, you shouldnt have to do that too much longer fren

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man those were the days

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checked and based it's true, all of it anon.

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Take the strap on boys!

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This sounds like a perfect recipe for a moon mission though

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it's $7.26 and rank 26, STFU until real shit happens

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That not true stupid faggot

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Then go ahead and correct me, you tell the story.

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checked but still nothing is happening, wtf is this thread

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Check count

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A random screenshot anyone could alter or create. That is what everyone knows and you can't refute the fact nothing exists to connect THAT random photoshoped picture to said shit shitcoin

> meta data confirmed picture is shopped and has nothing to do with shitcoin. Warozu more stupid faggot

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We are making /biz great again

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You should live life a little more absurd

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Dude so are you!

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>meta data

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Send half to me and we can go to war!